32+ Budget-friendly DIYs and Hacks For Your Wedding

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Weddings might be expensive at times, whether you are planning a rustic, old-fashioned, down to earth outdoors or you may want a more elegant wending approach.

From decorations to materials that will be used. Decorations that are done with paper cup wreaths, to wedding favors that double your décor, you would wish to save time and money. There are a few ideas that would help.

cheap diys and hacks for outdoor wedding

1. Paper Cup Wreath

Paper Cup Wreath

Source and tutorial

You can make the best décor using paper cups. It is gorgeous with any ribbon color, perfect for hanging as a décor in your outdoor wedding. The paper cups are cheap and the process of making them not taking much time. Just feed the cups into each other, and making it circular.

2. Ribbon-tied chairs

Ribbon-tied chairs

Source: flickr, afloral

3. DIY Butterfly Rice Tossers

DIY Butterfly Rice Tossers


Your wedding will not be complete without the rice right? These tossers are easy to make and cheap too. They help décor your wedding until it’s time to head out to your honeymoon. What you will do is just lay them on the table, organize them in a mason jar, until it’s time to throw them.

4. DIY flour hearts

DIY flour hearts


5. Seating chart from old window or hanging chalk board frames

Seating chart from old window or hanging chalk board frames


6. DIY Chicken Wire Seating Chart

DIY Chicken Wire Seating Chart
Source: pinterest, bridalguide

If you are interested in doing backyard wedding then this is the perfect DIY for you. This is the best cheap rustic wedding décor. To make one, you will create your sitting charts for the reception on a cardstock. Then you can pin them up on a chicken wire frame using clothespins.

7. DIY Outdoor Pallet Tables.

DIY Outdoor Pallet Tables.


You could use old pallets for your wedding, they are cheap and readily available. The outdoor pallet tables are so easy to put together and they take little time when putting together. What you do is to just stack a few pallets on top of each other to make a table, depending on the height you will need that table.

8. DIY Outdoor Pallet Wedding Sign

DIY Outdoor Pallet Wedding Sign
Awesome wedding sign is great décor for an outdoor wedding. It is easy to make and the time saving too. What you do is to just write your wedding quote, with self-selected paints and decoration.

9. DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles


10. Recycled silverware

Recycled silverware


11. Rustic Ladder Cocktail Display.

Rustic Ladder Cocktail Display


If your outdoor wedding also has an outdoor reception then you should check on this DIY. It is easy to set up with just an old wooden ladder and a few boards and your guests are going to love it. The board holds loads of glasses, so you will have more than enough space for your glasses.

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12. Pinecone Favors/Décor

Pinecone Favors/Décor
You can make your wedding favors look great. With easy steps to follow and inexpensive, perfect for an outdoor wedding and adds beautiful décor to your ceremony. You can stack them on the table during the ceremony to add a rustic charm before your guests take them home.

13. Rustic Pallet Timeline Sign.

Rustic Pallet Timeline Sign


You can keep your guests informed of the activities to take place each time using your old pallets. It is easy to make and fun too. You can make them depending on your style and design. It is a simple yet adorable décor you would like to try out.

14. Setup an outdoor buffet in a canoe

Setup an outdoor buffet in a canoe


15. Wine Barrel wedding décor

Wine Barrel wedding décor
Source: weddingforward, pinterest 

You can recycle the wine barrels that have been used at weddings. With your design and style, you can change your wine barrel to wedding décor. You can decide to put flowers of any kind or use it for something different.

16. Painted Flower Pot.

Painted Flower Pot


IKEA REKO glasses are small in size and are perfect for any wedding occasion décor. It is simple and paints easily, thus making you turn them into any color you will need them to be. What you do is to paint them, and place in any color of your choice to make it look adorable.

17. Using heel protectors

Using heel protectors

18. Stem Stumps for Décor.

18 wedding diys hacks


This is a creative decoration, having tree stumps as your wedding decoration. These tree stumps look gorgeous, with different colors. They are easy to make and takes up less time when making them.

19. Candle Pathway for Outdoor Wedding.

Candle Pathway for Outdoor Wedding


You can make your pathway as beautiful as you can. With some candles on the pathway giving easy glow bringing some sparkle to your outdoor wedding. One of the best things about an outdoor wedding is that you can add more light to bring sparkle to your wedding.

20. DIY Tulle Wrapped Balloons.

DIY Tulle Wrapped Balloons


They are good at wedding decorations. Instead of ordering for a florist, you can make your own and save fortunes. What you do is just simple, blow the balloons and then wrap them up with tulle around them, tie them up and stick them anywhere you will like.

21. Use tree stumps for table setting

Use tree stumps for table setting


22. DIY wedding hangers

DIY wedding hangers


23. DIY Flora Paper Fans

DIY Flora Paper Fans


These fans not only help with the decoration but also help in relief from the heat for the guests. It is fun making, easy and not taking much time making.

24. Easy DIY Wedding Arch

Easy DIY Wedding Arch
Source: above, below

You may want a great traditional arch behind you as you change your wedding vows. An arch easily made from wood with the addition of sheet fabrics and maybe a few flowers.

25. DIY Outdoor Sparkle Branches.

DIY Outdoor Sparkle Branches


You can turn the tree twigs into beautiful décor with just the addition of a little spray twig color. You can use them in decorating your chairs and tables for the wedding.

26. Wedding Day Rope Word.

Wedding Day Rope Word


You can add just the right touch to your wedding by having rope as one of your decorations. You can make the message on a rope then stiff the rope with glue or any other mixture so than even after the ceremony you have your message.

27. Hanging Up cylinder Tin Can Vases

Hanging Up cylinder Tin Can Vases
These are cheap and you can make several of these tins in just minutes. You can use them in displaying colors after painting them to your style.

28. Hanging Sunflower Pendants.

Hanging Sunflower Pendants

Outdoor weddings need flowers and the best flower to use is a sunflower. They are inexpensive and easy to make. Instead of having your vessel, you can hang them up and still get the right decoration you need.

29. DIY Pocket Invitation.

DIY Pocket Invitation

You can make your card invitation, by being as creative as you want, using your design and style.

30. Tulle Table Skirt

Tulle Table Skirt


31. DIY painted votives

DIY painted votives


32. DIY floral centerpiece

DIY floral centerpiece



You are in control of making your decoration without spending much but by using a few easy and cheap steps.