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At Farm Food Family, we specialize in offering the latest and most trustworthy gardening, home decor, and home improvement information. Our website serves as a resource for everything from detailed plant care to innovative home styling and effective DIY projects.

Mission Statement

Our Mission: To be your primary source for home and garden inspiration, showcasing the latest in architecture, gardening, landscaping, furniture design, interior styles, and DIY home improvement methods.

Fulfilling Our Mission: Through a variety of engaging content including tutorials, guides, reviews, and listicles, we aim to empower you to transform your living spaces into places of beauty and functionality.

Our Story

History: Established in 2017 by Kimberly Crawford, Farm Food Family started as a personal blog sharing the joys and challenges of urban homesteading. By 2022, in partnership with Jason Nguyen of KK Media Group, the blog expanded its reach and depth, becoming a cornerstone of purposeful living content.

Evolution and Growth: With over 100,000 monthly visitors and features in prestigious platforms like eHow, Homedit, and House Digest, our community and influence continue to grow, enriching our content and expanding our reach.

Who We Are

Editorial Integrity: Guided by principles of transparency, accuracy, and community-focused reporting, our content goes through a rigorous fact-checking protocol before publication. We commit to ethical practices in all our operations, from green hosting solutions to eco-friendly office policies.

Affiliate Marketing: We engage in affiliate marketing, ensuring it is conducted ethically. We earn a commission on purchases made through links on our site, with all such links clearly marked to maintain transparency with our readers.

Environmental Commitment: Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We encourage our readers to adopt eco-friendly practices and contribute to carbon offset programs, reinforcing our shared commitment to the planet.

Mentioned In

At Farm Food Family, we’re not just about sharing ideas; we’re about making a mark in the world of gardening, home decor, and home improvement. We’re proud and humbled to have caught the attention of various esteemed platforms and publications.

Our Team

KK Media Group has editorial staff and contributors covering all aspects of purposeful living. Founder Jason Nguyen provides strategic direction, while Kimberly Crawford continues to set the vision and tone for homesteading content based on her years of firsthand experience.

jason nguyen

Jason Nguyen

Founder, Online Business Strategist, E-commerce Entrepreneur

Jason is a respected home and garden expert and a well-established figure in the digital media industry. He is the founder of KKMediaGroup.com, a leading online platform providing high-quality content on home improvement, DIY projects, gardening, and more. His passion for creating engaging, value-driven content has made KKMediaGroup.com a go-to resource for home and garden enthusiasts.

kimberly crawford

Kimberly Crawford

Executive Editor, Landscape Architecture

With over 15 years of experience working on organic farms and developing farm-to-table initiatives, Kimberly is an expert in local food systems, regenerative agriculture, and agroecology. As both a landscape architect and agroecologist, she brings a holistic perspective to her work promoting context-specific, ecologically-sound food production systems.

richard edwards

Richard Edwards

Senior Home Improvement Editor, Certified HVAC Technician

Richard Edwards is a seasoned home and garden expert with an extensive background in various aspects of home improvement and gardening. With years of experience in the industry, Richard has developed a deep understanding of home decor, flooring, DIY projects, crafts, home repair, and appliances. His expertise also extends to life hacks and pest control.


Crafts and DIY Editor

Lauren is an experienced editor and crafter with expertise in home, garden, food, and DIY topics. She previously served as editor for homeandgardendigest.com, overseeing content strategy and creation across the site’s home and garden sections.


Certified Master Gardener & Crafting Lifestyle Expert

Karen is the editor and chief contributor to the website farmfoodfamily.com, drawing on over 20 years of experience gardening, sewing, quilting, and experimenting with various fiber arts and crafts. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Botany from the University of Vermont and a Master Gardener certification from Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Contributing Editors

ruby hamilton

Ruby Hamilton

Ruby Hamilton is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

Editorial Policy

At Farm Food Family, we strive to provide reliable information and resources to help families learn about and connect with local farms and food. Our editorial policy is guided by principles of transparency, accuracy, and community-focused reporting.

We make every effort to clearly label sponsored content and disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Our writers thoroughly research each topic, consulting multiple credible sources and experts. We fact-check information and promptly correct any errors.

While we aim to cover issues important to our community, we do not promote any specific political or social ideology. Diverse viewpoints are welcome. Our goal is to start thoughtful, productive conversations around food and farming. We also avoid making outright recommendations, instead empowering readers to draw their conclusions based on the information provided.

At the core, Farm Food Family celebrates regional sustainable agriculture and hopes to facilitate meaningful relationships between farmers, eaters, and the land that nourishes us all. This editorial policy supports that mission by holding our writing to high standards of integrity, inclusiveness, and applicability to real life. We’re proud to contribute positively to the story of food in our community.

Review Board

At Farm Food Family, we recognize the importance of providing accurate, ethical reporting and thoughtful perspectives on issues related to food, farming, and building community. To uphold these standards, we have established an independent Review Board comprising experts in relevant fields. Our Review Board voluntarily assesses our content to ensure it aligns with our editorial policy and journalistic principles.

The Review Board is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds, from sustainable agriculture researchers and nonprofit leaders to university professors and journalists. They offer guidance to uphold accuracy, address potential biases, and include a balanced range of viewpoints. Their oversight role reinforces our commitment to transparency and building trust with our readers.

We sincerely thank the Review Board members for generously volunteering their time and expertise. Their input challenges us to continually evaluate and improve our coverage of farming, food systems, nutrition, environment, and social issues. If readers have additional perspectives they feel we should consider, we warmly invite open and thoughtful discussion through our contact page. With support from the Review Board, we aim to create a go-to resource for our community.

What We Do

Here at FarmFoodFamily, we go the extra mile to thoroughly test all products before offering our recommendations.

Our dedicated testing team leverages industry-standard methodologies to deeply evaluate critical performance metrics like durability, efficiency, ease of use, and value.

Categories are weighted based on surveys with real farm owners to reflect what matters most in your purchasing decisions.

From lab trials to on-location testing, our evaluation protocols aim to simulate years of ownership so you can trust our reviews reflect how items truly stand up to rugged rural use.

Our commitment to transparent testing gives farm and homestead families confidence in the performance and reliability of the products we endorse.

How We Earn Money

Farm Food Family participates in affiliate marketing and advertising programs. This means that we earn a small commission when readers make purchases through links on our site. Learn more here.

From the Founder

jason nguyen

Ever since moving into our homestead 10 years ago, I’ve found so much joy and purpose in growing food, DIY, and home improvement projects, designing our space, preserving the harvest, and pursuing a self-sufficient lifestyle.

I hope that Farm Food Family can inspire others to embrace this lifestyle in their unique way. I’d love to hear from you on how we can better serve this wonderful community!

– Jason Nguyen

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