22+ Best Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas

As Christmas draws near, we all start to think about the holiday decorating.

Families tend to spend a lot of time around the fireplace, having fun, drinking hot cocoa and trying to guess what their Christmas present is. Special moments like these deserve a fabulous mantel on the background, right? And don’t forget -you need to welcome Santa on Christmas Eve!

Impress your family, your guests (and impress Santa!) and add that festive glow to your mantel.

There are several options. Whether you prefer traditional or modern touches, you can display hints of gold, sparkling blues, reds, garlands, stockings, candles, vintage elements, family photos, postcards, etc.

Find below some mantel decorating ideas that will help you to set in the mood for Christmas season. Now make yourself a cup of hot tea and prepare yourself to see some cool ideas to make your mantel the perfect backdrop for your Christmas pictures.

best christmas mantel decor ideas

1- White Mantel Decor

1 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

Sparkling Christmas themes in white are always an elegant option. Another advantage is that you will easily match all the décor if you start with white.

2- X-mas Needs a Blue Mantel

2 christmas mantel decor ideas

The blue color is the perfect representation of a colorful Christmas. Notice the use of silver and the details around the mantel. Stunning!

3- Gold Mantel

3 christmas mantel decor ideas

Nothing says Christmas more than gold decorations. Embrace this fabulous festive touch and add it to your mantel.

4- Strings of white pearls

4 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

Put on a show with the use of string of white pearls to have that deluxe touch you desire. It will make the perfect scenario for pictures while your kids unwrap the gifts.

5- Decorative Bows

5 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

Welcome Christmas with decorative bows, a completely modern and pleasant décor that will delight your guests.

6- Candle holders

6 christmas mantel decor ideas

No Christmas is complete without white, green, red, gold or silver candles. You will find Christmas tree shape, star shape, pine shape, cone shape candle, triangle, you name it. Pick the ones you like the most.

Adding candle holders will brighten up your mantel, creating a cozy warm natural environment.

7- Colorful Ornaments

7 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

Tradition is overrated with this colorful option. Why using red if you prefer yellow? This colorful ornaments create a festive and cheerful mood -and that’s what Christmas is about, right?

8- Accent with Berries

8 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

Absolutely fabulous, these berries displayed in your mantel. Suitable for all kind of décor, but a must-have for the rustic holiday décor.

9- Use a lantern

9 christmas mantel decor ideas

Give Santa a warm welcome adding lanterns to your mantel. Kids will have some much fun decorating the lantern. Now you have reached the spirit of the season!

10- Add A Personal Touch

10 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

Hang your art above your Christmas mantel. You can use special photos, postcards, stocking ornaments with the names of your children, evergreen branches and garland, plants, etc. Use your imagination and your ability to create will begin to develop.

11. Joyful mantel

11 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

12. Colorful Christmas mantel

12 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

13. Neutral mantel

13 christmas mantel decor ideas

14. Black and white Christmas mantel with wood sign

14 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

15. Cheap Christmas mantel decor with two angel wings

15 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

16. Snow house

16 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

17. Globe light fixtures

17 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

18. Pink ornaments garland

18 christmas mantel decor ideas

19. Woodland and rustic tree

19 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

20. White house

20 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

21. White and red mantel

21 christmas mantel decor ideasSource

22. Bronze mantel with three mantels

22 christmas mantel decor ideas



Celebrate the most special season of the year in style.

Family and friends are the most valuable gifts we have. So, be present.

Throw away your shopping list, send holiday cards to your friends, call that special friend who might be feeling alone in this season, and, most of all, be thankful. If you can, do some fun activities with your family, decorate your Christmas tree together, write postcards together and choose the elements you will use in your mantel.

Remember: the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart and soul.

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