20+ Creative Envelope Craft Ideas

Envelopes are used by all kinds of people, for all kinds of purposes. They are basically stationary items, used to send letters. But in the modern world, envelopes can be molded into various ways to give rise to various things. The are readily available, all over the world, and cost quite less too. These simple, light-weighted objects can be transformed into wall art and other kinds of craft, depending on one’s imagination. Here are 20 amazing DIY crafts that you can try with the help of envelopes. These can help you to frame better and glossier envelopes, that are just too cute to send:

20 DIY Envelope Craft Ideas

1. Add some glitter:

1 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEAS 1You can easily add some glitter to your envelopes if you want. This can give a wonderful effect and make your envelope look more enchanting. Information source:

2. Giant Envelope:

2 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can also make a giant envelope where you can insert smaller envelopes. This is a brand-new concept which is not just exciting, but also very cute. Information Source: 

3. Stripes and designs:

3 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can paint stripes to your envelopes. Stripes are a common art design, and they look marvelous on envelopes. You can also add in a little bit of color and glitter, along with some stickers to add into the effect. Information Source:

4. Jar Envelope:

4 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can attach a jar to an envelope as a brand-new technique. This is a new concept, which is far better than general envelope art ideas. You can also fill the jar with beads to add into the effect. Make sure to color-coordinate the whole thing. Information Source: 

5. Watercolor envelope:

5 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can use water color to design the front of your envelope. Make sure to use some uncommon designs, and try some brush spraying to add in to the whole effect. Information Source:

6. Envelope Garland:

6 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can also make a garland out of several envelopes. You will just need a string, and five-six envelopes. Tie them together and hang them on the wall, like an envelope garland. Information Source:

7. Handmade Felt Envelope:

7 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can also make a handmade felt envelope, which you can use to deliver gifts. Information Source:

8. Valentine’s Day envelope:

8 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can fashion a Valentine’s Day envelope from some red paper you have at home. You can add in some glitter, and some stickers to highlight the romantic effect. Don’t forget to leave a love note for your loved one on this envelope. Information Source: 

9. Folded Heart envelopes:

9 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASThese envelopes are special because they have a hint of origami in them. When you open this envelope, this one opens into the shape of a heart. This is a perfect envelope to give romantic gifts. Information Source: 

10. Envelope Goody Bags:

10 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can also make Goody bags out of your envelope. You can do this using a large, sturdy envelope, big enough to fit a real gift inside it. Information Source: 

11. Confetti Dipped Envelopes:


You can also make these special envelopes using some confetti and glue. For this, all you have to do is dip the bottom of the envelope into confetti, and design the rest of it in whichever way you want. 

Information Source:

12. Love letter envelopes:

12 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can make love-letter envelopes using some cut out hearts and some pink glitter. You can also add in some beautiful pink stickers to add in to the romantic effect. Information Source: 

13. Lucky Red Envelopes:

13 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can make some Chinese lucky red envelopes, using some pink paper, some paint and flitter. You just need to make the envelope and write a Chinese letter on top, and fill it with money. Information Source: 

14. Printable Budget Envelopes:

14 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can make these envelopes with some paper, and some scissors. You just need to carve out small notes on the surface of the envelope, and color it in the way you want. Information Source: 

15. Folded Paper Envelopes:

15 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can easily make these envelopes using some paper. You can fold the paper in the shape of an envelope and let go of the hassle of buying one from a store.  Information Source:

16. Felt Gift Card Envelopes:

16 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can make these envelopes using some felt gift card. Make sure to add in some glitter and colors, to make the envelope look bright and shiny. Information Source: 

17. Chinese New Year Envelope:

17 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can make this envelope easily with some glitter, some red Chinese paper, and some paint. Make sure to follow certain DIY instructions to create the perfect Chinese New Year Envelope.Information Source: 

18. Long Distance Love letter:

18 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can make a long-distance love letter envelope using some great postcards and paint. These are easy to make and you can also add in some personal notes in it.Information Source: 

19. Heart Burst Envelope:

19 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can also make a heart burst envelope using some Heart Burst gums, wrapped in an envelope. Information Source: 

20. Envelope Receipt book:

20 ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEASYou can make this envelope using an old receipt book.Information Source:


Envelopes carry a lot of emotions in them, in the form of letters and gifts. Therefore, make sure to make the envelope itself pretty, to go with the beautiful emotions. ENVELOPE CRAFT IDEAS


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