Top 5 Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Though having a lot of obvious advantages, a classic vacuum can hardly be called a compact device. Besides, for proper work, it inevitably needs human participation, time, and effort. That’s why vacuuming often turns into an annoying duty, which becomes increasingly tedious day by day.

However, the modern approach to household equipment allows us to get rid of manual cleaning. The market offers a wide variety of robotic vacuum cleaners for any taste and budget. They are compact, quiet, powerful, easily navigate, and cover all floors. But the best feature is their complete autonomy.

Anyway, lists of best-sellers and numerous reviews helped us highlight the top five best robotic vacuums with attractive prices. Let’s have a closer look!

best robot vacuum cleaners

1. Bissell EV675

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Bissell EV675 is a bright representative of the Bissell model rank. The usual vacuums of the company gained an excellent reputation. Consequently, we can count on the high quality of its robots.

The vacuum has a compact round body (3.5 inches high) to go under low furniture.

The functional side of the model offers nice suction, which is OK for all types of hard floors. Besides, apart from two side brushes and the central sweeping roller, the cleaner uses Carpet Boost technology to vacuum carpets.

Dirt comes into a 400 ml dust bin, and air goes through the filter.

The navigation of the robot is based on drop and obstacle sensors. It`s not quite thorough but helps avoid dangerous locations.

The user has two ways of controlling – through the buttons on the body or through remote control. Bissell EV675 comes with scheduling function so that you can set the most appropriate days and time of cleaning.

The vac runs for up to 100 minutes and recharges on the dock station.

Bissell EV675 cannot be called the most powerful or the smartest model, but it features all functions necessary for nice cleaning. And the price of $200 completely pays off.

2. Roomba 675

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Roomba 675 can boast of more sophisticated technologies, though it still costs slightly over $250.

The model has a 3.5 in body with a side brush and dual multi-surface brushes. The vacuum copes with laminate, low carpets, hair, and large debris as its cleaning head automatically adjusts its height to the surface.

The robot produces 600 Pa suction. Frankly speaking, it`s not the greatest power, but the Dirt Detect sensors, which find most polluted areas, complement the system of brushes.

There is also a 300 ml dust bin and the AeroVac filtration, which trap small particles.

Run time for 90 minutes makes the robot quite durable.

Roomba 675 navigates with the help of iAdapt 1.0 sensor technology. It can determine obstacles and plan a cleaning route.

Like its more expensive and young brothers, the iRobot 675 is compatible with Google and Alexa voice assistants. It can also be run through the iRobot smartphone app, where you set the schedule, track the location, etc.

 For $270, you get a wonderful robot cleaner with navigation and a useful control system. The model is suitable for small apartments with mainly hard floors and low-piled carpets. Please mind that hair cleaning and thick carpets cause some difficulties for Roomba 675, it perfectly copes with other vacuuming tasks.

3. Deebot 500

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Deebot 500 is one of the best robot cleaners in the correlation between price and quality. The item costs $250 and offers the following functions.

Deebot 500 is designed for primarily hard floors like tile, linoleum, laminate, but it also deals with rugs and low-piled carpets quite well. It has three cleaning modes and Max suction, which doubles the power for extra challenging dirt.

Once again, we see two side brushes and combined central roller with bristles for hair and rubber blades for small and large debris. Thanks to the brush system and Max suction, the vacuum is suitable for pet hair cleaning.

The model uses sophisticated high-efficiency filtration. It captures even the finest particles. Debris comes into a 520 ml dust bin.

Unfortunately, the Deebot cannot boast of smart navigation with cameras or lasers, but it offers a system of sensors, which keep it from hits, falls, and other obstacles.

The vac has an excellent battery for 110 minutes of run time. Plus, it`s equipped with the Recharge and Resume technology to perform self-charging and continue the vacuuming from the place it stopped.

The smartphone app and voice control through Alexa and Google are included for the most convenient scheduling and management.

4. Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX

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Perhaps, Robovac 15C MAX is the best budget vacuum for carpets. For $250, you get extreme suction power up to 2000 Pa. Such suction is equal to the power of flagship robot vacuums and allows the 15C MAX to clean even thick carpets. The model also uses BoostIQ technology, which means it automatically increases suction on the carpet floor.

Despite tremendous power, the cleaner works quieter, producing only 55 dB. 

The height of the cleaner was also decreased to 2.85 inches for better under furniture vacuuming.

A 600 ml dust bin and HEPA filter contributes to cleaning, as they contain more debris and keep particles up to 0.3 microns.

A Lithium-Ion battery provides 100 minutes of operation. After discharging, Eufy c15 MAX will remember where it stopped, charge itself, and return to work.

The robot is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant, as well as the EufyHome app. Navigation is based on multiple sensors.

5. iLife V8s

This is the only model of our review, which can perform mopping. iLife V8s combines two devices in one body – the vacuum with 1000 Pa suction and a robot mop with a 350 ml water tank for wet cleaning.

The V8s is designed for hard floors. Carpets and hair are too complicated pollutions for the model since it has only two side brushes and a suction port.

However, the cleaner also features a capacious 750 ml dust bin, thorough filtration, and up to 2 hours of run time.

Unfortunately, the iLife does not have smart navigation and uses only sensors. It also does not support smartphone app and voice control. But we still can set a cleaning schedule and water dropping speed as well as run the device through the remote control.

The LSD display also informs you about the mode and state of the cleaner.

So, iLife V8s costs $219 but provides 2-in-1 performance, so the model is truly worthy.

Even if you don’t have a fortune, you can still purchase a wonderful and useful robot assistant. Besides, the rank of models is wide enough to offer vacuums for all types of floor and pollutions. There are cleaners for hard floors, carpets, pet hair, and even wet cleaning. So, don’t be afraid of high prices. Hi-tech technologies cost less than you think.