35+ Best Bathroom Tray Decor Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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Trays are commonly thought of as serving utensils. However, they may be employed as ornamental components in any part of the house, along with the bathroom. Placing goods on a tray tends to make your countertop seem cleaner, more organized, and adds to the aesthetic of your bathroom.

By using a bathroom tray, you may make bathing or shower more convenient. Place all of the goods you’ll need for a shower in the tray adjacent to the tub. We offer 35 bathroom tray styles that will encourage you to do more self-care.

35 Bathroom Tray Ideas

1. Teak with a Modern Look

1 bathroom tray ideas

Teak is one of the most popular hardwoods for furniture and home design. It’s water-resistant and long-lasting, not to mention the golden brown tints with various grains. This one is perfect for turning any bathroom into something like a spa-like sanctuary.

This modern take on a bathroom tray would look great on a counter or in a vanity. It’s made of hardwood and is immaculately polished. If you prefer a minimalist look in your bathroom, this slim tray is ideal.

2. Mirrored and Glittery Tray

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Rather than being carelessly scattered out on a counter, trays keep all of your perfumes together. With its painted brick and old vanity, this basic circular reflective tray from Glitter Guide complements the retro-style bathroom.

It takes some effort to keep a mirrored tray pristine, but it’s well worth it if you see the dazzle it creates by reflecting all the light in the room.

It may appear to be a little too opulent for your tastes, but imagining it on your counter is enough to make you want it.

3. Geometry is a lot of fun

3 bathroom tray ideas

This bathroom vanity tray appears to be the perfect fit for your high-quality bathroom sink. The showpiece item comes with a dazzling mirror and is completed with eye-catching gold embellishments for that luxurious feel you’ve been craving.

This luxurious geometrical bathroom tray will be the perfect addition to a bathroom with marble countertops. Talk about going all out!

4. A bamboo tray with a drink and a book

4 bathroom tray ideas

This stylish bamboo bath tray features a hardwood frame and adjustable steel legs, making it simple to position in a tub. It can also hold a printed book securely. People looking for a versatile, extensible bamboo bath dish which can carry a paperback book would love this.

A holder for stemmed-glass, a hollow for a coffee cup, a cell phone slot, perforations in the rear to hang things like a loofah or a razor, and a pedestal for a tablet or book are all included in this tray.

5. Concrete That Is Currently In Style

5 bathroom tray ideas

Interior design fads emerge and just go, however some stick around and help you make your house seem attractive while also reducing clutter.

This concrete tray is perfect for your bathroom, for example, has a spherical form and may be used to showcase shampoos, colognes, and other items.

A concrete tray will not only keep your countertop clutter-free, but it will also endure a long time due to its robust components. It also helps that this tray complements a white marble vanity well.

6. Tray that is both luxurious and retro-inspired

6 bathroom tray ideas

Who inspires you in terms of fashion? Display an image on a large tray, like the one done here by Torie Jayne, to keep them in memory. This colorful and harmonious vignette has a cheeky headshot of icon Marilyn Monroe flanked by beautiful peonies and antique jars for fragrance and bath salts.

You’ll adore this tray since it looks so good on any tabletop or vanity. Its rustic and retro ambiance will have you and your guests swooning in no time.

7. Bathroom Tray in the Traditional Style

7 bathroom tray ideas

The bathroom is designed to have an antique feel to it. It has a lot of vintage objects in the bathroom, like the bathroom tray. In antique houses, we frequently notice the bathroom attempt. The bathroom dish has a traditional border.

In silvery mode, it’s rather lovely. It also includes ornamental elements that add to the bathroom’s antique vibe.

Lotions, tissues, and other goods can be displayed on the restroom tray. Since the bathroom does not display any bathing tubs in the photo, we suppose the bathroom dish uses up the decorations.

8. A slim, durable plastic tray

8 bathroom tray ideas

This tray is made of a lightweight yet strong material and has two little compartments that can be added to each side of the tray.

The compartments are perfect for little goods like a razor or toothbrush, making them ideal for families that use a bathroom tray for both everyday storage and a relaxing bubble bath. It’s available in either black or white plastic.

