18+ Best Christmas Wedding Decor Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the perfect time for a wedding celebration. Winter white weddings can be the most magical of all and are the ultimate dream for some girls.

There are so many unique and creative things that you can do for a Christmas wedding.

If you like thinking over every décor detail and you’re sure that you want to a Christmas wedding, continue reading. When planning your upcoming nuptials, make sure you look at these suggestions to get some inspiration before you do anything else!

best christmas wedding ideas

Rustic Christmas wedding

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Any Christmas wedding will be warmer with some of cozy rustic touches. Rustic winter weddings are super popular and so special.

You can have wood slice placemats, holly berry centerpieces, burlap bows with pinecones, cake and cupcakes decorated with berries, lots of candles, a Christmas tree decorated with your pictures and even white horses in the snow, to get the most amazing pictures. Dip into the world of super cozy rustic Christmas weddings!

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Christmas Wedding centerpieces

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Family is gathered around you and now is time to enjoy.

Every festive table needs a centerpiece and a wedding table is no exception. Classical floral centerpieces are wonderful ideas, but why not add some pretty Christmas touches to them?

Christmas centerpiece are always the most exquisite and beautiful ones.

You can embellish them with white candles and silver or gold Christmas balls or even with manzanita branches. They will look perfect decorated with fairy lights and fun lanterns. Both options will bring a cozy and warm atmosphere at your wedding.

Elegant Christmas Wedding

4 christmas wedding ideas

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Perhaps you’ve asked yourself: “How could I possibly have a wedding in the Christmas season without it being totally tacky or cheesy, full of Christmas trees and Christmas lights?” It’s a valid question, no doubts about it.
You can transform your wedding venue into a winter wonderland without losing elegance, no worries.
Here’s some tips:
1- Keep it simple.
2- Yes, you can use twinkle lights – they bring the Christmas feeling in a super romantic and dreamy way.
3- You don’t need to sacrifice your bridal look to stay warm – there are beautiful and elegant options.
4- Remember: it’s your wedding! Just because you’re getting married at Christmas doesn’t mean that you have to run with the theme. Again, it’s your wedding.

Christmas wedding arch

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An ideal wedding needs a wonderful frame wedding arch. It is a must have for your ceremony, and it should be magnificent.

Christmas wedding invitations

6 christmas wedding ideas

There are thousands of exquisite styles to choose from winter illustrations to lovely luxe details. Choose or create the one you love the most.

Christmas wedding cakes

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There are so many elegant ways to adorn dessert at a winter wedding! Christmas wedding cakes are the perfect touch for a holiday or winter wedding reception.
You can add some elements from nature, pure white and/or romantic red.

Christmas wedding signs

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When the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, it’s time to start dreaming of walking down the aisle in a winter wonderland. Hey! But don’t forget the wedding signs!

Christmas Wedding Wreath

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Rustic Christmas Wedding

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Christmas Wedding Party

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Christmas Wedding Table

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Luxury Christmas Wedding

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Christmas Wedding Bouquet

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Christmas Wedding Candle Holders

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More Christmas Wedding Inspiration

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When you get married, people will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but the truth is that there are no formulas in marriage. Remember: it’s your day. And Christmas is such a magical time of year to tie the knot. Enjoy it. Have fun. Make it unforgettable.
Best wishes on this wonderful journey!

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