20 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas & Designs

You don’t have to be an artist in order to create something beautiful. Beautiful things are always created when we pour our hearts in them. Today you will discover…

The 20 beautiful DIY wire art ideas that you can pour your heart into.

Making pretty things with wire is not expensive at all. This is a creative skill test. Wires are very flexible and that makes them easy to position. You don’t need money, you don’t need certain skills for these wire arts. But what you do need is a little creativeness. Use your creative side of your mind to create something very beautiful.  Here are the 20 fun DIY wire art ideas that you can do today.

1. Tulip wire art

1 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsThere are a lot of tutorials out there on how to make this pretty tulip. It’s very simple, just focus on your image and try to position the wire as much as possible. You need to start from the sepal and build yourself to the top.Source

2. Wire bracelet

2 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsTo make this wire bracelet you’re going to need a piler. There are 4 easy parts to do here. The first one is to make a triangle with your wire. The second part is to fasten the little end of the wire around the bigger part of the wire. After that, get the longer end and make a little hook. The four-part is to hook the hook and the triangle together. Enjoy your new wire bracelet.Source

3. Wire-button tree

3 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsYou need too much wire for this one. Gather your buttons and make an amazing wire tree. Shape the tree with your wire and add the buttons on the ends of the branches.Source

4. Geometric DIY wreath

4 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsGet a piler and start making some geometric shapes. You can make your wreath from triangles, squares, or circles. Though circles are easier to make, that shouldn’t stop you from doing something greater.Source

5. Heart-shaped wall decoration

5 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsFirst create the shape of the heart. After that, create the net behind the heart. Lastly, attach old earrings to make it look prettier.Source

6. Flower necklace

6 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsThis is very fun to do. To make it easier, find an old necklace and take the chain of it. Use a pilar to create the flower-shaped wire and attach the chain with the flower. Enjoy your new beautiful necklace. Source

7. Violin key ring

7 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsThis is probably the best ring ever. It is an easy thing to do. Start with shaping the circular ring and make the violin key after that. You can do this by using copper and a pilar. After that, just spray the wire with a spray can.Source

8. Wire photo holder

8 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsVery aesthetic thing to do. Attach your best memories to your very own heart photo holder. Replace your old and boring photo holders or photo frames with this awesome photo holder.Source

9. Wire cobweb 

9 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsIt might be easy to do but is a very long journey. This can be a great thing to create for Halloween or it doesn’t have to be for Halloween. It can be a great decoration for your door frame.Source

10. Bird wire decoration


If you are the person who likes birds – add wire bird decorations to your home. With a little effort, you can make your home very beautiful with these little birds. You can even paint the wires differently to add more style.

11. Wire butterflies 

11 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsDécor your home or your garden with these awesome butterfly ideas. They are easy to make and require little effort from your side. All you need are wires and a little stick. That’s all.Source

12. Wire cactus decoration

12 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsWouldn’t it be fun to create a cactus from a wire? It would be fun, not gonna lie. It is very easy to do with no effort from your side whatsoever. Add these wire cactuses amongst your flowers in your garden.Source information: 

13. Wire guitar

13 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsSimple and beautiful. And the best part is that you can choose for what reason you would like this. It could be small enough to be a necklace or it could be big enough to be a decoration on the wall. You get to choose!Source information: 

14. Christmas décor

14 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsMake your very own wire Christmas décor. You only need to shape your wire in a circular spiral way and create a star on the top – with your pilar. And to make it more appealing, add a crystal inside.Source information:

15. Wire dog decoration for your keys

15 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas Designs 1


It is really nice to create something beautiful for your keys. Create this cute dog and attach it to your keys. It is very easy to do and I bet you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Source information: 

16. Wire wind chime

16 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsYeah that’s right, you don’t have to pay for a wind chime. You can create a beautiful wind chime from wires. Focus on creating the shapes and the rest will follow. Source

17. Candle wire decorations

17 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsHave an amazing dinner or a party with these cool candle decorations. It is so simple yet people don’t know about this. You don’t need to spend money on candle holders. Just get a wire and a pilar and create a candle decoration.Source

18. Wire light décor

18 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsThis is perfect for your workspace. In your office or work area… it is good to have something that will make you come up with ideas. This is also good for your homework or study space.Source

19. The wire heat holder

19 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsWhenever you have a great heated meal – you can add your heat holder and protect your table from burns. Source

20. Wire pendant light

20 Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas DesignsAdd some style to your home with this great idea. It’s simple to do and very creative.Source

Final Thoughts

Having something that you’re going to be proud of is really great for you. Not only that will bring new looks and beauty to your home, but it will also enhance your creative skills. You just discovered the 20 DIY Wire Art ideas, so now make sure to create something good. Creative DIY Wire Art Ideas Designs 2




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