31 Minimalist TV Stand Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Minimalist furniture design is the emerging trend in contemporary furniture design. Everything appears to be simpler all of the time, and the focus has switched away from elaborate designs with unnecessary embellishments and toward simpler designs with better usefulness.

When it comes to selecting a television, TV stand options are sometimes disregarded. However, when it regards to TV mounts, we’re spoiled for choice, with a wide range of alternatives for keeping the flatscreen attractively on show and all the accessories organized.

Any living area may be upgraded with a minimalist TV stand, giving it the simplicity and luxury it deserves. Scroll down to find out more about this topic!

31 Minimalist TV Stand Ideas

1. Simple TV stand made of wood

1 minimalist tv stand ideas

Selecting an Entertainment center that can accommodate technology to improve the TV’s sound is essential, especially because even the greatest 85-inch TVs seem to have a considerable way to go to achieve theater surround-style sounds.

A basic wooden TV stand, seen above, has enough depth and width to accommodate a huge Tv screen as well as a 400 Soundbar by Klipsch Cinema, that is linked to the TV by a single HDMI wire around the back.

2. Match the Tv Stand to the rest of the room’s decor.

2 minimalist tv stand ideas

Do you decorate in a modern or classic style? With cabinets and shelves, have a huge low contemporary corner tv.

This deep brown hardwood piece of equipment is great for keeping all of your media and entertainment gadgets, as well as displaying classic ornamental pieces such as candles, pictures, novels, vases, and other such items.

3. Modern Solid Wood TV Stand

31 minimalist tv stand ideas

A minimalist design with clean lines, the Modern Solid Wood TV Stand is finished in walnut veneer on solid hardwood and features three adjustable shelves. The legs are made of tall-cast metal.

Minimalist TV stand with modern design on black metal base, will give your living room an elegant look that matches any home decor. It is made of high quality materials for durability and stability.

You can keep your cable box or DVD player on the bottom sliding rack for easy access through the TV. The simple design of this minimalist TV stand will make your room seem larger and more open. It comes in black, gold or espresso brown to match any decor.

The important and attractive points of this TV stand are: minimalist design, slatted door design and 8 storage compartments.

4. Povison Donicy Wood Lowline Media Console

32 minimalist tv stand ideas

The Povison Donicy Wood Lowline Media Console is an affordable alternative to more expensive minimalist TV stands which might appeal to consumers on a budget who are looking for minimalist design while not compromising on quality.

Unlike other minimalist TV stands the Povison Donicy Wood Lowline Media Console has cable management holes which are perfect for keeping wires out of sight. The 8 compartments provide spacious storage space to keep the items organized.

5. Console that floats

4 minimalist tv stand ideas

Once it comes to functionality and style, the contemporary TV stand collection provides a wide range of possibilities.

Some cabinets are slim and compact, while others take up full walls and provide lots of storage. The forms are as varied as human creativity permits, ranging from real hardwood to acrylic and fiberglass. 

The TV unit features one long console on the left side with a TV and a box shelf, and one bare board on the top.

This minimalistic TV Set has a whole wall covering with embossed design. This embossed design is used to attach LED strip lights that contribute to the TV Unit’s beauty.

6. Surround it with brightly colored shelves.

5 minimalist tv stand ideas

Decorating the TV area is an excellent way to bring personality to your interior design. Stepping away from the typical stand design with multicolored shelving or cabinets, as seen in this Home Studio-styled living room, will add joy to your space and provide a distinctive talking point.

When TVs are placed without thinking and care, they may completely ruin an interior. Your TV becomes a similarly proportioned, empty, dark screen when it is not switched on.

The key goal for this room was to have the TV blend in with the wall while yet being the perfect size and location to be appreciated.

7. Make Certain It Is a Good Fit

6 minimalist tv stand ideas

Because most people watch television from the sofa, low nook tv mounts are ideal for living spaces. For a contemporary living area, large scandinavian metal legs look wonderful with wood.

On the other hand, tall corner television stands are ideal for homes with a bunch of storage capacity because they generally come with many cabinets. They’re ideal for kitchens, as most people watch TV at the dining table.

