35+ Cool Teen Bathroom Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

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Most teens, especially ladies, spend plenty of time in the restroom. Teenage Bathroom Design Ideas can assist you in making the most of your bath for the adolescents in your home.

We’ve got you covered if you have a teenager who wants to decorate their bathroom. There are a plethora of adolescent bathroom ideas available which will not only please even the fussiest of teenagers but will also delight you.

The key to a good makeover is to involve your adolescent in the process; that way, you can be sure they’ll like the colors, patterns, and general look.

cool teen bathroom ideas

1. Stylish Pink Teen Bathroom

1 teen bathroom ideas

If your adolescent is willing to explore new things, consider using odd colors in the restroom. Feel free to combine colors from the bathroom motif with odd furniture models. Our initial suggestion best encapsulates the concepts.

The pinkish tone transforms the bathroom into a gentle and feminine space. The pink backdrop on the sink area’s wallpaper adds a pop of color to the bathroom.

We note the flowery motif on the wallpaper. The hovering pink sink basins are put up in the bathroom. We applaud the bathroom for keeping the large vibe while still addressing health.

2. Stunning Blue teen bathroom

2 teen bathroom ideas

Blue is a great color to use in an adolescent bathroom. In the bathroom, the color creates a cheerful and gentle mood. To make your adolescent bathroom stand out, combine a simple and patterned theme design.

For example, the bathroom’s simple bluish tone contrasts with the bluish printed theme curtain. Later, you may add items to the bathroom to make it more appealing. The blossoms and the images are basic, yet they appear to be pleasant. Despite its small size, the bathroom is beautiful and stylish.

3. Sweet Teen Bathroom

3 teen bathroom ideas

Although the first couple of examples appear to be more appropriate for female teenagers, the third example appears to be appropriate for both female and male teenagers.

When it comes to an adolescent bathroom for both sexes, brown and white are always a good choice.

The bathroom takes up the entire tight area. Despite the abundance of goods, the bathroom remains warm and inviting.

You may fill the bathroom with real plants, tiny photos, and a recycled ladder for storage to achieve the bathroom’s objective. Surprisingly, the restroom still manages to supply stockpiles of tissues and towels.

4. Lovely Bathroom for Teens

4 teen bathroom ideas

The adolescent bathroom, like in the first case, chooses pink and then alters it. With the pinkish tint that appears throughout most of the restroom this time, it seems to be more diversified.

The bathroom proposes that you explain all components of the intended bathroom style, large and little. The concept is fulfilled in the pink bathroom, which extends from the bathroom wall towards the pink sink bowl.

This is exactly what we want in a teen bathroom. You always can find adorable trinkets in the bathroom to make it appear as nice as this.

5. Teen Bathroom with a Nautical Theme

5 teen bathroom ideas

Even if the bathroom has a traditional style, teens will like it. This is because the bathroom is crammed with nautical accents from top to bottom.

The decorations, together with the blue-painted oak walling, give the bathroom a sophisticated appeal.

More nautical things can be added to the wall by a teen. They can either bring mementos from their vacations at the beach or buy them in stores online or offline.

The usual chair and table are brought inside the bathroom. The distressed columns of the bathroom tub, as well as the plumbing arrangement, give it a traditional appeal.

6. Bathroom for a Happy Teen

6 teen bathroom ideas

Yellow is a beautiful color for teens, both male and female. That is highly dependent on the bathroom plus furnishings layouts. Because of the simple bathroom design, this sample is appropriate for both men and women.

The golden color originates from the ceramics, which are appropriate for both men and women. The adorable image is hung in the bathroom.

The flowers are yellow and the rainbow-colored towel brightens up the bathroom. The bathing area is surrounded by windows designed to allow you to see the view beyond the glass.

7. Teen Bathrooms in Style

7 teen bathroom ideas

Is a daughter of yours interested in pursuing a career as a fashion designer? Creating a fashionista adolescent bathroom like this is likely to assist them in realizing their ideal.

Because of the fashionable aspects, we consider this a fashionable adolescent bathroom. Surprisingly, the bathroom’s theme colors are gray and black, rather than pink or blue.

