21 Original Ideas To Decorate White Wall In Your Room That Bores You So Much

Last Updated on July 10, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

For all the girls who like to live in a pleasant environment and want to personalize their homes without having to spend too much, we have chosen some interesting and attractive ideas to decorate the walls of their home by themselves.

There is something for everyone and for every room in your house. Remember that the important thing is in the details, so according to your own style and the colors of your liking, exploit your creativity and have fun creating these incredible but simple ornaments.

best bedroom wall decor ideas

1. For girls who love spring

1 bedroom wall decor ideas

2. Or maybe you like autumn more


leaves painted with metallic paint

3. Bring the magic to your home with a gradient of butterflies

3 bedroom wall decor ideas

4. Rocks painted in different shades with mandalas

decorate yourself

5. How about making your initials with a little color?

letters with stamen

6. Practical and beautiful shelves in the form of gift bags

decoration with bags and flowers

7. A cute ornament made with branches

decorate yourself

8. Light up your room

8 bedroom wall decor ideas

9. A mobile made with rope, glue and your favorite colors

rope ball decoration

10. Your best moments

10 bedroom wall decor ideas

11. Find a phrase that will inspire you

11 bedroom wall decor ideas

12. Nature can be your best collaborator

decoration with stencils of real leaves

13. Do 3D magic

13 bedroom wall decor ideas

14. Remove the boring with pantone images

14 bedroom wall decor ideas

15. A simple but colorful triptych

15 bedroom wall decor ideas

16. An easy heart of pixels

16 bedroom wall decor ideas

17. Magic and fantasy for those who like unicorns

decoration with huge eyelashes

18. There is a universe of possibilities

18 bedroom wall decor ideas

19. A little paint, ribbon and creativity will give you incredible shapes

paint a diamond in a frame

20. You decide how to fill your home with harmony and beauty

20 bedroom wall decor ideas

21. Choose what you like most and make it possible

huge flowers made of cloth