25+ Best Bathroom Cabinet Paint Colors (Ideas and Designs)

Last Updated on January 8, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to dramatically change an old or dull bathroom is to color the cabinets with paint. It’s a job you can easily complete on your own over the course of a weekend, and it makes a huge impact even if you don’t modify anything at all in the space.

Finding the right paint scheme for the bathroom cabinets, on the other hand, might be difficult without some assistance. Is a lively, colorful hue more appropriate for your bathroom area, or are you something of a minimalist? Whichever option you choose, we’re here to assist you.

25 Bathroom Cabinet Colors

1. Purple

1 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Our first cabinet suggestion is a purple alternative that will brighten up your bathroom with charm and color. If you want to make your bathroom cabinets stand out, we recommend opting with purple.

We’d also want to note out how beautifully purple and white go together, as seen by the cabinet knobs and fittings.

Purple is a stunning color for a bathroom cabinet which will stand out. Ensure that your décor goes well with this hue to get a satisfying aesthetically and visually balanced look.

2. Dorian Gray

2 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Baltic is a comparable depth to Dorian Gray, although slightly warmer. Although it has a lavender undertone, it does take a step back and can occasionally pick up a slight hint of green (very faint).

Also, keep in mind that while picking the ideal gray paint color for the vanity, you must consider the demands of your countertop and tiles. Determine the undertones you’re dealing with and use that information to help you choose a gray paint color. Every gray has undertones, and you’re gonna have to make sure they complement each other!

3. White

3 bathroom cabinet color ideas

A plain white, like this instance, is yet another easy method to accent the bathroom with fashionable cabinet color.

White cabinets get a simple and stylish air to them, making them ideal for any bathroom design. If you choose white cabinets, we recommend incorporating a splash of color into your decor and countertops.

White is a timeless hue that complements almost every tint. This one’s for you if you want to create a sleek and clean look.

4. Blue

4 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Blue is a classic and adaptable color that, with its relaxing effects, turns the restroom into a veritable refuge. You can always trust on this classic color to put you at ease. It’s no surprise, however, that blue routinely comes first in polls of people’s favorite colors.

Blue has a lot of appeal right now because of its trendsetting position, despite its timeless character. Deep colors like navy are now trending in the design world.

Pantone, for example, created a name for itself by naming Classic Blue the shade of the year. Benjamin Moore chose Hale Navy, an attractive hue with tones of modern gray infused throughout its rich blue richness.

5. Green

5 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Green is becoming a more popular choice for cutting-edge cabinets after years of use as a bathroom accent and as part of floor tiling. Earthier tones enhance the outdoorsy atmosphere that many consumers prefer, while vibrant tints add a splash of color to neutral-dominated bathrooms.

In particular, earthy greens are great for recreating the Zen-like ambience of a spa in the comfort of one’s own home. Many hues of green are practically neutral, offering them a safe option for those who are hesitant to try a brighter, bolder color. 

Still, there’s a lot to be said for bright greens, which can instantly add a splash of color to any bathroom without being overpowering. Go all out with entirely green cabinetry, or go for a two-tone look for a more attractive effect.

6. Brown

6 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Brown, like earthy green, can rapidly create a calming atmosphere in spa-like bathrooms. Brown, on the other hand, must be used strategically if it is not to appear antiquated.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of new twists on this timeless hue. Dark browns give off an opulent vibe that works well in premium bathrooms.

Gold accents, which give a dramatic and downright luxury alternative for stepping up bathroom decor, can help to maximize this impression.

Brown may work beautifully as the major color in a bathroom, but it’s also a fantastic choice for emphasizing accent colors. While gray and white have frequently dominated this hue in recent years, it is now again gaining the respect it deserves as a fantastic partnering option.

7. Black

7 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Black is a bold choice for anybody trying to make a statement. Black cabinets can provide refinement, modern allure, or an edgy vibe based on how they’re incorporated into a space.

Consider black as the best basis if you love playing with accessories. This hue makes it possible to draw attention to design components that could otherwise get lost along the way.

There are several ways to incorporate black into your bathroom. While many people concentrate on the countertops and floors, this hue also works well in cabinets.

Black Shaker cupboards, for instance, take the farmhouse motif to a higher level. Black cabinets from Vogue give the simple and clean design required for a contemporary transitional style.