Even yet, with the mirror design, the bathroom seems sophisticated. The mosaic background and the painting give the room a trendy feel.

8. Inventive Teen Bathroom

8 teen bathroom ideas

The bathroom design is one of our favorites. Even though it was crowded, it was still lovely. The bathroom maximizes the space by serving as both a bathroom and a storage place. The bathroom is lovely with the colored goods because of the pinkish tint.

The blue textiles, patterned theme valance, and fake foliage complement each other beautifully. On the other hand, this bathroom offers a modest storage area for showcasing lovely pottery and artwork, among other things.

9. Bathroom for Teens in Color

9 teen bathroom ideas

We adore the adolescent bathroom, which combines traditional style with vibrant colors. As a result, the end effect is really attractive. The antique table and basin holder are chosen by the bathroom.

The orange chair, patterned wall artwork, and the colorful throw cushion complement the white backdrop in the bathroom.

There is a crimson rug in the bathroom, which gives it a strong and gorgeous appearance. If you think adolescents despise traditional bathroom design, we feel there is an exception.

10. Something Exquisite

10 teen bathroom ideas

We have a bathroom design that is suitable for both males and females teens. If you want to be safe, go with white. The wooden planks painted in white and the pottery give the room its color.

The showering area is chosen by the bathroom to save space. The sink area is the coolest feature in the bathroom. The green-painted shelving behind the sink basins is a unique choice in the bathroom.

On the bathroom’s nook, there are ceramics, a distinctive candle holder, and plants. The bathroom’s “bold” color is inspired by the red rug seen on the floor.

11. Keep it flowery and light.

11 teen bathroom ideas

Because teenagers are fussy, it’s preferable to avoid highly fashionable designs. Otherwise, you could end yourself having to redecorate every several months as teenage tastes change.

An imaginative mural, especially one created by them or influenced by their personal favorites, places, flora, or other hobbies, is always a good choice. 

It has the potential to become a distinctive focal point that sets it apart from other restrooms. You may even use a floral or printed design on one wall to reflect their individuality.

You may always replace the wallpaper or hang a different pattern if they get tired with the existing design.

12. Pay attention to the lighting.

12 teen bathroom ideas

Because most teenagers are applying cosmetics and waxing for the very first time, ensure the restrooms are well-lit so that they can feel comfortable and confident.

Use bulbs that provide 75 to 100 watts of light, particularly if your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

Choosing appropriate lighting may draw attention to every detail of your teen bathroom, which the teenagers will undoubtedly love. Plus, who doesn’t want decent bathroom lighting for selfies in the mirror?

13. Choose something big and timeless.

13 teen bathroom ideas

A black-and-white restroom is traditional enough to continue in style as your adolescent grows older, but the contrast adds a bit of drama.

Pick a good monochrome tile floor design and elements like a dark-framed glass and black rug for restrooms with gray, white, or light neutral walls. Then, with the framed wall art or towels, you may incorporate bursts of their favorite color.

Why not include their passion for music into the design if they are musical? Cross drumsticks and hang them over the towel rack, or hang a rustic guitar picture including one from Amazon over an empty wall. Your adolescent will admire your attention to the details if you are imaginative and personable.

14. Textiles should not be overlooked.

14 teen bathroom ideas

If your shower base isn’t too deep, ensure you get a thick carpet to collect any water from the shower in case they miss (again) that the water liner is supposed to be put inside the tub.

Towels that are porous and won’t hang onto extra water will last longer and keep you feeling fresh. 

This is ideal for if your teen keeps forgetting to wash his or her clothes as often as they should.

15. Make the most of the available area.

15 teen bathroom ideas

Teenagers require a large number of goods to get prepared for the day. They’re trying a variety of acne treatments, cleansing products, and shaving gels as they deal with adolescence.

It’s critical to figure out how to manage all of this, particularly when they have a tiny bathroom. We adore this Ikea utility cart, and not only because of the awesome army-green hue.

They may place whatever they want in the morning on the three shelves. It’s also on wheels, which allows them to move it through as needed.

