What Is CBD, And What Does It Stand For?

Last Updated on June 8, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Cannabinoid, also known as CBD, is a chemical extracted from the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants, primarily called weed, are majorly used for recreational purposes.

However, scientists have discovered many medical benefits of CBD, which has now made it quite popular.

Since its legalization, many manufacturers have been producing packed marijuana, which has created saturation in the market. For this purpose, manufacturers have started to invest more in packaging.

CBD industry has been flourishing as people know more about its benefits and how it is revolutionizing the medicinal field.

There has been a massive wave of good cannabis production since the legalization, including hemp oil, CBD oil etc.

The best and easiest way of differentiating these products is to look for a description on the packaging. The packaging does not only explain what is inside but also helps in making the product more appealing, keeping it safe from all the externalities.

There are some frequently asked questions regarding CBD oil, its forms, and usage so, here is a complete guide:

CBD Oil Vs. Hemp Oil

cbd oil 1


  • Both have oily consistency. You can find CBD and hemp oil in serum forms or their pure oil viscosity.
  • Nonintoxicating nature
  • Both are haul out from the cannabis plant
  • Both have health benefits and medical benefits
  • Both oils can be orally ingested (edible)
  • They can be superficially used
CBD Oil Hemp Oil
Flowers are seeds cannabis plants are crushed to get the oils out. It is present in the hemp seeds. They crush them to get the oil
Almost any type of cannabis plant produces CBD oil. Hemp oil is only obtained from industrial varieties of hemp seeds
Certificate of Analysis guarantees the reliability and safety of the CBD oil. It is not a certified (cannabis) product as a certificate of analysis does not approve it.
Around 0.3-0.4% THC is present in Cannabinoid oil, which is not enough to give you a high sensation or any other psychoactive effect. Hemp oil is THC-free (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This means hemp oil cannot intoxicate you.
CBD became legal on the order or regulatory laws in some states of USA CBD
You can’t purchase cannabinoid oil from random sellers. It is available on online stores
CBD oil is unsuitable for some beauty products due to its specific properties. Hemp oil is beneficial for skin and makes it great as a composite in beauty products.
CBD oil is more suitable for ingesting External use recommended than ingestion.


What Does CBD Do?

hemp oil

CBD is popular for anxiety and stress-relieving properties. It is much more than that. The essential features of the plant remain the same for all types of weed that is manufactured; however, the quality and potency may vary.

CBD in itself is quite beneficial for health, which has made the cannabis business rather a quite profitable one. CBD oil is quite helpful for health.

Anxiety and Stress

The significant benefit of CBD is its anti-anxiety and relaxing properties. What CBD oil consumption does is that it changes the way your brain reacts to your happy hormones i.e.  (serotonin).

Packaging plays a vital role in this case as all anxiety medications have different elements that affect differently on every person—check the labeling for the product description to check if the present feature would work for you (consult a physician).

Analgesic Affect

Chronic pain is a life-ruining experience. Not only does it decline your physical health but, the self-defeating thoughts bring down your mental health as well.

CBD oil is quite useful for pain. Not only does it help with a minor one like a headache, but it also relieves pain caused by arthritis, migraine, etc. up to a great extent.

Depending on the type, you can consume or apply CBD oil to your affected area.  Read the description on the packaging for the instructions.

Acne and Skin Problems

CBD proves quite a utility for skin problems like acne, inflammation, and irritation. Some physicians recommend ingesting it for better results. However, you can also apply all over your face, or whatever body part is affected with acne.

Leave it overnight, and you will start seeing the results. Its inflammatory properties reduce irritation and relieve skin problems all in all.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is an abnormal cell division. Chemotherapy is the most common way of treating it, which is quite painful.

CBD proves quite useful for cancer treatment as it relieves pain and helps in alleviating the symptoms of cancer during and, post-chemotherapy. You have to keep in mind that not all forms of CBD are suitable for cancer symptoms, so always read the label for complete information.

Neuroprotective Effect

Cannabis is primarily consumed and smoked for the ‘high’ sensation and the relaxing effect it leaves on the brain.

This property is not present in CBD oil; however, it does help with neurodegenerative disorders. People with diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis (MS), and various types of strokes felt quite better after using CBD. Doctors recommend ingesting oil (dosage depend on the age and weight of the patient.


Not only the elderly but, the teenagers are quite affected by insomnia and sleeplessness due to various reasons.

Employees with office-based jobs have to sit in front of screens all day; the blue light emitted by the screens can affect the release of melatonin in the body, which leads to insomnia. CBD oil has properties of a relaxant which helps in easing the stress by stimulating receptors and relaxing muscles so one can fall asleep.

What Does CBD feel like?

What Does CBD feel like?

