20 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

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Candy decorations are all over the place when you have a birthday party, baby showers, weddings, and similar events. Today, you are going to discover the…

20 Sweet Candy Décor Ideas that will make your event fun and interesting

We often get excited when events like these occur and try to make the most of it. Here you will find plenty of fun candy decorations that you might make on your own. Now you have the chance to make your event the best. Let’s get to it.

1. Door wreath

1 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Create a lovely candy door wreath. Who knew that making candy décor would be this easy. You will need gummy candy (fake) and glue them together. 

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2. Outdoor Lollipop

2 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

The simple candy sticks can be made from a stick, nylon, and a colorful material to shape the candy. Create a candy with the colorful material and tape (glue) the stick with the material, add the nylon.

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3. Candy cane candle

3 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Create a candy cane candle so you can add it to the table. This is very easy to do, you can get a big candle from the store and glue the candy canes on the candle. Or you could tie them with a bullet.

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4. A cute glass of candy

4 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Get a big red wine glass and fill it up with candy. The glass needs to be drawn. You can draw an easy smiley face or goofy one. Use any kind of color you want it doesn’t have to be like in the picture below. It’s your choice.

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5. The mighty Mason Jar

5 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Get a Mason Jar and paint it with some color. After that, draw a face. Then, add the candy in. Enjoy. 

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6. Large peppermint candy

6 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

You already know how to make this. This is a great decoration that you can put on your wall, door, on your garden tree… This is definitely fun to do and very easy too.

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7. The flying ice cream

7 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

You can make this with a soft cardboard and a balloon. Or you can use a different material for the cone. Add a balloon with helium and let it float around. A good decoration here. Plus it won’t take you hours to create, only 15 minutes.

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8. Balloon candies

8 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Make many balloon candies that will be placed in front of the door. You can paint them in no time. 

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9. Cardboard candyman

9 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

These are easy to create. You’re going to need cardboard, draw the candyman on the cardboard and after that cut the candyman. Paint the candy man and you can also add something else on him if you want.

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10. Marshmallow sticks

10 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas 1


Add colorful marshmallows and gummy candies on a stick and serve them on a plate. Your guests will be intimidated.

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11. Candy land centerpiece

11 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Very easy to do. You will need a vase, a ball, and lots of candy. Glue them together and there you have it. You can even add something more if you want to make it more decorative.

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12. Candy tree

12 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Use this kind of candy for this one. By using this kind of candy you can easily glue them on a stick and make a tree. You can also insert lights in between.

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13. Candy ball

13 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

You can use this candy ball for different things. It can be a light décor or a necklace. It’s simple to make. You are going to use a Styrofoam and glue marshmallow on it.

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14. Ribbon candy ornament

14 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

If this isn’t easy I don’t know what is. You can make this on a sick or you can make this as a Christmas decoration for your Christmas tree. 

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15. Marshmallow sticks

15 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Get a stick and add some adhesive paper or some other kind of material and stick a marshmallow on the stick. After that, add some honey and lime on the marshmallow. You can also add chocolate.

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16. The bubble gum jar

16 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Get a large jar and fill it up with bubble gum. You can also leave a spoon there so everyone can get candy from the jar. Set up more jars like this so everyone can eat from the candy.

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17. The candy bottles

17 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas 1


Fill 5 bottles with candy and type all the letters of the word “candy” on each of them. This is a great decoration for every event.

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18. Best candy jar

18 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

Get a large jar and fill it up with candy. After that, stick a bunch of lollipops. It looks great and it’s really fun to do.

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19. Ball globe candy

19 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas 1


You can totally do this on your own. You need a vase and an aquarium ball. Paint the vase red, add candy in the ball, and close the ball. Easy and creative.

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20. The candy cane net

20 Sweet Candy Decor Ideas

You can make a net from candy cane and hang it on the wall. You can place this wherever you like and it’s really easy to do.

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Final Thoughts

Majority of people like candy. I highly encourage you to try to create some of these candy decorations. Because these candy decorations are very easy to create and won’t cost you much money. Also, it won’t take you a lot of time to create them.

These are examples of what you can do. Simple ideas that will completely change the way your party looks. A well prepared-party is a decorative one. 

Sweet Candy Decor Ideas


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