What to Write in a Christmas Card for Your Daughter

Last Updated on October 18, 2022 by Jason Nguyen

As you prepare for Christmas, you must stockpile your stash of gifts and a unique daughter Christmas card. Christmas time is all about family, and Boomf helps every family celebrate it differently. It also speaks for how each parent relates with individual members, especially daughters.

merry christmas to wonderful daughter

Your daughter is a unique person, and so deserves special gifts and messages. After watching her grow from a  young age into a beautiful young woman, you must have drawn closer, and your Christmas notes must get a bit more personal.

If you have two or more daughters, you cannot use the same Christmas cards with the same content for them. They are unique individuals, and you have to acknowledge their individuality. It will help if you carefully consider finding the right way to tell your daughter how much she means to you.

What to say in a Christmas card for a daughter

The wording and tone of your Christmas card for your daughter depend on the following:

If your daughter is an adult

At this stage, your daughter is most likely independent and has made her own mark in the world. You are proud of the great things she’s doing with her life.

You can write, “I remember when you used to (write a memory of something she used to do), you always made me proud of you.

Thanks for the peace and joy you bring into my life every Christmas. I wish for Christmas to spend more time hanging out like we used to. I am lucky to be your mom/dad.”

If your daughter is a mother already with her own kid

You can write, “I am amazed at the loving mum you are becoming. I wish you all the joy and wonder your little one has to offer. I hope it doesn’t get too challenging; I wish you have some quality time to yourself.”

have magical christmas

If she is still in school, staying at home or seeking employment

You can celebrate her for whatever effort she puts in to set herself up. You could say, “This is a perfect time to wish your biggest dreams come true.

You deserve it all for everything you are doing to make them happen. I want you to know that I believe in YOU, always have, and always will.


It doesn’t matter if you will spend Christmas with her, how old she is, or where she is in her career. Your message must communicate that she matters to you a lot. Check out Boomf collections for unique events like birthdays, weddings, and Halloweens.