38+ Best Master Bathroom Ideas and Designs (Modern, Rustic)

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

You can be a rockstar, an actor, a pop-star or whatever you may when you enter your zone! You don’t sing in your bathroom. You perform! Beauty lies in being yourself.

Bathrooms can look mundane but you have a choice to make them look fancy. Today we will tell you how.

best master bathroom ideas

What is a master bathroom?

The one place in the place in your home that has the potential to be the best place is your master bathroom. Generally, it is the one attached to the master bedroom, the biggest in a home.

This one is fully equipped with luxuries like a bathtub where you blow away your troubles with some bubbles, a luxurious shower and some pristine bath fittings.

What is the average size of a master bathroom?

The master bathroom in any home is designed for a couple that ranges from 110 square feet to 200 square feet. On average, it is around 150 – 160 square feet.

How to decorate a master bathroom?

Use luxurious fittings and bright lighting to go with pristine shades. Make sure your bathroom is fragrant and has ample storage space. You could have a walk-in closet and a fully loaded vanity if you have the space to do it.

Mirrors play a vital role as well. Use high-quality ultra-luxury mirrors that make you feel special and pampered. Remember, you are a performer in the bathroom!

Here are the 38 master bathroom ideas we wish to share with you:

1). The luxurious shower room

1 master bathroom ideas

You owe it to yourself. Make sure your shower is where you would want to spend a considerable amount of time.

2). Tiles

2 master bathroom ideas

You could look to use high-quality tiles for your bathroom. Keep in mind, they need to have a grip.

3). A swanky bathtub

3 master bathroom ideas

If you are the one to spends hours in your bathroom, this one is a must!

4). Lighting

4 master bathroom ideas

This is generally underplayed. Fill your bathroom with bright lights.

5). Twin vanity

5 master bathroom ideas

How about this? A twin vanity avoids confusion. If you know what we mean.


6). Retro

6 master bathroom ideas

Polka dots are your thing? Try this then! Lavish interiors, with a TV. This is where you are going to spend your weekends for sure!


7). A pond in your bathroom

7 master bathroom ideas

If you like it slightly different, try this. After a hard day at work, this steamy bathtub is sure going to rejuvenate you.

8). For the nature lover

8 master bathroom ideas

Game for a shower ‘On the rocks’? Makes you feel like you are underneath a waterfall!

9). The sophisticated soul

9 master bathroom ideas

If you look for perfection in the bathroom as well, this one’s for you.

10). Royal

10 master bathroom ideas

For those who love the princely lifestyle, try this. Pepper it up with a few scented candles.

11). Your highness

11 master bathroom ideas

And for some more grandeur and aristocracy, this one will give you the perfect feel.

12). The creative genius

12 master bathroom ideas

If you love off-beat designs and something really creative, this is sure going to tickle the senses.

13). With a fireplace

13 master bathroom ideas

How would you like a bathtub in your master bathroom that has a fireplace? Steamy bath anybody?

14). The compact bath

14 master bathroom ideas

If you have a relatively smaller master bathroom and yet need some luxury, try something like this. Oh and don’t miss the lighting.

15). The romantic

15 master bathroom ideas

Bring out the romantic from within, put in the hard yards to impress and this one isn’t going to fail you!

16). Light up your senses

16 master bathroom ideas

Talk about innovation. How about this for a ‘Eureka’ moment?

17). The club

17 master bathroom ideas

Are you the one ready for an EDM party all the time? How about this then?

18). Twin tub

18 master bathroom ideas

Another innovative design for the ones who like a bit of privacy but still want to spend some magical moments with their better halves.

19). Well planned

19 master bathroom ideas

This one houses everything perfectly and manages space brilliantly, especially for the smaller master bathrooms.

20). The blend

20 master bathroom ideas

With a blend of ceramic and wood to near perfection, this is the best compact and aesthetically designed bathroom you would see.

Rustic master bathroom ideas


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31 rustic master bathroom ideas



32 rustic master bathroom ideas


33 rustic master bathroom ideas


34 rustic master bathroom ideas



35 rustic master bathroom ideas


36 rustic master bathroom ideas


37 rustic master bathroom ideas



38 rustic master bathroom ideas


You could be the one with a palatial bungalow or the one in a condominium. But creating great living requires care and an eye for aesthetics. These designs that we brought to you may not be conducive to all, but they sure help draw inspiration.