16. Take a chance.

16 teen bathroom ideas

Instead of bright colors, choose more adult hues like midnight blue, sage green or canary yellow for adolescent bathrooms, since they provide an edgy atmosphere that won’t indicate, “A child used to get prepared here.” These colors can be used on the walls, on the tiling, or in accessories such as shelving, rugs, and shower curtains.

Boldness isn’t only for the paintbrush. To create a statement, use mosaic tile on the flooring, worktops, or shower backsplash. Then, for a more refined look, keep the remainder of the colors subdued.

17. A tinge of green

17 teen bathroom ideas

A luscious plant, a bright rug, and unusual window coverings are all examples of how to make the bathroom appear as stylish as the remainder of the place.

You might also try placing a tiny asparagus fern or potted orchid in a corner; both of these plants will flourish in the bathroom’s dampness. Alternatively, a fiddle leaf can be used.

Tiny succulent plants with trailing veins, like fresh soothing eucalyptus stems, can be installed here for a morning aromatic treatment. In the bathroom, the perfumed stem released a soothing scent.

18. Farmhouse in the present day

18 teen bathroom ideas

The Chan Chen Company, located in New York City, designed the modern farmhouse adolescent bathroom primarily for females.

The pink rustic chandelier hanging over the sink is a lovely finishing touch. The white and blue tile floor is a stylish upgrade that will last for years. It features a shiplap wall which, no matter how much time it stays, will not seem dated.

19. Bathroom with graffiti

19 teen bathroom ideas

This might be a really eye-catching element on the walls for art-loving youngsters. The bathroom has been created with black square porcelain on the walls.

Some beautiful graffiti art on the bathroom walls personalizes an area like a painted wall. A porthole-inspired mirror is also mounted on the wall, giving the graffiti artwork a nautical feel.

20. Rustic Modern

20 teen bathroom ideas

This contemporary rustic bathroom was designed for a young teenager by a home architecture and renovation company based in New York. The floor is made out of monochrome tiles, which creates a stunning pattern.

A rough-hewn chest and complementing shelf for organization blend in with the hue. There’s also a dark shower as well as tub fixture that matches the subway backsplash wonderfully. It also has a little mirror at the wall just above the cupboard and a brass lamp above it.

21. Fixtures that have been polished

21 teen bathroom ideas

The design is centered around the shelves and the sink, offering the bathroom a vanity-like feel. A new faucet has been installed in the sink. The shiny chrome or brass brushed, bronze or nickel, and even copper or flat black on the cabinets and handles add to the distinctiveness.

This provides the space with a stunning appearance. Due to its stunning appearance, this bathroom is suitable for every team.

A chair can be placed here to complete the aesthetic of the space. To help one get ready in style, the chair is placed beside shelves that are near to the mirror.

22. Curtains that have been doubled

22 teen bathroom ideas

The design is simple in this case: a simple shower cubicle is framed with a set of complementing curtains to create an aesthetic focal point. The drapes should be the same color as the tile or the floor.

The drapes not only offer a pleasant touch to the bathroom, but they actually prevent water off the floor. This configuration is excellent for both guys and girls’ bathrooms.

The curtains also add space and privacy to the area, which is very important in a home bathroom.

23. Lighting that is both dramatic and subtle

23 teen bathroom ideas

A chandelier is hung over the bathtub, generally below the roof, in this style of design. This creates a glam overhanging lighting effect in the room, as well as setting the tone in the bathroom.

The chandelier is a fantastic match for the bathroom’s decor. The chandelier gives the space an opulent and costly appearance, making it ideal for teens, particularly females.

24. Lavender that is soothing

24 teen bathroom ideas

Purple brings you images of monarchy and opulence. Purple is a beautiful hue to utilize, especially in a large space. It’s a really appealing hue, especially for females, because it gives off a girlish and tidy appearance.

This is also a simple update and appears to be easy to install in a bathroom because the color is identical to the ones that are refurbished.

The bathtub and bookshelf, for example, are then arranged to match the color scheme. This is a fantastic addition for your bathroom.

25. Hardware that has been updated

25 teen bathroom ideas

This is a design concept for your bathroom’s furnishings. It’s as simple as switching the drawer knobs to give your bathroom a fresh new look. Because you are not purchasing a new countertop, this is also a low-cost option.

