12 Genius Ways to Make Money Gardening

Last Updated on December 15, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Thanks to the vast world of the Internet, more and more people are turning their gardening hobby into a full-time business. The online space is a perfect playground to show off your green skills and boost your garden hustle.

You can start a bunch of small businesses, like an awesome gardening blog, grow seeds, and take and sell pictures of your plants. There are lots of garden activities that you can turn into cash on special websites.

To help you pick the most profitable ones, we’ve contacted a team of financial experts from Payday Depot, and they were happy to share this list of the top 12 ways to make money gardening. So, let’s dive in!

Rent Your Garden for Cool Hangouts

As outdoor events become more popular than ever before, your garden can be turned from a chill spot into a moneymaker. If you’ve got a big backyard, renting it out for special occasions is a smart idea.

Imagine hosting dreamy garden weddingspicture-perfect photoshoots, or even fitness sessions in the great outdoors. Your garden has the potential to be the place for all sorts of cool stuff.

Start Selling Seeds & Seedlings

For those who like growing stuff, growing seedlings can be an easy business. Imagine growing seeds and selling them at local markets, car boot sales, or straight to your buddies, family, and coworkers. Your garden can turn into a money-making hotspot, especially from February to October.

Offer Fresh Veggies to Your Neighbors 

offer fresh veggies to neighbords

Nothing beats the taste of a fresh tomato straight from the garden. Farmers markets are a sweet spot to sell your produce right from the backyard.

You’ll attract people who love grabbing fresh, local goods. Selling at these markets has loads of perks, like offering different stuff at once, saving on travel costs, building up your community, and giving your neighbors access to fresh, local goodies.

While this might be more for green thumbs or those with lots of space, even selling seedlings can be a solid market move.

Sell Fresh Flowers

If you don’t have the ability to grow tons of veggies, the flowers in your garden can make you money too.

Think about making cozy bouquets and selling them to your local crew — you’re basically starting a small business right from your backyard.

Get Crafty with Jams 

Get ready for a tasty adventure by making and selling homemade jams and chutneys. Put your unique spin on each jar and make them look even better with cool ribbons and special packaging.

This not only makes your food creations awesome but also turns them into a fun and money-making gig.

Grow Microgreens for Sale

Microgreens are tiny, flavorful greens that go by names like vegetable confetti or micro-herbs. Restaurants got the scoop on them in the ’80s, and now, everyone loves them because they’re loaded with nutrients!

There are lots of greens that can be started as microgreens, like arugula, radish, lettuce, carrots, celery, leeks, and garlic. You can grow them and sell them to restaurants, homes, or a farmer’s market. Plus, they’re usually ready to roll from seed to harvest in just a few weeks!

Dry Herbs for Cooking and Crafting

Beyond selling freshly cut herbs, selling dried ones is an easy way to turn your garden into a side hustle. Fresh herbs go bad fast, and people hate that. But dried herbs last for months and do the same job as fresh ones!

To dry herbs from your garden, you can get a dehydrator or just hang them up to dry. Once they’re good to go, throw them in cute little bags, and your product is ready to sell!

Get into Beekeeping

Lots of home gardeners dive into beekeeping, and it’s pretty sweet. Handling bees is not rocket science, and collecting honey from your hive can be a steady income boost.

Just make sure to discuss your plans with neighbors before jumping into this honey-filled venture.

Create Gardens for Others

Putting together a garden requires time and knowledge. Many people want to skip the hard work, and that’s where you come in. If you’re willing to hustle and put in some physical effort, this is a cool way to make gardening cash in just a few hours.

Just remember, you’ll need to work with your client on what kind of garden they’re after, whether they’re into organic methods, and how they want their garden laid out. So, if you’re a people person and enjoy setting up gardens, charging a fee is the way to go!

Give Consultations on Gardening

Have you ever been complimented on the work you do in the backyard? Chances are, being a garden consultant is your thing.

Help others kickstart a garden or fix issues in their existing one, and earn some garden cash by charging a fee.

If you’re an experienced gardener, this could be a sweet gig. You can even set up a website for remote consultations or give advice on social media!

Host Classes for Gardeners

People often skip trying new things because they don’t know where to start. If you can break it down for them in a fun, entertaining class, you’re in for some serious cash.

You can offer specialty classes, like ones for kids. They cover less information and are likely shorter too! Plus, you can create an online course and sell it year-round.

Organize Gardening Excursions

organize gardening excursions

Your garden can be a perfect spot for tours. You can team up with schools for cool educational tours, tell kids about different plants and their peculiarities, share your gardening know-how, and so much more.

If you live near interesting destinations, think about renting your backyard to campers. Turn your green patch into a chill camping spot for those craving a nature-filled getaway.

In a Nutshell

To sum it up, the Internet is like a magic garden where your green space can become a money-making machine. Whether you’re a pro gardener or just getting started, the online world is bursting with chances to show off, share, and cash in on your gardening skills. Jump on the green entrepreneurship wave and let your garden bloom into a thriving business.


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