8. Beige

8 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Thankfully, we have a perfectly modest beige bathroom cabinet concept. We prefer beige since it’s simple to customize with and works with a wide range of wall colors. If you’re bored with your white cupboards and would like to try something new, beige is a great option. This color is another classic that goes well with other colors. 

9. Teal-green

9 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Teal comes in a variety of colors, some more blue and also more green, and may be found at any paint store.

With the white and black geometric wallpaper, this teal-green vanity at the bathroom looks right at home. The orange on the shelf cabinet contrasts beautifully with the teal cabinet.

10. Mint green.

10 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Mint green is indeed a lovely color for a bathroom cabinet if you want a gentler vibe. Take a look at this mint green restroom cabinet, which is complemented with a gleaming marble countertop and silver mirror.

This bathroom cabinet makeover is a terrific illustration of how you can take a cabinet from a large box retailer and give it a creative paint treatment to make it your own. To give it an antique, aged aspect, this cabinet was coated with green milk color and then sealed with antiquing wax.

11. Light green

11 bathroom cabinet color ideas

If you’re having trouble choosing a color scheme for your bathroom cabinet, consider matching a hue on a gorgeous shower curtain you wish to use in your bathroom. The shower curtain is wonderfully complemented by this light green bathroom cabinet.

Light green is stunningly compatible with darker colors. Opting for this paint will create a bold statement that will surely make your bathroom cabinet unforgettable.

12. Black Matte

12 bathroom cabinet color ideas

The color black is also a popular choice for bathroom makeovers. Matte black sinks, bathtubs, faucets, and toilets—as well as bathroom vanities—are available.

The combination of striking matte black cabinets with a lighter hue for your tile and wall work instantly improves the ambiance in your bathroom, changing it into a trendy and opulent space.

Choose a luxury sink featuring a gold faucet plus extravagant stone countertops to add to the posh charm of your newly refurbished bathroom.

13. Sky Blue 

13 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Blue is a timeless bathroom color that functions nearly as a neutral. It strikes the ideal blend of tranquility, beauty, and understatement.

It may be used to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your restroom without drawing attention away from signature light fittings, a stand-alone bathtub, or other noteworthy features.

Sky blue, a pastel blue that may be incorporated into a variety of design schemes, is among the blue shades that will be popular in 2021. This color is soft and will make you feel relaxed just by looking at it.

14. Blush

14 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Pink colors have their time and place in interior decoration, and your bathroom vanity is one of them. Cabinetry in a blush hue is gentle enough to brighten up your restroom without overwhelming the senses.

It has the appearance of a sunset sky, creating a lusciously serene ambiance that invites you to unwind and recuperate in your bathroom. A pink vanity may blend nicely with a cream – colored bathroom or stand out in a dark setting.

15. Light Gray

15 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Grays in pale tones are modern and understated. If you really want your bathroom to have a modern feel, a pale gray restroom cabinet can do the trick. Color your walls cream or a tint of off-white for a relaxed look, then add light gray bathroom cupboards for a subtle contrast. 

This may give a bathroom a really laid-back and comfortable aesthetic, that can assist you decompress after a long day. Match light gray bathroom cupboards with dark gray panels in rich and saturated tones such as granite or charcoal gray for a moodier vibe in your bathroom.

16. Mirrored

16 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Mirrored bathroom cabinets were previously highly fashionable, but some people now think they seem outmoded or antiquated. Mirrored bathroom cupboards, on the other hand, may be quite utilitarian and practical. 

If you have a cabinet at the bathroom just above your vanity where you keep your amenities and toothpaste, a mirrored door implies your cabinet may also serve as a reflected platform for you to get prepared.

Mirrors reflect light and may make a room appear much larger than it is. Mirrors give a space more depth, which is especially handy in small bathrooms.

17. Wooden

17 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Wooden panels or front doors on bathroom cabinets may bring a lot of warmth and charm to a room. If your bathroom feels chilly or uninviting, adding hardwood textures can greatly improve the situation. Woods with warm undertones, like oak and walnut, quickly provide a sense of coziness to a bathroom.

However, adding hardwood cupboards in cooler shades to your area will provide texture and warmth due to the influence of the wood grain.

Depending on your style, wooden bathroom cabinets might seem classic or futuristic. In a space with wood-fronted cabinets, avoid attempting to match varieties of timber in your bathroom but choose a vinyl or tile floor more than a hardwood flooring option.

