32+ Creative DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas For Storage Solution

They say, wash away your troubles with some bubbles. Sometimes bathrooms are like an idea-mine. But a well-organised bathroom intensifies that. Bathrooms, on the other hand, can be stressful especially if they are disorderly. Today, we are on a mission to help add some value to your personal space.

How do I build floating shelves in my bathroom?

A floating shelf is an ideal way to save space in your bathroom. They not just save space but enhance the look of the bathroom if done the right way.

There are simple hacks that you need to follow to build the ideal floating shelf. The essentials are, wooden planks, a drill, screws, some paint and you are good to go.

How do I style my floating shelves?

Try utilising spaces that are not commonly used. Keep them simple, create a pattern for the shelf and maintain symmetry. Use wood in most places and thrown in a dash of metal to enhance the look. We also suggest some decor elements like plants in a glass jar.

Here are the 20 best DIY bathroom shelf ideas:

1. Rustic

This shelf looks so beautiful in its natural skin. The props placed on it add so much flavour to it.


2. Rectangles

Simple shapes often draw more attention. This is easily doable at home and you needn’t spend a fortune on it.


3. Basic storage

This shelf in its simplistic design can draw a lot of attention with the right props placed on it.

4. The painted one

If you like, you can match the rustic shelves with your bathroom interiors with a dash of paint and a few matching props.

5. The triple-decker

This can accommodate more and looks sumptuous.


6. The hanging house

Try a variant of the triple-decker. Give it a house-like shape by hanging it with a thick rope. Unique and elegant.


7. The ladder

Look at the space utilisation and design. This one is easy to make and stores more than you can imagine.


8. The towel stack

This shelf holds multiple towels and saves you the horror of seeing them hang against the wall.

9. The rings

You could use any repurposed material of your choice for this pretty ‘rounded’ shelf.

10. The broad ladder

This is a variant of the ladder shelf. This is broader and houses a lot more.


11. Rustic toilet paper shelf

This looks rustic but elegant when peppered with a bit of natural essence like herbs in a jar.


12. The white triple

Use regular wood and paint it white to give it a rich look. You could also use fibre blocks for this. Throw in some natural decor and you are sorted.

13. The circular shelf

Cut-open an iron drum or a bucket and use it as the circumference to the regular shelf. This completely changes the look.

14. The multipurpose floater

Subtle variations cause so much of a difference. Just add channels to the simple double-decker shelf and throw in a few hooks that can double up as a towel stand.


15. The mini cupboard

Create a multi-level box-shaped shelf with a glass door and your brand new shelf is ready.

16. Another multipurpose rack

This floating shelf is utility personified and looks extremely rustic. Create a triple-decker and plaster it with vertical columns of rustic wood.


17. The boxes

Create a frame and divide it into multiple boxes. This shelf can store plenty and looks stylish.

18. Bathroom essentials shelf

This one houses all your bathroom essentials. Fret no more with this classy piece of wooden art. This one is easy to create and mount as well.

19. The pattern shelf

This is a variant of the double-decker but has a pattern to it. Also note, you don’t need to drill the shelf to the wall. Gently place the planks on the channels.


20. Another pattern shelf

This shelf is ‘L’ shaped with a couple of layers to give it a pattern. Easy to execute and looks good in your bathroom.


21. Towel hanging bar


22. DIY Bathroom Corner Shelves


23. Rustic bathroom shelves


24. Boy’s bathroom


25. Storage with baskets


26. Rustic bathroom shelf using Horseshoes


27. Farmhouse bathroom shelf


28. DIY Bathroom Shelf with Free Plans


29. Modern floating mirror shelf


30. Reclaimed wood bathroom shelves


31. Window cabinet


32. Rustic shelf


Floating bathroom shelves are easy to make and are generally fun to indulge in. Some of the best bathrooms are a result of simplified transformation ideas. We bet you are going to like transforming your personal space with these DIY ideas that we just discussed.


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