39+ Beautiful Makeup Vanity Ideas and Designs

A stylish makeup vanity brings a touch of sophistication to every bedroom, but to find the right one, you need to be inspired by the best makeup vanity Ideas. These historical tables are designed to help you look after yourself with your personal care and beauty routines.

In this article:

What is the Best Makeup Vanity?

A gorgeous vintage vanity, a practical floating makeup table or even a modern vanity with a Hollywood Style Mirror Set?

We don’t believe one size fits all. The Best Makeup Vanity is the one that makes you feel like a princess, arouses your fierce individuality and lets your beauty blossom.

What Should I Put On My Vanity?

You take care of yourself, so your makeup vanity should too.

A dazzling makeup mirror, illustrious lighting, practical make-up storage solutions, and don’t forget to add a touch of personality.

How Do You Make A Makeup Vanity Table?

With the right guide, making your own Makeup Vanity Table is as easy as fixing your hair.

Do It Yourself kind of girls should try this great guide from Web DIY Experts Hunker, If DIY isn’t your expertise, upcycle flea market furniture into a brilliant new Makeup Vanity Table.

Do You Need A Makeup Vanity?

Now there’s nothing wrong with the bathroom counter.

Still, Makeup Vanity Tables don’t take up a lot of space, can be very cheap, and are a great way to look and feel even more fabulous.

How Tall Is A Makeup Vanity?

Sit down Makeup Vanities are normally 26-29 inches tall. However, if you go for a floating vanity, it can be as tall as you like!

How Do I Organize My Vanity?

You should have at least two brush holders. Position the most used items so that they’re the most accessible. Where possible, keep toiletries separate.

Find adorable personalized boxes, or even clear organizers to show off your beauty products.

20 Best Makeup Vanity Ideas

Find your perfect Makeup Vanity today. We’ve searched everywhere to bring you these 20 Best Makeup Vanity Ideas.

1. Strip It Back With A Minimalist Vanity

Keep it simple and make yourself the center of attention with a minimalist vanity.


2. Apply Makeup In Comfort With A Rustic Vanity

This cute, rustic white, vanity table and stool set are so comfortable.


3. Store Smart With Clever Vanity Table Solutions

Keep your makeup clean and uncluttered, with these discrete storage solutions.


4. Glow With Elegant Vanity Lights

Brighten up your smile with built in lights that make applying mascara so easy.


5. Elevate Your Look With A Lift Top Vanity

This clever lift top vanity doubles as a mirror and a great work surface!


6. Take Inspiration From The Past

Add a touch of class to your room with this elegant, 20th Century Danish Vanity Table.


7. Reflect On Your Beauty Thrice With Three Mirrors

We love this elegant, shabby chic, vintage vanity table. Three mirrors help you see every perspective.


8. Use Bright Colors To Make It A Feature

This color contrasts perfectly against neutral walls to make your vanity the feature of any bedroom.


9. Three’s Never A Crowd With This Vanity Set

Get the complete set with this cherry wood mirror, table and stool.


10. The Classic Black Vanity Table Is Back

This black vanity table is so chic. Built in power outlets also make it so convenient.


11. Mirror, Mirror – Who’s Got The Best Vanity Table?

Be bold and get a shiny vanity table. Perfect for any diva.


12. No Space? No Problem

What a space saver! Floating makeup vanity tables are great for small rooms.


13. Your Teak Vintage Treat

Vintage teak is so in. Better yet, look at that mirror!


14. Let It Shine With Antique Glass

What a fashion statement. Antique glass makeup vanities shine brighter than the rest.


15. Paint It White For A Shabby Chic Vanity

Try painting your vanity with neutral colors to achieve this crisp, white design.


16. Keep It Simple With A Two Piece Vanity Set

Vanities don’t have to be flashy. Keep yours simple with a two piece design.


17. Build Your Own Rugged Vanity

Rugged metal handles give this vanity unique character.


18. Keep it Classy With Venetian Mirrors

So classy. This vanity just needs you to be truly complete.


19. Make Yourself Up in Hollywood Style

Lights, camera, action! Fix your hair like the stars.


20. Make Up Your Own Rules With A Flip Mirror

Work hard. Play hard. This flip mirror makeup vanity will get you ready for any occasion.


21. Vanity chic mirrors


22. Farmhouse chic makeup vanity


23. White and pink


24. Vintage makeup vanity


25. Get Organized


26. Wood working makeup vanity


27. In the bathroom


28. Beautiful makeup vanity


29. Granite and stone


30. Makeup vanity spray paint


31. Boho bedroom with oval mirror


32. Bohemian decor


33. Painted makeup table with light blue


34. Geormetric mirror

35. Neat corner

36. Floating vanity

37. Luxury vanity

38. Makeup vanity makeover


39. Vanity with marble on top

Your Makeup Vanity Table

Whatever your style, you need a makeup vanity table that’s right for you.

Be inspired by these brilliant makeup vanity table ideas. Now find, build or upcycle the vanity table that’s right for you.


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