8. Elegant Television Stand

7 minimalist tv stand ideas

With an attractive TV stand, you may create a premium atmosphere in your living room. Shapes and patterned motifs add interest to a standard TV stand.

The unmistakable color balance of brown, black, and gold is undeniable. The use of these hues results in opulent decor. This type of TV stand may be paired with dark neutral hues, mustard, or black.

You may select a complementing coffee table to finish the look of your living space. Finally, add a few green house plants in black matte pots for a finishing touch. This is to counteract the dark tones with the green. It will also give the room a more opulent aspect.

9. The screen is hidden under a TV cabinet.

8 minimalist tv stand ideas

Consider if you want the television to be on show or hidden when setting it in a room. If you don’t really want your screen to take over the room, invest in a TV cabinet or stand with doors to conceal it while not in use.

While the room shown has a fitted cabinet rather than a standalone TV mount, it still performs an excellent task of maintaining your TV area tidy. It’s used to great effect in this grey living room design. Like the unit illustrated, your joinery item may also serve as a work of art in and of itself.

10. Install the television on the wall

9 minimalist tv stand ideas

The presence of a television stand does not imply that the television must be placed on it.

A tv stand is really a type of furniture that separates the space in which the television will be placed from the rest of the room. However, many individuals choose to mount their television on the wall because it sometimes looks or functions better.

For instance, mounting the television on the wall allows users to get a small tv stand and yet a higher watching position.

11. Multifunctional

10 minimalist tv stand ideas

If you have a limited amount of space in your living room, consider a TV stand which is functional while still looking to be stylish.

A multi-functional furniture, like a Ruark Audio R7 Radiogram seen here, is great for housing your TV in a small space while still looking fantastic.

The R7 sound system remasters the traditional radiogram and adds a modern spin to it. It may be converted from a sound system to a comprehensive home theater system with the installation of the Audio And visual Mount.

12. Tv Stand Featuring a Storage In The Corner

11 minimalist tv stand ideas

Provided that your walls are gray or white, while your floor isn’t too dark, a completely black nook tv set with silver knobs will add a sense of class to your space.

The mix of cabinets and shelves will allow you to put certain things on display to break up the darkness while also highlighting those objects. To complete the look, add a textured light carpeting to the space.

13. Stand with a motor

12 minimalist tv stand ideas

The overall impact is sometimes more elegant when the design is simpler. This simple TV stand and ground stand, and is the right blend of superior efficiency and minimalist aesthetics and is appropriate for the greatest 40-inch TVs, is one of our favorites.

It has a strong three-channel stereo system for highly clear and concise sounds, as well as two floor supports with which you can either attach it to the wall or place it on the floor.

There are two types of TV floor stands available: static and motorized. We adore the motorized version, which provides you even more incentive to relax on the sofa by allowing you to adjust the TV to your preferred viewing angle.

14. A media unit that runs the length of the wall

13 minimalist tv stand ideas

You might be asking how to attach a TV to the wall since, unlike TV stands, media units are usually built and fitted for a specific location – and can occasionally even cover a whole wall, as illustrated above.

This basic stand, finished in Sycamore Black, has a great feel about it. Each decorative storage shelf is illuminated by soft LED lights, making it ideal for displaying valuable art and antiques.

There’s enough room in the center of the box for a huge Tv and hidden cable, whereas the limited storage drawers at the bottom are perfect for hiding all your other stuff discreetly out of sight.

15. Have Rustic Sliding Doors

14 minimalist tv stand ideas

If your room is decorated in a farmhouse design, you’ll adore this minimalist tv stand featuring vintage sliding rustic wooden doors.

The doors let you match open and closed storage capacity, allowing you to choose how you utilize the shelves.

Decorate with ornamental items or keep your children’s PlayStation (which doesn’t go in with your cottage living area). A gray handcrafted rug will go well with the table. Gray looks fantastic with brown!

16. Perfect harmony

15 minimalist tv stand ideas

The greatest living room designs emphasize harmony. In addition, echoing the shades used in the TV region in other sections of the room concept will bring your decor into balance.