The usage of CBD has become quite common since people found out about its various health benefits. As it is now legal in the USA and Canada, manufactures have been producing various forms of CBD for different purposes. Here are a few ways you can consume it:

  • Tincture oils for ingestion and superficial use
  • Edible Capsules
  • CBD dabs are heated and vaporized for realizing the essence, which is used for its benefits.
  • Vaping and Smoking cannabis is the most convenient way of using it. It gets absorbed in the lungs, and through that, it reaches the bloodstream. In this way, it starts showing its action.
  • Topical Lotions are majorly for skin and pain problems. They are applied and lightly massaged on the affected area.
  • Edible CBD comes in multiple forms besides capsules and gummies. Clean leaves and flowers are consumed (chewed) for releasing the oils within. It also comes in dried form.

The question asked by a lot of people out there is what does it feel like. People have set a perception that as soon as CBD comes in contact with the skin, you will start feeling relaxed. It is nothing but a misconception as the effect and the ‘feeling’ of CBD on every person is different and depends on several factors.

As the percentage of THC is low in CBD oil (around 0.3-0.5%), the feeling of intoxication is absent. Consuming cannabis on its own might make you high, but CBD oil does not have that effect.

The soothing and relaxing effect of CBD is the most prominent one. As soon as you apply it, the relaxants start to work their magic in 15-20min, and this effect lasts for a while.

Many patients share their anecdotes of improved mood and low-stress levels with regular usage of CBD oil. It feels minor initially, but with time the mood starts to improve overall, and this effect lasts. Nonetheless, the effect varies from person to person. Its therapeutic outcome varies based on one’s ‘mental strength,’ weight, diet, and lifestyle.

Note: Misconceptions of CBD oil make you feel extraordinarily happy and relaxed are floating the internet. The truth is that it starts with a gradual effect, which includes improved mood, but the concept of reaching a state of euphoria is untrue.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

It is quite essential to have full knowledge of drugs and medicated serums that you use. Always make sure to read the label and packaging description thoroughly as this will tell you the purpose and side effects of the drug along with the period it will stay in your system. It depends on the following factors:


The period for which CBD oil will last in your system depends on the dosage you have consumed. The more you have consumed, the more time it will take to get digested and leave your body. Never ingest CBD more than recommended (it depends on your age, BMI, and lifestyle).

How Frequently Is It Used?

It is quite evident that if you keep consuming it frequently, CBD will seldom leave your body.

Lasting effect

CBD oil does not only temporarily take away the pain and relieves stress and anxiety but also helps in treating them in the long run. The effect, however, tends to last around 2-6 days.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

It is better to avoid CBD consumption during pregnancy or even while you are still breastfeeding your baby.

If you are about to start bread feeding, it is recommended to stop the use of CBD oil a week before. It is absorbed in the bloodstream, which transfers to the infant through the breast milk.

As it contains a little amount of THC and other elements that are not good for an infant, it is better to quit using it before you start lactating the child.

Drug Tests

Athletes and people with jobs like military people etc. often get tested for drug usage. Although CBD oil is not a recreational drug, it’s various forms are used for recreational purposes, which raises the concern in people if it will show up on the drug test or not.

As it contains THC (traces), your drug test might come positive. The amount of THC present varies on the following basis:

  • CBD isolates: no THC
  • Broad Spectrum CBD: contains the natural proportion of THC.
  • Full Spectrum CBD: You need to check the packaging for the product description for a full spectrum CBD oil/tincture as it may vary based on the manufacturer.

What Happens If You Use Too Much Cbd?

When it comes to neuroactive drugs, it is harmful to consume more than a specific dose. As for CBD, overusing it is not lethal; however, it may cause various other health problems.

According to the research of the World Health Organization (WHO), taking CBD in a large dose can cause

Extreme Dizziness

Cannabinoid oil is a relaxant, which is why it has quite a utility in alleviating anxiety. When you consume it too much, it can make you feel extremely dizzy or even make you fall asleep all day long.


Consumption of CBD oil in a large amount can cause lethargy and fatigue as it affects serotonin receptors in the brain. According to some anecdotes, some people have fainted due to overdose, but no reliable resources or empirical research are proving this.

Muscle Spasm and Heart Attack

When the muscles of the heart or any other body part do not get enough oxygen, they begin to spasm. If it’s the heart, cardiac arrest and heart attack can occur, which might prove fatal. Hence, the overconsumption of CBD oil is unsafe.

Hypotension and Minor Dementia

As CBD tinctures contain neuroactive ingredients varying in its different forms, it can affect your brain quite much when ingested in a large amount. Early symptoms of mental health problems like memory loss and hypotension start to show. If you continue abusing it, the symptoms might get worse and worse.

Respiratory Problems

CBD relaxes the body, which means it affects the antagonistic movement of the diaphragm and hence changing lung functionality. It might also reduce lung capacity if you smoke marijuana excessively.

THC is the Major Problem

Substance abuse always comes with its bad effects, but CBD itself is not quite harmful. The problem lies in the proportion of THC. This chemical present in it is responsible for the intoxication, which leads to various neurological issues when taken in a large amount.

