9 Best Christmas Video Ideas For Friends and Family

Last Updated on February 16, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Christmas is a golden opportunity for brands to get creative with their content. Many people shop for Christmas and are always looking for innovative products that they can utilize during the festival. You can promote your product using videos and create some entertaining content to help you engage better with your audience.

You can use a video maker to create videos that will help you promote your products and services and then target a market that is looking forward to a lot of Christmas content. Several brands also launch different kinds of campaigns to celebrate the Christmas spirit.

You can also jump the bandwagon and showcase what your company has to offer during the festive season. There are several kinds of videos that you can create for the holiday season. Let’s get to know some of these ideas that you, too, can utilize for your brand.

Video Ideas for Christmas

If you plan to create good content for Christmas, it is essential to have a video maker tool handy. A video maker tool will not only make your job easier but will give you several features that will allow you to be creative with your videos. Some videos that you can create during the Christmas season are

Hack Videos

Christmas is all about different kinds of activities. Someone is either baking a cake or decorating a Christmas tree. Everyone is looking for some hack. You can leverage this opportunity and fill the gap in the market. You can create several ‘how-to’ videos that can address these problems.

You can also create an entire series of these hack videos to help your viewers navigate easily through Christmas. The hack videos can be transformed to different resolutions using a video maker. Once you have these files in different kinds of resolution, you can easily share these videos on various social media channels.

Christmas Song Videos

This is a no-brainer. It goes without saying that if you run a kid’s channel, you should make a video on Christmas tunes. By the way, it doesn’t matter if the video is long.

While the parents are busy decorating their houses, shopping, or preparing delicious delicacies to commemorate the holiday, the videos can keep the youngsters occupied while teaching them some festive songs. However, if your brand is not related to kids, you can still create good reels of someone baking a cake or decorating the tree and add the Christmas songs as background audio to these videos.


Recording the celebrations is a terrific idea if you have a vlogging channel. It not only allows you to preserve the precious moments you have with your loved ones, but it also allows people from all over the world to experience what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in your corner of the world.

There might be chances that some of your followers are away from home and want to know all the nuances of celebrating the festival. Your vlog will act as a guide for those people who are looking for some direction to celebrate the festival in a traditional and authentic style.


make christmas tree video

On YouTube, listicles are pretty compelling. Millions of people subscribe to channels like The Richest, Top 10 Archive, Most Amazing Top 10, and others, and they get millions of views every day! Whether you make listicle videos for your channel regularly or not, doing one now, around the holidays, can be an excellent idea.

The listicle can be about anything Christmas-related, such as ten ways to decorate your Christmas tree, ten songs you must listen to during the festive season, etc. These lists can come in handy for people looking for some advice during the festival.

Makeup Videos

Any special occasion necessitates the use of elaborate cosmetics. Christmas is mainly linked with spending quality time with loved ones, exchanging wonderful gifts, and eating delicious cuisine. And don’t forget to take a lot of photos! Who wouldn’t want to look their best in their holiday photos? Makeup tutorials to help people get ready for the occasion are required for people looking forward to getting dressed for the festival. Also, you can make quick makeup videos using a video maker to get things more exciting.


Parodies are usually entertaining. You can produce parodies of popular Christmas songs or even write a short script mocking some of the dumb things people do around the holidays. You can create a fun video around different regular Christmas activities that people tend to celebrate the festival. Alternatively, you can also pick some Christmas scenes from some popular video and create an engaging parody of that particular scene.


Christmas is all about fun and games. If you are into any gamification, you can launch a special Christmas edition of your gamification platform where you can add the elements of Christmas throughout the software.

You can then make exciting videos while playing and demonstrating the entire game on the video. Your audience will engage with such videos as holidays are all about exploring new games and joining the community to play along with each other. Gameplay videos are a whole new category that allows you to experiment and create good content.

Christmas Dance Videos

Festivals are all about joy and fun. What is fun without a good ad hearty dance? Make a creative and engaging Christmas dance video for all of your followers and help them take a break from the monotony. Here, you can play a little witty and introduce a hook strip.

There are high chances that the hook step will become popular. It might also get viral among different demographics. If your dance videos work well, you can also launch an entire Christmas dance series on YouTube. Viewers have a lot of time in hand during Christmas, and you need to give them a good dose of entertainment.

Christmas Idea Videos

You can make a lovely short and crisp movie or a video on some activity usually performed during Christmas. This could involve the celebration of Christmas eve, where the whole family is gathered and celebrates the festival.

The activity suggestions can also benefit offices that are celebrating Christmas at work. You can also talk about various Christmas rituals performed by people of the community. Some people also show a keen interest in knowing the festival’s history. You can create a video to showcase several historical references to the festival. 

What should I do for Christmas video?

Christmas happens on December 25 of each year. People celebrate the religious and cultural significance of the event as a holiday, along with some family gatherings, buy presents as well as setting up a Christmas tree.

In order to produce a video that fits into this definition you have many options for themes. You can create one or multiple videos that deals with the following themes:

– The origins of Christmas, like Santa Claus or the manger, etc. (religion)

– Christmas traditions (religion)

– Holiday stories (animation or live action; use your imagination to make one!)

– A certain character who likes/dislikes Christmas (from your favourite TV show; everyone has a favourite TV show!)

– The environment during Christmas (people use a lot of electricity and that’s not good for the earth)   

– How your family or friends celebrate Christmas. Here your imagination is key!

What do you say in a Christmas video message?

Basically, you want to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year. You also need to include your name so the people know who is wishing them this holiday greeting.

You don’t have to repeat repeating words like “Christmas” or “holidays” but it doesn’t hurt either. Also, if you are making more than one video you can’t just phrase your message the same way in all of them or it will sound repetitive.


Christmas is that time of the year when everyone is happy and in a relaxed state. Everyone wants to enjoy the fullest during the festival. You can give them some videos that can help them make their celebration easy and more fun.