A bar pull is used to create a modern, streamlined look, and multicolored ceramic knobs are used to give individuality.

This gives the bathroom a modest yet stunning appearance. The new bathroom design is appropriate for both adults and teenagers of both genders.

26. Inventive Storage Ideas

26 teen bathroom ideas

Another example of teen bathroom design that was influenced by adolescent ingenuity. Regular storage areas, such as cabinets and drawers, are reserved for adults.

Teens, on the other hand, want to celebrate their youth and capacity to be impulsive, so add some flair to their storage areas with concepts like cupboards behind mirrors. 

For wet room storage, use sticky hooks on flat organizers, bathroom walls, or storage baskets.

27. Vanity in a minimalist style 

27 teen bathroom ideas

Teens’ styles aren’t fully formed yet but they’re still in their formative years. They do, however, guarantee that the restrooms are basic, clutter-free, and low-maintenance.

Basic vanity goods, such as simple mirrors, worktops, and showers are always a good choice.

28. Teen Bathroom with a Kate Spade Influence

28 teen bathroom ideas

This awesome teen girl’s bathroom features seafoam green with white, black, and gold accents. The bathroom boasts a sleek monochrome vanity with a clean white tabletop and golden faucet, which was influenced by Kate Spade.

Penny tiles in a seafoam green color cover the full wall behind the sink and continue into the shower’s striped pattern.

29. Contemporary Mirror

29 teen bathroom ideas

Many adolescent bathroom designs include a single prominent hue. This bathroom, on the other hand, has three sinks.

On the side, pastel purple, dark blue, and gray and white designs, and the same colors on the floor.

No one can overlook the stunning visual clues created by these hues. Furthermore, bright colors detract from the perception that the restroom is tiny. 

The two slender basins and round mirrors further add to the feeling of a spacious bathroom.

30. Pink and green wallpaper

30 teen bathroom ideas

We’re all aware of how moody teens can be. This is especially true for teen girls, who are more picky than boys.

If your girl enjoys changing the look of her bathroom from time to time, installing wallpaper is one of the greatest female bathroom decorations.

31. Pink in a Soft and Subtle Shade

31 teen bathroom ideas

It doesn’t imply you can’t try attractive girl bathroom designs just because she’s getting older.

True, her palate will be significantly different from what it was once she was just a little girl. Nevertheless, some features, such as a faint pink tint, might still work in an adolescent girl’s bathroom.

32. Nature Theme Wallpaper

32 teen bathroom ideas

The wallpaper may be moved around. It may be used in almost any type of setting. Yes, even the farmhouse decor is included.

The upper part of the bathroom is covered with flower and tree wallpaper, while the lower half has a wall that’s shiplap, which is unmistakably a farmhouse.

33. Returning to the Past

33 teen bathroom ideas

With more and more bathroom ideas for girls and boys available, things may quickly get perplexing. This is particularly true if your teen has a finicky sense of style.

In that scenario, the best course of action is to return to tradition. That’s correct. Returning to a more basic color pallet of neutrals, earth tones, and pastels.

34. Bathroom with only a curtain

34 teen bathroom ideas

The following item on our list of female bathroom ideas is a basic one. Add a stunning stitched shower curtain to the girl’s bathroom to complete the look. This modest but significant detail elevates the beauty of the small bathroom.

The floor also has themes and patterns, which lend a pleasing aesthetic expression to the area and keep it from seeming too simple and dull.

35. There are flowers everywhere.

35 teen bathroom ideas

Another female bathroom design concept that incorporates wallpaper is this one. And when it refers to wallpaper, the possibilities are practically endless.

Not only are there a plethora of color, theme, and pattern possibilities. You may also choose whether to apply the wallpaper completely or partially. Isn’t it fascinating?


Those are some intriguing bathroom decorating ideas for teenagers. Decorating adolescent bathrooms is often simple, depending on what you want, your ideas, the teen’s nature, and the measurement of the room. Bathroom decor is similar to room decor in that it is mostly determined by the individual’s preferences and interests.

It also relies on how much money one is ready to invest in the bathroom’s design and renovation. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below!