42+ Cool Man Cave Ideas & Designs For Men

Last Updated on July 7, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Man caves are a sanctuary a safe haven for our men. The features are different depending on what you are looking for. We will give you the best inspiration and some tips and tricks to turn your man cave into a man palace.

best man cave ideas

1. Simple yet classic man cave

Simple yet classic man cave

This is a classic contemporary look. As you can see all the features are in a tan color.
It has the classic lazy-boy and pool table and even the poker table to make every guys night a winner!

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2. Pool bar themed man-cave

Pool bar themed man-cave


This man-cave is set in the basement. With a custom-made pool table and jukebox in the corner this feels like your friendly neighbourhood bar. The guys will have one wild night here every guys night.

3. Sports memorabilia themed man-cave

Sports memorabilia themed man-cave

This is also a more traditional themed man-cave. This has all the touches projector screen to watch the games on all basketball jersey’s adorning the walls the classic luxurious leather reclining sofa. It also doubles up as a movie theatre.

4. Gaming man-cave

Gaming man-cave


This one is for the tech-heads out there. It is just a rough idea of what it can look like. With all the LED lighting and monster gaming rigs a monitor wall this is nerdvana .

5. Skull and bones man-cave

Skull and bones man-cave


This is one of my favourites as I love skulls and skull artwork is so intricate and beautiful.
Just by adding this mural to your wall you have achieved a whole new look and feel to the space.
This is the perfect place to relax and unwind and catch up on Netflix

6. Music themed man-cave

Music themed man-cave

Music the meaning of life… Well at least to me. This is a music themed man-cave that has all the players ready and waiting to jam! The Classic Tama acoustic kit which I love Ibanez, looks like a telecaster and your standard acoustic guitars to make sweet, sweet music.

7. The stylish man-cave

The stylish man-cave


This idea is for a smaller space, All you need is comfortable leather sofa, a pool table and surround sound with a flat screen TV. This room has natural light with its panoramic views making the room seem a lot bigger if you don’t have a panoramic view don’t worry use a lighter shade of paint to open up the space.

8. Retro Man-cave

Retro Man-cave


This cave represents a childhood arcade. With its game machines lining every wall.
Have a vintage games night and enjoy a malt at the milkshake bar.

9. Gear head man-cave

Gear head man-cave

This the classic car man cave and we love it. With its retro colors and awesome art what more could any man ask for?

10. Hunting lodge man cave

Hunting lodge man cave


This is any guys dream. With the log wood fire place and the mounted deer head. Every detail carefully chosen to bring this room to life. We love it.

11. Hockey Themed Man cave

Hockey Themed Man cave

This one is for the hockey guys and gals! Every detail is captured of how the hockey rink looks and feels in this one of a kind man cave. Watch your favorite games or move the furniture and have one yourself whatever you choose just know it will be an epic experience

12. Rustic chic man cave

Rustic chic man cave


This man cave is a classic vintage look with its old typewriters adorning the wall and classic leather sofa even the light fixture is classic. The creators of this look left nothing to chance.

13. Biker bar man cave

Biker bar man cave


This idea is inspired by the Harley and everything that the biker loves.
Drinking, beer and pool. Nothing was left to chance with this classic theme.

14. Galaxy Man cave

Galaxy Man cave

This is beautiful. Forget that you are indoors with this realistic mural. If you turn the lights off the stars glow which I think is pretty cool. With the retro style sofas and marble floor this look comes together nicely.

15. Hyperspace themed man cave

Hyperspace themed man cave


With the Led light placed the way are this room looks like its a spaceship about to reach warped speed and with the lazy boy recliners I am sure it feels as real as it looks. I love the padded walls representing a captain bridge Every time I look at the image it looks like it is moving and is about to send me into hyper-drive.

16. Music studio man cave

Music studio man cave

So like I said earlier, music is life! I know a lot of bands and they all moan about the same thing (studio Time) Why not bring this man cave into your life and in turn you will help out your fellow bandmates. With the concave sofa and arching design this room is the perfect position to capture those much sought after acoustics. So classic.

17. Arcade game man cave

Arcade game man cave


18. Contemporary Cool Man Cave Ideas With Office Desk

Contemporary Cool Man Cave Ideas With Office Desk

19. Modern brown man cave

Modern brown man cave

20. Cool Man Cave Interior Design Idea Inspiration

Cool Man Cave Interior Design Idea Inspiration

21. Grey Walls With Manly Decor Cool Man Cave Ideas

Grey Walls With Manly Decor Cool Man Cave Ideas

22. Traditional basement

Traditional basement


23. Marvel world

Marvel world

24. Industrial Cool Man Cave Ideas

Industrial Cool Man Cave Ideas

25. Rustic man cave

Rustic man cave


26. Rustic look

Rustic look


27. Luxury Lounge Cool Man Cave Ideas For Gentlemen

Luxury Lounge Cool Man Cave Ideas For Gentlemen

28. Arcade man cave

Arcade man cave

29. Comfortable man cave

Comfortable man cave

30. Manly Cool Man Cave Ideas

Manly Cool Man Cave Ideas

31. Shuffleboard



32. Refrigerator Turned Ice Chest

Refrigerator Turned Ice Chest


33. Bowling alley man cave

Bowling alley man cave

34. How To Build An Infinity Table

How To Build An Infinity Table


35. Bring the car to the bar

Bring the car to the bar

36. Sport bar

Sport bar


37. Reading Room Cool Man Cave Ideas

Reading Room Cool Man Cave Ideas

38. White Paint Attic Office Cool Man Cave Ideas

White Paint Attic Office Cool Man Cave Ideas

39. Wine Room Design Cool Man Cave Ideas

Wine Room Design Cool Man Cave Ideas

40. Whiskey barrel sink

Whiskey barrel sink


41. Golf room

Golf room


42. Garage man cave

Garage man cave


Whichever one you choose, I am sure you will be the envy of everyone of your boys! A man cave is a space that is deeply personal to any guy, it must reflect his idea of Nirvana! The links provided also lead to some great articles and websites that you need to check out.