20 Clever Craft Ideas With Magazines

Craft Ideas With MagazinesMagazines are a great piece of colloquial art and literature. In today’s world, you would find magazines everywhere, focusing on a whole array of topics. These magazines are made with a lot of precision, care and understanding, and of course, with bright and colorful images. But magazines can turn out to be way more useful than one might think. There are a number of ways in which one can utilize a magazine, and craft is just one of them. You can make several items using magazine paper cuts, and here are 20 great magazine ideas for you: 

20 Craft Ideas with Magazines

1. Magazine Brooch:

1Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can create beautiful brooches for yourself using magazines. All you need is some pretty magazine cuts, some glue and a great idea. This is quite easy to make and doesn’t require too much time. Image Source:

2. Magazine Christmas Tree:

2 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can also cut your magazine into a Christmas tree, which can bring a new zing to your upcoming Christmas. You can also add in some fake fairy dust to make it look more appealing, along with green glitter. Image Source: 

3. Magazine Page Dish:

3 Craft Ideas With MagazinesAnother great way to use your magazine is by turning it into a page dish. They are easy to make, quite useful, and cheap as well. Image Source: 


4 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can also transform your old magazines into pretty bookmarks. This can come in particularly handy if you are a bookworm, as you don’t have to spend some extra bucks to get yourself a bookmark from a bookstore. Image Source: 

5. Magazine Tiles:

5 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can also get yourself a new ceramic tile, and turn it into something more beautiful by wrapping it in a magazine cover. There are a number of magazines that offer extremely beautiful images inside them, and you can use them for this DI Ceramic Tile Cover. Image Source:

6. Butterfly String:

6 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can use your old magazines to build a string of paper butterflies, that look really good on your bedroom wall. You can paint them, or you can also use colorful magazine pages. Either or, this will look stunning as a wall decoration. Image Source: 

7. Magazine paper Mirror:

7 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can outline a mirror in your home using your old magazine pages. You can cut the pages, roll them into thin rolls, and surround your mirror using them, creating a wonderful halo effect. Image Source: 

8. Magazine Goody Bags:

8 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can also make goody bags from old magazines. You can just cut the magazine and take some of the colorful pages out, sew them into a small pouch and you have made yourself a pretty magazine goody bag. Image Source:

9. Magazine bobby Pins:

9 Craft Ideas With MagazinesEven though it sounds uncanny, you can actually transform your old magazine pages into bobby pins. You just need to choose the color, cut the page, and roll it into beautiful pins for yourself. Image Source: 

10. Magazine wreath:

10 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can also transform your old magazines into beautiful, flowery wreaths.  You can hang them on your doors or your walls, but either way, they would look absolutely stunning. Image Source: 

11. Clock:

11 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can create an accordion clock with the help of your old magazine pages. They are pretty and gives a new look to an old clock. Image Source: 

12. Coasters:

12 Craft Ideas With MagazinesMagazines can also be turned into fabulous coasters for your table. You just need to select the pages, cut them out, and shape them into coasters. Image Source: 

13. Magazine Gift Bags:

13 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can recycle your old magazines into gift bags for your loved ones. You won’t need too many ingredients for this, and this is pretty easy to make as well. Image Source: 

14. Envelopes:

14 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can also turn your old magazines into pretty envelopes. You just need to know the style and all you need are some magazine pages, scissors, and some glue. They are easy to make and are quite pretty too. Image Source:

15. Bracelets:

15 Craft Ideas With MagazinesJust like bobby pins, one can use magazines to make pretty bracelets. You just need to cut out the colorful pieces and shape them into flowers, to make some pretty bracelets for yourself. Image Source: 

16. Shoe Design:

16 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can also use old magazine pages to design the outer structure as well as the insoles of your shoes. They give a modern look to your heels and can even turn the most boring shoes into something a lot more interesting. Image Source: 17. Soap Comfy:17 Craft Ideas With MagazinesJust like paper bags, you can use old magazine pages and turn them into a soap comfy. You just need to stack them well, and shape them like a carrier and you are good to go. Image Source:

18. Magazine Stack Stool:

18 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can put a cushion on a pile of magazines and create a magazine stack stool for yourself. This is really easy to make and doesn’t even require a lot of time. Image Source: 

19. Weave Basket:

19 Craft Ideas With MagazinesAnother amazing ting that you can build with old magazines is a weave basket. Just like a bag, all you need are some magazine pages, some glue and a pair of scissors. There are a number of videos available on the internet as well, which you can use for guidance. Image Source: 

20. Magazine Wallpaper:

20 Craft Ideas With MagazinesYou can also create amazing DIY wallpapers using your old magazines. Image Source: CONCLUSIONMagazines can be used in a number of ways, so the next time you plan to throw a magazine out, rethink your decision once. Craft Ideas With Magazines

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