Because this tray lacks a book stand, it cannot be used to support a book; nonetheless, it does serve as a secure place to place a book.

9. Rustic Appeal

9 bathroom tray ideas

This vintage vanity tray will bring a sense of pleasure and comfort to your bathroom while keeping your bathroom essentials in order. If its antique appearance fails to meet your standards, the 9-inch glass connected to it will persuade you otherwise.

The simplicity and elegance of this bathroom tray is captured in its rustic style. You’ll probably see these things at vintage stores or magazines from the 80’s. And if you’re someone who likes vintage decor, then go for it!

10. Lacquer Tray (Modern)

10 bathroom tray ideas

A basic white lacquer tray is a good choice if you want something a bit more contemporary. The tray’s low edge appearance won’t take up quite so much visible space in this restroom by Rosa Beltran Design. Placed on a complementing soapstone countertop, the tray, on the other hand, shines on its own. 

A geometric soap tray is also included in the tray to keep jewelry safe from dampness. Its opulent exterior will go well with any dark bathroom countertop or vanity. This is ideal for storing your valuables and high-end perfumes.

11. Bathroom Tray in Gold

11 bathroom tray ideas

Of course, it’s not a golden bathroom dish in the traditional sense. The golden material is used to make the bathroom tray traditional. The item is ideal for bathrooms with a mix of modern and historic aesthetics.

The bathroom tray appears to be quite small and spherical. It is placed on top of a traditional table. The bathroom tray, designers suppose, is where the accessories are displayed.

Of course, you may swap out the supplies with body care items that will keep you looking good. We applaud the bathroom’s meticulous attention to detail.

12. A straightforward, non-adjustable tray

12 bathroom tray ideas

This is the cheapest tray in the collection, and we were delightfully pleased by how much we like using it. The ultralight, perforated bamboo shape is both practical and attractive.

This tray is also somewhat taller than our other options, which makes it more convenient to use when reading a book. A phone, book, or tablet can be placed in the tray, although the slotted bottom of this version may not secure your items as effectively as the previous examples did.

13. Bamboo is a renewable resource.

13 bathroom tray ideas

If you’re concerned about the environment, this bamboo tray is an excellent choice. It can contain everything from hair products to your beloved towel and fragrance bottle, keeping your tabletop clean and tidy.

This lovely bathroom tray will not only keep your lotions and bath supplies organized, but it will also help you lessen your carbon footprint.

14. Leather Tray with a Touch of Class

14 bathroom tray ideas

In this restroom by Asha Winn Design, an exquisite office paper dish created from leather takes up residence. Fresh flowers, a candle, a mirror, and bath towels are the only items on the tray. This gorgeous tray is swoon-worthy in every way.

The white contrasts beautifully with the faux leather and highlights the silver flashes of the studs around the tray’s outer borders. To prevent cracking and deterioration, maintain a leather dish that will be used in a wet and humid bathroom.

15. Light Tray for the Bathroom

15 bathroom tray ideas

The design is light and simple. Today, this is among the most popular bathroom trays. A special cover on the restroom tray prevents glasses or other things from tumbling down. The bathroom tray is in keeping with the overall motif of the bathroom.

With the seat and the fluffy rug for lounging, the bathroom appears to be peaceful. It’s no surprise that the glass and water bottle are displayed on the restroom tray instead. As a result, you may use the bathroom tray to assist you relax in the bathroom. 

16. A metal tray that can be adjusted

16 bathroom tray ideas

This steel tray is available in five metallic variations to complement any bathroom. Despite the good drainage provided by the distance between the metal rungs, it’s still simple to place bath things on this tray, as opposed to the inferior metallic variants we tried, where objects would fall backwards and topple over.

The dish is also simple to adjust and secure. Small knobs on either side may be turned to release and extend the arms, then retightened to hold them in place. Because you don’t have to reposition the dish each time you switch it, this design is an advantage over cheaper ones with non-locking legs.

17. Matte White Mood

17 bathroom tray ideas

This bathroom tray isn’t particularly large, but its shiny matt white surface, which goes with a number of home interior designs, manages to capture your attention. While you’re in the shower, you may utilize it to store your soap or other accessories.

