20+ Smart DIY Wooden Ideas & Projects

A piece of scrap wood often finds itself as disused pieces of scrap waiting to be thrown in the dump yard, however, what if it could be transformed from trash into a chic piece of utility ? In this article we will list 20 clever diy wooden projects which you can undertake. The methods are elementary keeping in mind the beginners. Enjoy!

1. 3tierWooden Office Desk Organizer

1 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsEveryone wants an awesome wooden desk organizer. You can store all your mini desk items in there properly. It can store all your desk essentials like pen, pencils, marker, and note books in a most organized way.Information link: 

2. Wooden Mobile Holder

2 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsAnother awesome wooden item that you would love so much is the mobile holder. They can comfortably hold any sized mobile phone and ensure safety. They can build in various sizes and shapes.Information link: 

3. Wooden Boat Swing

3 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsThis can be the most amazing thing. You can make an amazing swing set in the form of a boat. It is cool, isn’t it? It can help your child get a better and a more gentle sleep. Elders can use it to relax.

4. Transfer graphics onto wood (Wood art)

4 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsYou can select wall graphics from online and have it carved into a wood. You can even buy a designer wooden item.

5. TV Wood iphone stand

5 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsThis one is, probably one the coolest woodworking projects. This iphone stand will look exact like a TV set and in fact the wood would be of the proper size to fit the phone. You can play a video and start watching it on your mini TV.

6. Small Oak Table

6 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsThis cab is a very useful wooden item for every household. You can make yourself a beautiful oak table and sit on it and use it for various other purposes. You can use it for keeping tea, or breakfast or a lamp stand.

7. DIY Floating Shelves

7 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsYou can have a beautiful wooden shelf for yourself of your own desire. 

8. Wood pallet wine Rack

8 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsYou can build an amazing wine rack out of old wood pallets.  Plus, you could totally make a good reuse of your old pallets. It would look organized and stylish. 

9. Wooden Sofa with Cup holder

9 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsThis one is an amazing idea. It gives your sofa a nice look. It can serve as a mobile holder or a cup holder too. You can keep water bottles or glass of water in it too or any other food items.

10. Rustic Wall Rack

10 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsYou can it use to hang kitchen accessories, tools, and other small items. It can also be built by old wooden pallets. You can also hang other stylish items in this too.

11. DIY Platform bed

11 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsWell, you can build one wooden bed yourself; plus it would save you the money of buying costly beds. It would look cool and would save you a few bucks too.

12. Wooden bottle Carrier

12 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsYou can use it to carry beer bottles and so on. You can also use it to store other small household items. You can water your bottles in this too. It would look organized and good.

13. Wooden Doormat

13 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsThis would look cool and unique in your house, plus it would give your house a new look. This can be easily made. It can easily remove all the mud from your shoes; it can be useful for outdoor and porch.

14. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

14 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsIf you have an old whiskey barrel at home then this project is for you. You can also make a beautiful coffee table out of it. It can also be used to build several other furniture items.Related

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15. Turning an old dresser into a new bench

15 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsThis product will look very beautiful. It doesn’t involve something making from scratch but turning an existing wood into something productive. 

16. Old door picture frame

16 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsYou can totally reuse and recycle your old furniture. It involves an old door to build a beautiful multipicture frame. You can keep your child’s picture in it. It can also serve as a family photo frame.

17. Candle holders

17 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsThis one is very simple. The holder can be used to hang candles and much other stuff too. This would look so stylish and romantic. 

18. Quirky Pallet art

18 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsThis one is also very much simple to make. You can use this to sell any property you want.

19. Woodworker’s Workbench

19 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsA woodworker always needs a wood bench. Instead of it from the market at a higher rate, you can easily make one yourself. It would help your work to keep steady and prevent it from moving.

20. Wooden chopping Board

20 Smart DIY Wooden Ideas ProjectsWell, you can use this to chop and serve dishes. Plus you could make this at a free of cost rate.


What is to be done with a piece of wood is up to the owner. These projects show how a banal, boorish block of wood can become an attractive stylish accessory or equipment. Have a Happy crafting!Smart DIY Wooden Ideas Projects


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