50+ Best Backyard Gazebo Ideas and Designs

Are you looking for brilliant gazebo ideas for your backyard? Are you looking to add a gazebo to your spacious backyard and don’t know the design that would fit? Let’s help you. We have 50 backyard gazebo ideas we would love to show you.

best backyard gazebo ideas

1. Cedar Gazebo

1 backyard gazebo ideas

Cedar gazebo just never disappoints, it draws attention to itself by its well-polished cedar design. If you have a spacious backyard that accommodates, this you should go for it.

2. Backyard Gazebo

2 backyard gazebo ideasSource

This lovely, well-built gazebo is made over a large expanse of land that can produce serenity at its best. This gazebo also features a spacious and convenient arena for your little family time.

3. Santa Barbara Mediterranean

3 backyard gazebo ideas

This is a perfect backyard gazebo for you; redwood is used for this idea because of its opposition to various insects, and for its long-lasting effect. It can be simply done for your backyard as it isn’t so huge.

4. Fully Furnished

4 backyard gazebo ideas

If you have a very large backyard; here is a design that serves as a mini house. This features a space for dining, a mini kitchen and a space for a bar. It’s a luxurious space that portrays comfort.

5. Wooden Gazebo

5 backyard gazebo ideas

Isn’t this just perfect for your backyard? The key to this beautiful gazebo is the lightings properly arranged around it. It features a fire pit, sofas and very strong wood that stand as the frame of this structure.

6. Fiberglass Pergola Covering Hot Tub

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Who says that a gazebo cannot be done to cover a hot tub? This sample is of simple yet stylish design and can be done with fiberglass. Fiberglass is known for its inability to break easily and durability.

7. Connecting the Dots

7 backyard gazebo ideas

This is yet another idea that is both simple and stylish. It is made of a hexagonal roof and several entry points. This would definitely fit your backyard.it can be made more comfortable by placing chairs.

8. Before you Break Ground

8 backyard gazebo ideas

Although this sample was originally made as a garden gazebo, it can be made in your backyard. All you need to do is incorporate this design into your house structure. A gazebo design is usually considered before the structure of the house is set up.

9. Master of your Own Design

9 backyard gazebo ideas

This idea is simple and perfect for two; it can be done for your backyard. This design is made with a mixture of brick and wood. Although small the replica on top of the structure makes it visible.

10. Keep it Simple

10 backyard gazebo ideas

In keeping your design gazebo design simple for your backyard, you can use just well-polished wood for the structure but have to make it a little more stylish by using wooden chairs.

11. Creative Backyard Design

11 backyard gazebo ideasSource

Here is an out of the box type of design; this creative design of a gazebo is made from wood and pines. Although it isn’t the regular design it serves the same people. In fact, it hides unnecessary details and doesn’t take much space.

12. Wooden Gazebo with Sliding Doors

12 backyard gazebo ideas

Make your gazebo a little funky by adding a sliding door. The furniture inside this design can be a wooden dining table, arranged in such a way that it has an inviting look.

13. Inexpensive Pergola

13 backyard gazebo ideasSource

This is an inexpensive gazebo that is made of wood and some pieces of curtains. The beauty of this gorgeous pergola is the candle chandelier. The candles are lit and placed in small mason jars.

14. DIY Pergola

14 backyard gazebo ideasSource

This sample can be done by you. It is easy and stylish. It can be used as a covering for a place of grilling and relaxation.

15. Charmed Life

15 backyard gazebo ideasSource

This design is perfect for blocking sun view; it is curtained in case you want to prevent people from seeing what goes on inside. There are a couple of flowers around also to make it more stylish.

16. Lovely Lattice

16 backyard gazebo ideas

Although a lattice is regarded as vintage it is relevant in this age and this sample is proof of that. The gazebo itself is made in such a way that one can pace back and forth.

17. Second Life

17 backyard gazebo ideas

Who knew that a gazebo can look this good? It is made simple and it is made out of wireframe and a roof well patterned with iron. The door into this beauty can be made of whatever you want but a metal door frame and a glass door are recommended.

18. Gazebo with Kitchen

18 backyard gazebo ideas

A gazebo can be made to have a kitchen such as this.it can be made for your evening chill out point. In its feature is an in-built kitchen.

19. Hexagonal Gazebo with Grass Roof

19 backyard gazebo ideas

Your backyard can be this. This is a simple design for your family evening time out. It is made with wood and an extra feature is the grass roof for both a decoration and a roof.

20. Victorian Gazebos

20 backyard gazebo ideas

This victorian style has very obvious shingles on its roof, it is a white vintage gazebo design that you can try out.

21. Log Backyard Gazebo

21 backyard gazebo ideas

22. Island gazebo

22 backyard gazebo ideasSource

23. Poolside gazebo

23 backyard gazebo ideasSource

24. Asian gazebo

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50 backyard gazebo ideas


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