10 Hot And Trendy Black Nail Design Ideas

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Black color can go with everything you own. It can make a statement. We can use this color undoubtedly for every occasion whether it’s birthday, reception, marriage, get-together, or anything else. Thus, black can be the all-time favorite color.

When it comes to black nail ideas, what do we think about? Maybe a black dress, black sandals, and so on. But, black nails are more than that. It can give you a class and keep your style. Black nail ideas are the latest nail trend in 2022. In this article, we have collected 10+ mind-blowing black nail designs that can be your next nail art.

If you want to make a fashion statement with your fingers, a black inspired manicure is a classy option. There are so many styles that you can choose from to give your nail a trendy look. Also, you can use glitters, beads, or different nail colors to pair the base color. You can try these innovations with your black nails to give your fingers an amazing look.

So, let’s take a look at some sexy black nail designs you can pick for your next nail art. Pick your favorite one and be ready to get compliments.

Sometimes, it’s good to have design ideas, and this set of ideas will help you in styling your nails in a trendy way. We hope you can pick the right one for you from the list. Let’s hit the nail art trend!

1. White & black Coffin nails + Rhinestones

1 black nail design ideas

Source: inspireuplife.com

Black coffin nails have been so popular on Instagram for the last few years. So, let’s start with simple coffin black & white nails with Rhinestones. Rhinestones look great on almost every design and color. This style is quite simple yet unique and eye-catching. It can draw people’s attention immediately for its sober look.

As black & white compliments each other, this design and color combinations can go with every dress so smoothly. You can use silver or gold Rhinestones on one or two coffin black nails and leave the rest of the fingers with only nail polish to styling your fingers.

Coffin nails will look great with the short nails so don’t go with the super long nail. This funky set is sexy, cute, and really freaking cool. We highly recommend trying golden Rhinestones on the coffin black nails to get the desired look.

2. Silver and black nails with flower print

2 black nail design ideas

Source: honeybramble.com

Silver and black nail designs can never go out of trend. You can count on this to look elegant and classy. Silver and black nails are highly on-trend nowadays as people are going crazy for this combination. You can simply print silver flowers on the matte finish black color or shining black color to get a rich look.

Perfect nail art design can add confidence to your personality. This style is easy to create and can look cute and hot both at the same time. You can also use beads to add extra power to the nails. With this design, your shiny nails will surely catch the attention of people, and you can always be in style. 

Try these Silver and black nails with flower designs as they are so unique and stylish looking that anyone can notice them immediately.

3. Black nails with diamonds

3 black nail design ideas

Source: shinecoco.com

If you are a lover of glam and glitzy nails, then black nails with diamonds are best for you. Diamonds can really jazz up your nails, and also they are easy to apply.

If you want to create unique crystal nail art then Gems are the best option. Gems are easily available in the market in different sizes, shapes, and colors, you can choose as per your need.

You can decorate black matte finish nails with rhinestones which look great together. You can also use glossy polish and a matte topcoat with gems. We recommend stiletto shaped nails to decorate with diamonds as they will look fabulous with this design. This design is so trendy nowadays, and thus it would be perfect for any occasion or party.

4. Black glitter nails

4 black nail design ideas

Source: lookslikecandy.com

Sparkly black nails are perfectly fit for any occasion whether it is a party, a get together, or a formal/informal lunch, they will never go out of style. You can spice up your fingers with these sparkly black nails as glitter is the best way to make a fashion statement.

Black glitter nails are easy to make yet look so sexy and stylish for any season. There are also many designs available that you can try with sparkle and glitter. 

This extra stylish, hot looking black glitter nail is something that you can wear all year and not just during the festive season. Isn’t it cool? Furthermore, you can recreate these black glitter nails at home without paying a single penny. You can get these sparkly black nails within just a few minutes and your hands will be ready to take attention.

5. Black marble nails

5 black nail design ideas

Source: chicpursuit.com

Who knew the marble design trend would last long? This design is something that started with just Instagram and became a worldwide phenomenon and that is the power of social media. This design is very simple to make and this is the plus point for nail artists. Even people with an interest in nail art can easily create this design by themselves.

To make this design, all you need to have is lacquers, a bowl of water, and a toothpick. You can start with applying a base coat and add the color of your choice. Next, just use a toothpick to give the nail marble effect. We recommend you use coffin black nails to achieve an amazing marble design.

You can also make this design easily on press-on nails. The plus point about this design is that this design doesn’t need to be clear. It looks more beautiful when it is made more randomly. So, just go with it without thinking twice.