Another sleek, clean, and subtle minimalistic style for those who prefer it. This tray looks well with darker exteriors, such as a tan wooden tabletop. You will undoubtedly fall in love with its understated appearance!

18. Inventive Bathroom Tray

18 bathroom tray ideas

What a brilliant bathroom tray. The example is outfitted with light-colored materials that complement the bathroom tub. As a result, the tray may be placed at the top of the bathtub. The bathroom tray may be moved whenever you want.

The restroom is designed in such a way that it may be used to display a book. The oil and the orange sponge are also placed on the bathroom tray.

The entire concept encourages you to unwind while having a bath. By reading your favorite novel while showering, you may turn it into a qualified me-time session.

19. Mirror Tray with Beveled Edges

19 bathroom tray ideas

A mirrored crystal tray gives a bathroom an extra degree of opulence. Susan Glick Interiors’ dish in a bathroom is traditional, subtle, and complements that beveled edge vanity mirror. It’s decorated with a bunch of fresh white flowers, a tiny painting, and several perfume bottles.

This luxurious tray will add a touch of majesty to your bathroom. Its simple and beautiful appearance creates a magnificent impression that will leave you awestruck.

20. Leather in a Dramatic Black

20 bathroom tray ideas

You won’t have to worry about the jumbled mayhem on the countertop every morning with this leather tray in black for your bathroom. It can instantly add character to any area, and I’m sure your visitors will want to know where they can buy one for themselves!

Our beautiful black leather tray, which is straight out of everyone’s fantasy to create a cool and relaxed décor for their homes, is another leather tray that made it to this list.

21. Filigree Tray in Antique Style

21 bathroom tray ideas

Erika Brechtel’s lovely rectangular silver tray demonstrates how you may add a touch of the unusual to your restroom without changing anything else.

The exquisite silver filigree tray, miniature ornamental flasks, and the tiny ink painting behind the tray all work together to create an enticing antique-like tableau.

There are a lot of vintage-inspired trays on our list, but with its fantastic exterior and superb polish, this tray really hit all the right notes.

22. Terrazzo is a classic option.

22 bathroom tray ideas

The new marble is terrazzo. This elegant design, for example, takes on a spherical shape, giving some contours to your modern bathroom.

It’s stocked with a cotton pad organizer, a soap dispenser, and a scented candle. The beauty of this terrazzo restroom tray is impossible to ignore.

Consider how lovely this terrazzo tray would look on your vanity’s countertop. Isn’t it a beautiful sight?

23. Bathroom Tray Made of Natural Materials

23 bathroom tray ideas

This one appears to be appropriate for a bathroom with a nautical theme. This bathroom dish is composed of seagrass, which is then remade into a rich tray. The bathroom tray appears to be rather spacious, indicating that it includes a significant number of body care lotions and oils.

The majority of them are placed inside a reused box, which is then located at the top of the restroom tray. The bathroom dish, we feel, aids in the organization of creams and oils. In the tray, you may put some cosmetics. Putting them all on display makes it easier to get dressed.

24. Attractive Bathroom Tray

24 bathroom tray ideas

Another bathroom tray is made of wood. This time, the bathroom tray appears to have been altered in terms of design. The bathroom dish style is both attractive and natural.

The body treatment products, cosmetics, and a mirror are displayed on the bathroom dish. The contents of the bathroom tray are better suited to being placed on the counter. The bathing area’s storage is insufficient to accommodate the bathroom tray.

25. Wooden Tray in Gray

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Becki Owens has loaded this simple yet lovely tray with everyday goods like cosmetics brushes, hand towels, matches, scents, and lotions. The filigreed texture on the toothbrush jar as well as tissue box provides visual appeal and matches the pattern on the wallpaper in an otherwise basic bathroom.

The tallest objects are towards the rear, making it easy to reach everything you need. If you’re using a wood tray in the bathroom, make sure it’s securely sealed to keep humidity and moisture out.

26. Acrylic Dreams

26 bathroom tray ideas

Clear acrylic is one of my favorite materials since it shines brightly without overshadowing the stuff around it. This multi-sectional restroom tray complements the space’s aesthetic cues while also allowing you to display your high-end beauty goods.

