15+ Cheap Storage Hacks For Anyone Who Loves Makeup

Last Updated on March 29, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Makeup has become an important part of daily life and almost every household possesses it. Makeup is an important possession. It is a basic thing for women around the world.

Many have got a very huge amount of makeup products that are sometimes difficult to take care off. If things are not organised then chances are high to lose any of the products. Makeups add elegance and beauty to the looks. By time makeups have become more expensive so it is important to take good care of the products. And if the kids in your home adore makeup then you should probably look for the ways to protect it and save it from them.

However, you may like to keep makeup away from kids, because kids are just kids. It is always very hectic when something you were using some hours ago or maybe nights ago. Or perhaps it is these products that like to mysteriously disappear. And Sometimes you just simply want to save the hustle for all these things.   

Here we will discuss some storage hacks that will save you the hustle in wasting time looking for the stuff that is lost.

best makeup storage hacks

1. Get a document organizer so you can display all your adorable palettes.   

1 makeup storage ideas

Document organizer will help to create some extra space. And will also make things more organised. They are easy to find. It is good to reuse some old stuff. 

Source: jennifer nicole, facebook

2. Or you may like to try less expensive napkin holders. 

2 makeup storage ideas

Napkin holders will make things a bit handier. They will create room for new items. And they also add to the organisation of things. It will save time



3. Glass boxes are a nice way to store small sized lip products 

3 makeup storage ideas

Decorative boxes will make it easier to select the perfect lipstick product to go out with. Lipsticks always give a more confident look. 



4. And hanging shoe organisers are a nice way to save your smaller makeup items. 

4 makeup storage ideas

Small things can easily be misplaced. So, this hack will help when space is required the most. Also it will add elegance to the room. 

5. Just in case you are a bit tight on space, decorative planter pots are a nice way to store palettes. 

5 makeup storage ideas

Planter pots are always a nice way of storage. They are cheap and come in handy. 


6. Or hold them up on a dish rack.

6 makeup storage ideas

Dish racks can be placed anywhere in the house.


7. Compartment organisers are cheap and are really handy.

7 makeup storage ideas

Compartment organizers are an easy way to store almost anything. They are not very huge in size so can be taken along anywhere. 


8. In case you like to display nail polishes, cake stands will come in handy. 

8 makeup storage ideas

Cake stands save space and add elegance to the makeup table.


9. Mini chests are a cheap way for storage and store more than much expensive acrylic drawer.

9 makeup storage ideas

Mini chests have more capacity of storage and are cheap. And also they never compromise space for new products. This will make your room look more composed and decent. Things will be organised perfectly. 


10. Business card holders give a decent look to those palettes that aren’t excessively wide. 

10 makeup storage ideas

Even small things like business card holders can come in handy. Business card holders are very handy, they make things look more organised. This will make things a bit more easier.

11. Give a try to ice plates to prevent your single pot eyeshadows from moving around in your drawers. 

11 makeup storage ideas 1 11 makeup storage ideas

In case your eyeshadows have a habit to misplace itself, then no need to worry because ice plates can rescue you. Single pot eyeshadows are small and can easily be misplaced. However, ice plates can help to store them easily.  

12. Utilize used plastic chocolate boxes to store those things that don’t generally fit anyplace else.

12 makeup storage ideas

If you love chocolates then you probably have lots of chocolate boxes. Take them out and start using them. Chocolate boxes are generally bigger in size and can store almost anything. They save space. 

13. Store nail polish on a picture ledge.

13 makeup storage ideas

Nail polishes placed on a picture ledge will wake rooms look even more elegant. It will be easy to look for the best nail polish that will work out perfect. This will also come in handy. Choose any colour you like and go out in style. 

14. Look for extra storage space in your medication cabinet. 

14 makeup storage ideas

Medication cabinets are the safest place to store makeup. This place is usually very less approached by kids. So in case you got something very dear to yourself, place it here.  

15. Decorate a shoebox to store nail polish.

15 makeup storage ideas

Shoeboxes are mostly used for nothing but here is an interesting fact, you can you them to store anything. Because these boxes can hold anything.  Shoeboxes have lots of space to store any product. And they can be placed anywhere in the house. These boxes will save the hustle.