So, if you’re decorating with a certain color, such as cushions in teal green, a brilliant yellow carpet, or a blush pink couch, it’s a great idea to look for a television stand that incorporates that color into its design.

An Oliver Wide TV Stand, for instance, is available in a sunny yellow color from Dunelm. Even better, it comes with coordinating furniture, such as the sideboard seen below.

17. Make Your Room Look Stylish

16 minimalist tv stand ideas

Why not make your tv mount unit a trendy focal point in your room? Basic, rectangular furniture may be transformed into a stunning piece by adding accents like shiny brass pulls in the edges and shelves.

Rather than placing the television on the multimedia stand piece, place it on the wall to make the cabinet shine out.

18. Think beyond the box.

17 minimalist tv stand ideas

A creative idea to keep your space basic and useful is to use a metal frame with a foundation. If you don’t happen to have a bunch of rooms and just want to make it clear, this minimalist tv stand design will be perfect for you.

It allows you to set your television without penetrating the wall or getting a table in the way.

It’s especially great for bedrooms, where the room between both the wall and the bed is often limited.

19. A Fantastic Focal Point

18 minimalist tv stand ideas

The contemporary TV unit is capable of much more than just housing your television plus a cupboard or two for various electronic devices and accessories.

It’s a comprehensive and adaptable piece that includes open shelves, locked cupboards, hovering shelves, and bespoke storage possibilities.

All of these factors come together to make that lounge room wall a fantastic central focus upon which the remainder of the space begins to take form.

When you combine this large unit with a complementing coffee table, sofa, and a couple of chairs, you get a useful, stylish, and well-organized living environment.

20. For a tiny living space, minimalist tv stands are ideal.

19 minimalist tv stand ideas

Once it concerns TV sets, this is without a doubt one of the most prevalent features among readers. Many of us cannot afford to waste space, so we tend to choose the ergonomic over the spacious.

A stylish TV unit combined with open storage may make a great impact in a tiny living room.

This seems to be particularly true if your previous TV stand is cluttered, unattractive, or occupies up too much space. If you replace it with one of the stylish TV Units shown below, the ambience of your living area will immediately improve.

21. Fashionable and Elegant

20 minimalist tv stand ideas

The modern living room’s minimalist TV cabinet is a perfect fit for the modern living room, which has no space for excess. Its intrinsically space-savvy design makes it simple to incorporate into most current living areas and uses up so little square footage.

The combination of wall-mounted floating TV sets and the cabinet under LED strip illumination is the perfect method to highlight your living room’s accent wall without going crazy.

22. The Table of the Parson

21 minimalist tv stand ideas

Most current TVs are substantially thinner than they were a decade ago, allowing you to utilize a much narrower table or pedestal in a limited area without jeopardizing the TV’s protection.

Pastor’s desks are smaller tables with a high top and lengthy legs that are ideal for a tiny TV stand.

You may use the space beneath the desk for stockpiling by simply covering ugly boxes with a tablecloth or utilizing more stylish storage alternatives below.

23. Entertainment Center in a Corner

22 minimalist tv stand ideas

Although most TV stands are built to position up against the wall, requiring part and much more of a surface in the sitting room, some are meant to be used in a corner.

This means you’re wasting a lot less space at the base of the TV, and based on where you purchase and which brand you pick, such entertainment centers inside the nooks are also fairly affordable and simple to put up.

They normally include a smooth surface for a Television, which may be up to 29 inches wide, as well as shelving or doors for storing cabinets beneath.

24. Steamer Trunk or Chest

23 minimalist tv stand ideas

Multifunctional and versatile objects are excellent choices for a compact TV stand, so the more you get out of single furniture, the more worth it provides in a limited area.

If your Steamer or Chest is in good condition, you may place a tiny TV in a nook above without sacrificing any storage capacity.

Keep comforters or out-of-season clothing in the trunk therefore you shouldn’t have to access it as much and don’t worry about dropping the TV.

25. Art Easel Made of Solid Wood

24 minimalist tv stand ideas

Another wonderful creative option is to put the flat-screen TV upon that wall using a robust art easel.

Ensure the stand is robust enough to support the TV, and pay close attention to the specifics of each bolt and nut when mounting it to guarantee security and stability.