How To Get Cbd Out Of Your System Fast?

Cannabis users often dread drug tests as cannabis shows up on it. If you smoke weed very often or even consume CBD oil for medical purposes, there is a chance that it shows up on your drug test because of the presence of THC. Do not stress out You can use the following tips to get rid of CBD traces from your body to have a clean drug test.

Terminate Consumption

The most palpable one is that you need to terminate the use almost a week before your drug test. To purge any kind of traces of THC from a full spectrum or even a broad-spectrum CBD is possible just by stopping using all cannabis products. If you regularly chew cannabis leaves or smoke weed often, you will need more time to purge out all the THC from your system.

Drink Water

Drinking a lot of water works similar to a flush system. If your drug test is urine-based, there is nothing better than drinking a sufficient amount of water to flush out your kidneys and get rid of the CBD traces in your system.

However, a common mistake made by people is drinking A LOT of water. This will not help. Instead, it will make your sample diluted creating suspicion. Keep things balanced.


Zinc is known to be a urinary effect contaminant. When your system has zinc in it, the test will not detect the traces of THC.

Scientific researches have shown that zinc tablet ingestion in a couple of minutes after consuming CBD oil can interfere with the presence of THC in the system in a drug test. You can easily find any zinc supplement at a regular pharmacy; just make sure to contact your physician before pairing it with a CBD-based product.

Activated Charcoal

If you use CBD frequently and in a large quantity, activated charcoal is the best way for you to remove it from your system before going a drug test.

It is a form of positively charged carbon that sticks to drug molecules trapping them, which is then taken to liver, intestines, and finally reabsorbed in the bloodstream. In this way, the process speeds up, and you can get rid of all the THC in your system in no time.

The Detox Drink

If you are on to a premise of expelling THC from your system, water is the right choice. You might want to take it up a notch and add detoxifying agents to catalyze the purging process.

Detox drinks are of various types; you can use the expensive store-bought ones or make one at home using cucumbers, cranberries, coriander, lemon, and herbs.

Is CBD legal?

Is CBD legal?

A significant amount of interest has developed into cannabis-based products since people found out that it has been made legal. However, the majority do not have complete information on its legalization.

Two forms of cannabis Sativa containing CBD, are recognized by the FDA, marijuana, and hemp. Marijuana is usually used for a recreational drug, but it has medical benefits, which is another for its popularity. Hemp, however, is the least treated form, which is why the proportion of THC is higher in hemp than marijuana. For a similar reason, Marijuana and

CBD oils are openly available, and hemp is not. 

CBD has been made legal in most states of the USA, like California, Florida, and Colorado. Nonetheless, in some states, the regulatory law is still to talk about the legalization of marijuana. CBD is majorly legalized for its medical usage and not recreational.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy CBD?

Just like any other drug, you need to be at least 18 years old to be able to purchase marijuana or any other CBD product. According to the regulatory laws and rules of the USA, the system would only allow a person age 18 or above to purchase or use CBD products. This prevents minors from harming themselves.

Even with the age restriction and regulations, the system still emphasizes people are consulting a registered healthcare provider before consuming it.

Cbd Do’s And Don’ts

DO’s Don’ts
Adequate research is essential before purchasing CBD products. You need to know what you are using and if it provides the results endorsed by brands Never purchase the first product you come across. It might not be what you are looking for, or browsing the market a little more might get you something even better.
The packaging is quite remarkable. Always read the label and description for what is inside and what you are about to get your hands on. It will also tell you about the ingredients and their proportions, which is vital information about any drug. Believing whatever is on the label or what people tell you is never a smart move. Do your research and consult your physician

How To Use CBD For:

cbd oil cannabidiol


You can use CBD oil in two ways as an analgesic. The most common way is taking capsules with water but, if you are looking for a faster relief, place a few drops of CBD under your tongue for a quicker action. The effect will begin within 5-15 minutes.


There are three ways in which you can use CBD for anxiety. (1) chewing gummies: not only, is it more comfortable but also savors your taste buds. (2) vaping and (3) placing few droplets under the tongue; it is the fastest way to get relief.

Erectile Dysfunction

CBD is quite useful for tackling problems related to sex life. The oral ingestion would not only improve mood and sexual experience, but also rubbing the oil or CBD creams on the penis can improve blood flow helping men with erectile dysfunction.

Parkinson’s Disease

Patients of Parkinson’s are usually advised to keep CBD gummies with them, but a better way to ingest it is sublingually (under the tongue).

Where to Buy CBD?

CBD oil can be easily purchased online without going through the hassle of browsing shops and markets. You can find quite a variety there. Also, most of the CBD oil is produced in Colorado as the hemp produced there is of superior quality.


With so many health benefits, CBD has become quite popular not only amounts the youth for its recreational usage but also stands the elderly now. The above article will provide you with all that you want to know about CBD.