9 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids (With Instructions)

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Dream catching is mainly associated with native Americans, though it goes back way earlier in civilization. The art of dream catching began when there was the belief that the nights are filled with good and bad dreams.

Having kids wake up abruptly due to nightmares has been a point of concern especially to those of native American origin. How about going down the rail of creativity to discover exciting dream catcher ideas? Sounds fun?

Here are some fun ways to create that DIY talisman to get a hold of those beautiful dreams that would make you, your kids or your special ones wake up with a satisfied face and full of smiles! Hop along!

1. Crochet dreamcatcher

1 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions 1 1

Apart from the obvious fact that it is beautiful, this intricately designed dream catcher might just be that addition your home décor needs to look complete. This easy peasy crochet dream catcher can be made at home with your kids too! Especially if you are trying out bonding moments with them. You can also appreciate that special someone with a handmade gift like this beautiful crochet dream catcher. 

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2. Doily Dream Catcher

2 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions

Here is another exceptional dream catcher design you can make at home without having to break your bank or hand. Easy right? You can make this dream catcher and beautify your home with it. It is simple and not time-consuming. You can also use this project to stretch your imaginative side. How fun! Just get a few materials and make an exceptional Doily dream catcher which will give you the nicest nightmare-free dreams. 

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3. Peacock Dreamcatcher

3 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions

Making your dream catcher by yourself is not only fun and creative,but it is also as well a way of preserving the values of the ancient legend of dream catchers. This colorful peacock dream catcher design when hung on the wall of your room, would give your room a peaceful calm look. It will beautify your room and also be a reminder that you were able to put together something so creative, ancient, and exceptionally beautiful by yourself. Learn how to make this easy yet beautiful peacock dream catcher give your room that nice and calm aura.

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4. Fabric Scraps dream catcher

4 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions

People have tendencies to throw away a lot of old things. Old shoes, old bags, old clothes, old utensils, old fabrics too. But guess what? You can use most of these things you throw away to make something dynamic. Something really beautiful and meaningful that would make you forget that you ever wanted to throw them away. One of these easily thrown away items is old fabrics. Understandably, if you have no idea what to do with them, it’s easy to let them go. What if you discovered you can make something meaningful with them? Something as meaningful as this fabric scraps dream catcher which you can easily make at home and hang anywhere in your house. 

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5. Fiber feather dream catcher

5 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions

As the name implies, a fiber feather dreamcatcher is such a basic dream catcher to make. It is intricately designed with colorful materials that will make your room or home look bright and welcoming. You can easily get the materials needed for this and do this with friends or family and add to your collection of pleasant memories. Enjoy making this creative and beautiful dream catcher at home. Have fun! 

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6. Hexagon dream catcher

6 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions

This is one dream catcher that is incredibly easy to make anywhere, anytime. You can use this beautiful Hexagon dream catcher to spark up your child’s creative mind. (and yours too, of course) Instead of going to the market to purchase dream catchers that will beautify your home, why not buy some basic items and make them yourself! It is more fun and engaging that way. Plus, you can easily present this as a handmade gift. Who will not appreciate such heartfelt presents? 

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7. Dream catcher pendant

7 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions

How adorable is this? Not only can you make dream catchers beautify your home and bedroom, but you can also make adorable mini dream catcher pendants and necklaces. How exciting is that? You may not have the right jewelry to wear on a casual outing with your friends and that’s a bother. You could just get a yarn of any preferable color, a loop ring, some metal feather charms and voila! You have made your easy handmade dream catcher pendant. With the wooden bead right in the middle, sweet in the middle! Why not try this exceptionally beautiful dream catcher pendant and show off your creativity!

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8. Lace dream catchers

8 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions

Wonder what to do with that extra piece of lace in your closet? Why not engage yourself in the activity of making a simple yet catchy lace dream catcher? Yes, simple and catchy! You can try this out with friends since you will most definitely need to make about 5 or 6 to produce that warm atmosphere you need. You can do anything amazing the moment you’re willing to start. Instead of throwing the lace away, try this amazing dream catcher!

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9. Watercolor dreamcatcher

9 Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions

Colors play a vital role in human psychology especially colors like red, yellow, and orange. These colors tend to arouse warmth which stimulates endorphin, the hormone that gives off happiness and good health. Since colors are generally stimulant-present, having a watercolor talisman of warm colors dangling over your child or being an artifact in the room, can induce and catch some beautiful dreams!

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Whichever way you see it, whether as preserving the value of something ancient or home décor or just something creative and fun to do, these DIY dream catchers will eventually widen your creativity and make you happy! 

Clever DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids With Instructions