18. Lavender

18 bathroom cabinet color ideas

A purple bathroom cabinet might be a terrific choice if you really want to create a genuinely distinctive bathroom. This bathroom is quite amazing, and the purple vanity looks especially lovely when coupled with gold.

Nobody can ever accuse you of being dull if you have a restroom like this, complete with an orange cabinet! The orange color on the dresser matches the orange blossom patterns in the wallpaper well, tying the area together.

19. Pink coral

19 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Another stunning example of a coral bathroom cabinet in a gloomy space! With black walls, a coral pink tint looks fantastic. For a girls’ bathroom, this is a fun, glam combination. This will make a one-of-a-kind impression that you will undoubtedly like.

Pink may be a feminine hue, but it’s something to consider if you want to stand out from the crowd. It’s bright and eye-catching, and it’s sure to wow you and your guests.

20. Red

20 bathroom cabinet color ideas

What color is more daring than coral? Of course, it’s red. This stunning red bathroom cabinet with crystal knobs looks fantastic in an all-white restroom, especially when paired with the stunning red and white roof wallpaper.

The combination of red’s ferocity with other black interior décor will look great.

Red is the way to choose if you want to surprise your visitors with a bold statement that displays how unique you are. Choose hues that go well with red, such as black or white.

21. Orange

21 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Orange is another bold color to go for if you want to get funky and unique. Orange is a hue that elicits strong emotions and is a shade that individuals either love or despise.

Orange is the hue of our chakra system, which increases our sensuality and passions, and it emits warmth and vitality, according to color experts. 

The color orange promotes our capacity to socialize as well as our ability to be active.

22. Dark Gray

22 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Dark gray is another fantastic choice for your bathroom cabinet color for its tranquil quality and its ability to match your decor flawlessly. It’s serene and detached, but too much gray–especially a dark gray– could be gloomy. 

Dark gray is the ideal neutral because it can balance out stronger colors and tie a color palette together. Gray is the ideal neutral because it can balance out stronger colors and tie a color palette together.

23. Turquoise

23 bathroom cabinet color ideas

One of the colors that can create any element of your home or space a focal point is turquoise. If you want to achieve a cabinet with stunning color, pick this.

Turquoise is recognized for its healing properties. It has the capacity to bring emotional stability and balance. It exudes the serenity of blue, the harmony of green, and the optimistic energy of yellow. 

Turquoise is believed to refresh and ease emotions of tension and loneliness when used in a setting.

24. Yellow

24 bathroom cabinet color ideas

It is recommended that you surround yourself with things that make you happy– and that includes your home decor. Incorporating a happy color like yellow to your bathroom cabinet will surely leave you feeling euphoric and in a good mood after a shower.

Yellow’s vibrant hue inspires happiness and hope in those who see it. Yellow, more than any other main hue, is thought to induce cheerfulness. Yellow is said to have an effect on the left hemisphere, which helps to encourage analytical ability thinking.

25. Emerald green

25 bathroom cabinet color ideas

Want to feel like royalty? Emerald green is always the key to do this. Its luxurious tone combined with the feelings associated with it is just perfect. Emerald is a color of green that represents harmony and balance. 

Green is the color of prosperity, freshness, and rejuvenation, and it has strong links with ecosystems and biodiversity. Green is supposed to assist balance emotions and produce a sense of serenity and clarity in color psychology.


What type of paint is best for bathroom cabinets?

Paint that is semi-gloss is the finest choice for coloring bathrooms, according to almost all home experts and renovators. This covers the protection of walls, cupboards, and accessories against humidity, moisture, discoloration, and chipping.

Should bathroom cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

Brighter accent colors can help to provide a splash of color into the area without dominating over the space because bathroom cabinets are often not at eye level. Keep it simple by painting your cupboards a color or so deeper than your walls.

Do you have to prime bathroom cabinets before painting?

For bathroom cabinets, oil-based or shellac primers are recommended. Using the same procedure, prime all panels and cabinet fronts. Allow time for it to dry before applying a second layer if necessary. Using a light sandpaper, gently sand the surface and wipe it clean.


Even if you’re convinced that hot pink or purple aren’t for you, settling on a much more modern color palette might be difficult whether you want to keep your current style or try something new.

What color is the vanity in your bathroom? What shade would you select if you had the option? Or would you rather have the vibrant color on your bathroom floors rather than your vanity? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!