6. Sexy black snake print nails

6 black nail design ideas

Source: whowhatwear.com

For making nail art, you can get inspired by anything, even with a single thing. We have created this amazing snake print nail art design that will blow your mind! To create a trendy snake print design, you just need to make sure that you are choosing the right style and color for it so that your fingers can speak high fashion.

Snake prints can never go out of style. You can try matte black nails or silver and black nails to make a snake print as per your liking. To get a highly fashionable look, just paste a snake print nail sticker on one or two fingers, and leave the rest of the fingers as matte or glossy black.

This cute snake print nail art can go with any shape and length of the nails. You can also create this design on press-on nails. This nail art design is quite simple to create, so you can recreate it at your home without going anywhere.

You can make this design within a minute. So, when you have a sudden plan to go out, try this cute design as it will require a little time.

7. Black nails with gold details

7 black nail design ideas

Source: fashionterest.com

This is one of the best black nails ideas you can ever see. If you want to paint your nails with a rich and luxurious combination, then this nail art design is for you. You can get a classy chic look that we have been seeing over Instagram or at a salon.

First, you can use a single studded gold accent nail with a delicate black wire nail. This will be perfect for people who crave something unexpected. Also, you can add a gold star to a gorgeous black French tip.

You can try color blocking with matte black and sparkly gold to make an architectural and modern look. This design is easy to replicate and gives your nails a beautiful look. You can also use silver and black nails or sparkly black nails or black glitter nails with golden glitter.

8. Black and white nail design

8 black nail design ideas

Source: indigo-nails.com

This color mixture stays constantly in fashion as well as in style. This combination is perfect for both formal and informal events. You can use many ways to decorate your nails with these two colors like dots, stripes, glitter, geometric prints, and many more.

The most trendy design of black and white color is jewelled nail art. This style looks perfect with broad nails. Having a square shape of nails is a plus benefit. You can use a combo of coffin black nails plus shining pearls and silver glitter. This is one of the best black nails ideas that will offer you something unique to look at.

You can also try various kinds of white flowers on sparkly black nails. Most artists use tri colors in this style is black, blue, and white. One can find this idea simple yet attractive.

9. Zebra nail art

9 black nail design ideas

Source: naughtynails.com.au

Zebra design is regarded as one of the timeless designs which are used in almost every sector especially in fashion and decoration. This nail art design has made its own space with the great black and white combination and striped design. Having this sexy nail art design is a popular manicure trend.

Moreover, you don’t need any professional to make it as it is quite easy to make by yourself. All you just need to have is the right tools and black & white nail polish to start the art.

First, apply white nail polish and let it dry completely. Then draw a black short, angled line to imitate the zebra pattern with the help of a thin brush. Do the same technique on all the fingers and let them dry. Once it is done, apply a coat of clear nail polish on top. This way, your nail art will stay longer.

You can also create this design by adding some glitters or stones to some of your nails to make your nail design more eye-catching.

10. Checkered nails

10 black nail design ideas

Source: lovethispic.com

The coolest manicure of the season is checkered nails. If you know some coolest girls, you may notice her cool checkered nails which are quite common among them. The checkered design is not only limited to board games, but you can see them on home goods, clothing, and nails also.

Swooping Edges – You can make this design easily. This pattern can be made with swooping french tips. That means you don’t have to make a checkered design on all your nails, but only at the top coat of your nails.

Flower power – You can simply draw a flower on the checkered design to get a unique and attractive look. You can draw colorful flowers to add a personality to your fingers. 

A classic match – If you are a fan of classic vans, then you must try this design. All you have to do is match your checkered nail design with your checkered shoes and see the magic. It will add a fashion statement that no one can leave you without noticing them.

The final wrap

When it comes to women’s fashion, nail art is always the most necessary part of it. If we talk about some specific color that can go with every season and occasion, then black is the most trendy nail color. Black nails ideas are so demanding nowadays as everybody is going crazy for them.

When we are not sure about next year’s nail art trend, at least we are sure of the best nail art design of 2022, and they are just awesome. So, if you are in search of a cute and hot looking nail art design, then we took it upon ourselves and made this fantastic set of patterns for you as you can see above. We have collected every single timeless and save worthy nail trend.

So, select a black nail art design of your choice from the above list and start making a fashion statement with your fingers. These sophisticated nail art designs will surely help you in achieving the desired look. You can try these designs whether you are planning to go on a business trip, a formal event, or a casual party. Hit your fingers up with these trendy black nails ideas.

So, this is all about the latest black nail art ideas. Hope you love this set as much as we do. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones so that they can also get trendy nail art ideas.