Another advantage of this bathroom dish is its accessibility. It’s available on almost every online retailer, including Amazon and Etsy. Because there are so many alternatives, all you have to think about is whatever style you want!

27. Hexagons in the Present

27 bathroom tray ideas

The use of round and rectangular shapes is excessive. This tray has a hexagon design and is finished in a sleek cement finish to complement any modern decor. If you think it’s a little too simple, use things with lovely packaging to dress it up.

28. Stack the deck

28 bathroom tray ideas

Installing a cupboard in your bathroom can readily alleviate storage issues, or are there any alternative realistic, low-cost options? Utilizing this organizer with two-tier, which incorporates two vanity trays plus extra handles for mobility, the answer is yes.

29. Silver Tray that’s Shallow

29 bathroom tray ideas

This Home 2 Me shallow silver tray exudes subtle elegance. Vintage glass bottles, gorgeous fresh flowers, and apothecary bottles combine to create a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. This is the ideal solution for a bathroom with a more classic design.

30. Pewter Tray in Oval

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A storage tray can be placed on the top of the toilet tank. On the tank, a modest oval pewter tray holds a candle, scents, and lotions. A smaller tray, such as the one seen here from The Order Obsessed, performs well on top of a tank because it will not get in the way.

31. Resin is a stunning material.

30 bathroom tray ideas

Here’s a way to add some crashing waves to an otherwise tranquil bathroom. To resemble the soothing ocean, this bathroom tray uses resin, a product that most DIYers are familiar with. Its presence will undoubtedly convert your vanity features into a central focus.

32. Majestic Pleasure

32 bathroom tray ideas

Painting the walls of the bathroom with purple paint isn’t enough to produce a regal appearance. For a more sophisticated aesthetic, you’ll need some vintage decors, and what greater than this filigree dish? In the greatest conceivable way, it’s simple and lovely.

33. Mosaic with Cracks

34 bathroom tray ideas

You can never say no to some mosaic sparkle and glam. It’s given a booming treatment for a distinctive aesthetic that goes well with the reflective bottom and adds to the luxurious atmosphere that no one can ignore.

Mosaic is one of the most beautiful types of art, and adding it into your design is usually a good idea.

34. Quirky Design

37 bathroom tray ideas

Give an ear: an ear-shaped cosmetic tray is about to shock your bathroom’s décor plan, and there’s a good chance you’re not prepared. It is completed with a glossy coating to maintain the appearance, making it a charming accent to your bathroom.

35. Chanel Lacquer Tray

35 bathroom tray ideas

Color is added to this sleek, monochromatic bathroom from Dresner Design with a touch of pink flowers tucked in a dark lacquered Chanel dish. The owner’s appreciation of classic fashion labels is reflected in this tray, which lends bold individuality to a minimalist contemporary style.


What is a bathroom tray for?

Trays are commonly thought of as serving utensils. However, they may be employed as ornamental components in any part of the home, such as the bathroom. Placing goods on a tray tends to make your countertop seem cleaner, more organized, and adds to the aesthetic of your bathroom.

What is a vanity tray?

A vanity tray is the ideal blend of old-fashioned charm and contemporary usefulness. It literally contains your “stuff,” but it appears far more deliberate than a sprinkling of ordinary jewelry and lip balm covering every surface.

What is the importance of a toilet vanity tray?

Bathroom trays aren’t absolutely necessary for a working bathroom, however they’re really useful. Trays help you keep your décor and products organized. This is a really helpful feature of the tray, therefore it’s something you should absolutely think about.

What do you put on a vanity tray?

Vanity trays are great for keeping little objects like fragrance bottles, makeup, hairbrushes, and razors organized and out of the way. When you need them, you may quickly contact them.


Did you realize your bathroom required these bathroom dish ideas? They are little, yet they are more powerful than you believe. You can be sure that your bathroom will seem more appealing with the proper size and style.

It’s now your opportunity to offer some of your own ideas, whether they’re basic, modern, or rustic. Leave a comment with it, as well as your favorite from the list!