Position the easel elsewhere that suits your lounge room and install the TV on it like you normally would on a wall.

It’s simpler to relocate the TV if you would like to move furniture, and it’s also easier to raise the Television on an easel without constantly worrying about reattaching it on a new wall.

26. Wooden Stands Made by Hand

25 minimalist tv stand ideas

It has an old aspect and appears in a range of locations and woodlands, including cherry trees, oaks, and birches.

Furniture styles have been impacted by the green movement, which has garnered widespread prominence. As a result, eco-friendly recreational furnishings in floating wood are available, with cost-effective and wonderful design schemes.

27. TV Stands Made to Order

26 minimalist tv stand ideas

With DVD players, gaming media, and other needed storage spaces, it is more efficient and stunning, and it may be built to be simple or elegant.

When selecting a TV stand, take notice of the TV’s size and ensure that the stand’s quality is sufficient to survive today’s pricey Plasmas and LCDs for an extended period of time.

28. For a Cozy Room, go for a Wooden Tv Stand.

27 minimalist tv stand ideas

The fireplace may be the center of attention in a space. In such instances, furniture is frequently positioned around the stove rather than around the television. If this is really the situation, place the television in a low-profile spot.

A strong dark timber tv stand will complement the room’s warm aesthetic. Even if your television is large, this hue will help hide it and make the fireplace the focal point of the room.

29. A smidgeon of white

28 minimalist tv stand ideas

This white compact minimalist tv stand featuring metal clasps and black accents is ideal for bringing some light into the space. To get a chic contemporary vibe, match it with a patchwork rug and a shrub to provide color to the area.

Tiny cabinets with short legs additionally help to achieve a modern décor style while keeping the area utilitarian and minimalistic.

30. Keep things simple.

29 minimalist tv stand ideas

Choose a basic dark brown timber minimalist tv stand featuring extended shelves and no cupboards if you like a minimalistic look. Metal nordic legs provide a touch of mid-century contemporary to any table.

Combine the tv unit and a circular coffee table that has the same exact colors and legs as the tv unit. Incorporating a geometric light-colored carpet to your mid-century contemporary living room is a terrific finishing touch.

31. For a Clear Space, a Suspended Minimalist Flat Screen Tv Stand

30 minimalist tv stand ideas

Using a floating minimalist tv stand as part of your home design is a wise move. It looks amazing and assists to harmonize the area, whether it’s for conserving the room or simply relaxing the view.

You may utilize a floating tv set to make a pleasant, clearer nook if you own a bunch of furniture or ornamental things scattered across the space. Add only a book or a candle, as well as the television, which should be put on the stand or fixed on the wall.

32. TV Stand in its Timeless Appearance

3 minimalist tv stand ideas

If you want to be safe with your decor, go with a classic TV stand. The traditional construction and neutral tones compliment practically any accompanying furniture.

Choose a two-piece television unit over a single-piece TV stand for more storage and creative touch.

In the upper half, you may put ornamental ornaments, DVDs, or books.

It is one of the greatest instances of Dogtas’ furniture idea, which was a pioneer in the field of the house furniture. It works well with both contemporary and classic-modern couch sets. 


What can I use instead of a TV stand?

If you want to put your TV in a part of your house, a wall shelf is a great method to do so without a stand. It occupies less room and requires only a few pieces and tools to construct. It may be used as a hanging frame for your television.

How can I stand my TV without a base?

If you don’t have a suitable foundation for your television, you may always mount it. When compared to buying a TV stand, installing your Television upon that wall is far less expensive. It also makes the TV stand out itself and provides it with a really clean look.


If you would like to build a modern minimalist decor and a contemporary style in your living room, minimalistic TV sets are the way to go. They not only blend in with the surroundings, but they are also quite practical. Many people are drawn to minimalist designs since they have shown to be incredibly useful and reflect a modern way of living. 

If your house is furnished in a conventional or classic manner, stands with minimalist designs may appear uncomfortable and out of place. They’ll look great in rooms with a modern design and a limited color palette.

Which idea in this list is your favorite? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!