33+ DIY Spring Garden Crafts and Activities for Kids

Are you looking for really cool garden activities for your kids this spring? Do you want to increase your kid’s creativity with some handicraft? We have got some really cool kid’s stuff to show you. Come on and check them out.

best spring garden crafts for kids

1. DIY 3D Doily Flowers

DIY 3D Doily FlowersSource

These 3D flowers are the kind of cool kinds of stuff kids would love to try out, this is made from paper doilies. The kids have the liberty of using whatever colors they think fits. This is not some fun thing that has no use; it can be used as a refrigerator magnet.

2. Kids Safe

Kids SafeSource

How about kids make a fresh green shade in your garden where they do kids’ stuff and talk kids’ stuff. In the heat of the sun, they could go under it and feel cool. Although they would need an elderly person to build this, it is an amazing task they would love to engage in.

3. Fairy Garden For All

Fairy Garden For AllSource

Isn’t this an amazing fairy garden for your little girl? Here is a bonding time you can have with your daughter as you create this. Although this might cost some money, it is totally worth it plus this can be the girls’ corner in your garden.

4. Thumbprint Flower Pots

Thumbprint Flower PotsSource

If you are looking to make your kids a lot more creative with their hands, here is a good try. Make them decorate flower pots that would be kept in your garden. They can start off by trying out their decoration pattern on paper before moving over to the flowerpot.

5. Handmade Wind Chimes

Handmade Wind ChimesSource

This well-colored craft is made from sticks to serve as wind chimes. It can be hung loosely around the garden to give it a glamorous look. You can go ahead to get your kids to paint the sticks.

6. Garden Wish Flag

Garden Wish FlagSource

Wishes are harmless and this idea is a simple representation of what you and your kids could try out as you hope for the best this spring. Whatever you wish for can be colored on this flag.

7. DIY Jellyfish

DIY JellyfishSource

This colorful jellyfish is made out of paper with some yarn strands fitly attached to the paper plates. This can be hung somewhere around the garden just to add some spice to the look.

8. DIY Fairy Bells

DIY Fairy BellsSource

What if you make little bells with beads to add eccentricity to your garden? Your kids would love to do this with you.

9. DIY Outdoor Concert

DIY Outdoor ConcertSource

What if you have a little band made by your kids somewhere in your garden where they get to sing their favorite songs, dance to their favorite beats and just have fun?

10. Topsy Turvy Flower Pot Planter and Birdbath

Topsy Turvy Flower Pot Planter and BirdbathSource

See the bright color of these flowers is just good enough to make your garden look better. You can go around planting these flowers with your kids.

11. Cute Coffee Filter Flowers

Cute Coffee Filter FlowersSource

How about some cute flowers made into a vase and placed at very strategically places in the garden. This is a beautiful craft to try out, it would help you school your little kids on painting.

12. Cute DIY Garden Pinwheels

Cute DIY Garden PinwheelsSource

This design is made to make to add style and glamour to your garden. These pinwheels of various colors can be made from plastic folders. It’s important to help them with this project as it involves cutting and handling tools.

13. Garden Game

Garden Game

wood and different color paints. The game is simply to step a foot on the step number. This is a lovely craft to make with your kids – DIY Spring Garden Crafts and Activities for Kids #gardencrafts #gardeningideas #gardeningwithkids #springgarden #farmfoodfamily”>


This is a game for your kids. The materials for this game are carved wood and different color paints. The game is simply to step a foot on the step number. This is a lovely craft to make with your kids.

14. Ladybug Painted Rocks

Ladybug Painted RocksSource

Ladybugs are beautiful, nicely colored beetles found in gardens. You can create some with your kids by using rocks. When you are done creating the ladybugs you can place them around the gardens.

15. Felt Garden Marker

Felt Garden MarkerSource

These garden markers are used to make spot vegetables in the garden. You can work with your kids on this by using craft sticks and hot glue.

16. Stone Spiral Garden for Small Spaces

Stone Spiral Garden for Small SpacesSource

This idea can serve two purposes; on one hand, it can serve as a way to decorate your garden and on the other, this can be done to create a pathway for properly planting your flowers.

17. DIY Chia Pet

DIY Chia PetSource

If you are looking to make your kids dexterous, here is what you should try. Help your kids plant and nurture their flowers.

18. Paint Birdhouses with Kids

Paint Birdhouses with KidsSource

A way to make your kids good with their hands or engage them in spring is to involve them in paintings. For a start, you can make them paint their pattern on paper before they paint projects.

19. Sun catchers

Sun catchersSource

These suncatchers are from paper plates can be hung in your garden, the beauty of these would be seen as they glow in the sun and give some style and glamour to your garden.

20. DIY Berry Picking Baskets

DIY Berry Picking BasketsSource

These baskets are made of paper, plastics and painted with nice patterns. They are used to keep good garden fruits like berries.

21. Popsicle Sticks Bird Feeders

Popsicle Sticks Bird FeedersSource

22. Turn your deck into a board game

Turn your deck into a board gameSource

23. Tic tac toe garden table

Tic tac toe garden tableSource

24. DIY cement stepping stones

DIY cement stepping stonesSource

25. Outdoor word game

Outdoor word game

26. DIY fairy garden table

DIY fairy garden tableSource

27. DIY wooden train table

DIY wooden train tableSource

28. Natural playspaces: Musical spool table

Natural playspacesSource

29. Fairy soup

Fairy soupSource

30. DIY mini garden gnomes

DIY mini garden gnomesSource

31. Melted crayon friendship rocks

Melted crayon friendship rocksSource

32. Easy chalk paint

Easy chalk paintSource

33. DIY Magic Wands

DIY Magic WandsSource

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