60+ Best Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas and Designs

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How your dining room space looks like portrays different message about you. If you want the area to be comfortable and attractive, you have to work on it.

The dining room walls have to be unique through decoration but do you know how to do it?

Read along to understand sixty unique dining wall décor ideas you can incorporate to have a distinctive look.

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1. Hang White and Black Photographs

1 dining room wall decor ideas

You can hang white and black photographs on your dining room wall. The pictures will make your dining wall look attractive and beautiful.

You can use some of the best family photos you’ve got like those of special occasions. An art collection on your travels can also make a personal but attractive look on your dining walls.

2. What of a Perfect Wall Arrangement?

You can give your dining room walls a decent and beautiful look by arranging the wall well. Use this idea if you’re not into wall hangings or paintings. Arrange the photos, candles or pot plants on the wall using floating shelves.

The shelves will provide enough space on your dining for arranging décor on your walls, making it neat.

3. Why Not Try Bohemian and Brilliant Look?

Why Not Try Bohemian and Brilliant Look?

If you love the bohemian designs there’s no harm incorporating them into your dining room walls. The idea here is to use simple pieces of plates on your walls to get a funky look.

Pick on dishes made of bamboo or straw to bring out the bohemian theme well. To have a complete look include pot plants in the wall arrangement.

4. Mount A TV on Your Wall

4 dining room wall decor ideas

You can decide to break the monotony of the dining room being for meals only. Introduce a tv for entertainment. So you can catch up on the latest news as you bond with your family at the table. The wall-mounted TV can also act as a company suppose you’re all alone.

5. Mirrors on the Wall

5 dining room wall decor ideas

Suppose you have a poor lit dining room or small space bring change using mirrors. Not only will the mirrors on the wall bring bright illumination into the room, but also it will make it unique.

The mirrors are built into the wall to last longer. But you can also hang them at strategic points using beautiful frames of different designs.

6. Use Attractive Curtains as Part of Wall Décor

6 dining room wall decor ideas

Combining great wall colors and patterned curtains can bring a new look to your dining walls. The curtain can have floral prints with rhyming colors that compliment that of the walls. Ensure the curtain is simple and attractive.

7. Have A Few Catchy Messages on Your Dining Wall?

7 dining room wall decor ideas

Catchy messages on your dining room walls can make it appealing and welcoming to your guests. You can do this by hanging pictures on the border with catchy messages.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by putting three frames close to each other. Place them strategically and don’t overcrowd the walls.

You can use this opportunity to showcase different lovely messages from each family member.

8. Add a Wall Clock

8 dining room wall decor ideas

You will not go wrong by adding a wall clock on your dining room walls as decoration. Ensure you pick on the best design since there are several in the market.

Also, work with a clock design that compliments other decorations you have in the room. Apart from acting as a décor wall clock, will help you in knowing the time.

9. What of a Painting on Canvas?

9 dining room wall decor ideas

If you love artwork or collecting pieces, use them as wall décor. Choose your favorite artwork and hang them at a place where it’s easy to spot.

It will act as both decoration and a conversation starter. Let the painting be large enough to avoid crowding the wall. A single canvas painting with the right furniture combination can do.

10. Bring in a Wallpaper

10 dining room wall decor ideas

You don’t have to spend much time thinking about the best decoration to put on your dining walls. Wallpapers can do you a great deal by making your walls look attractive and unique.

Go for the easy way to decorate your walls with wallpaper with great design. All you need to do is to ensure all other décor features complement each other.

11. Light Your Dining Room Walls

11 dining room wall decor ideas

You can bring life with lights in your dining room walls and make it look beautiful. With a textured wall and the right color choice, there will be beauty in your dining room. You can work with beige color to have a beach like look.

Candle like led lights can also bring out the ambience in the room if you put them on the walls. Having the lights will make the entire dining room lit plus make it a beautiful relaxing scene.

12.  Include A Puzzle Game on The Walls

12 dining room wall decor ideas

You can bring in games on your dining room walls to keep the minds of those around busy. Remember it shouldn’t be for the kids only, but adults too can enjoy the game as they wait for meals. The game can also make your dining room aesthetic.

Use large puzzle pieces to have a refreshing look. It will be a center of attraction to your guests and keep them busy too.

13. Write What the Room Is for In the Wall

13 dining room wall decor ideas

It’s never easy settling on the right décor idea for the dining room walls. But you can decide and not go by the hundred décor ideas you’ve got. Instead, make it simple by writing on the wall what the room is used for.

You can write EAT since that’s where your family gathers to have their meals. Then incorporate things like big forks or spoons around the writing.

14. Use Powerful Quotations

14 dining room wall decor ideas

Words have a way of creating a mood in any room. Use quotations from any source like the internet or books to achieve this. You can then print them and make them a nice frame for hanging.

Using an affectionate quotation on your dining room walls shows how much you love your family. It also makes simple walls look beautiful. A handwritten quote on a canvas can also work wonders on your walls, so try it out.

15.  Incorporate the Exposed Stone Wall

15 dining room wall decor ideas

Most dining room walls have plain colors. You can make yours different by incorporating the exposed stone walls. If you want more decorations, you can add some but ensure they complement each other.

Something like candle lights can do well with exposed stone walls since they’ll be twinkling making a beautiful scene.

16. Introduce Nature to Your Dining Room Walls

16 dining room wall decor ideas

Nature is a beautiful sight to behold. No wonder you’ll find most people trying to bring it close home. You can incorporate nature in your dining room wall through a painting or drawing.

You can also have vases containing beautiful flowers put on either the table or shelves. A well incorporated natural feel in your dining room can create a unique relaxing look.

17. Install The 2 In 1 Décor Hobby Lobby Idea

17 dining room wall decor ideas

You can add beauty to your dining walls by installing 2 in 1 wall décor idea. The 2 in 1 décor idea will act as both a shelf and a decoration. You’ll have a place to arrange other things in your dining room and make it beautiful.

18. Bring in A 3D Photograph on the Wall

18 dining room wall decor ideas

3D photos have a way of bringing the real feel closer. You can use a beach photo to have a mind-blowing scene that’s hard resisting staring at. Make your dining room wall a beautiful sight to behold by hanging 3D images.

19. Have Wooden Cladding and Panels on the Wall

19 dining room wall decor ideas

 You can bring a natural feel through the use of wood in your dining room walls. And since wooden decoration is gaining popularity, you won’t regret it.

If you install wooden cladding on your dining room, it will act as both decoration and insulation. Ensure you use quality wood with good design and style to make the walls outstanding.

20.  Try Marble Walls

20 dining room wall decor ideas

When you want the natural feel on your dining walls, try marble. With this material in your dining space, you’ll be having a stylish and luxurious look. It’s got a great texture feel with the perfect shine. Marble walls will make your dining room wall attractive.

21. Have Brick Dining Walls

21 dining room wall decor ideas

If you don’t love stone walls, try bricks and see how it will transform your dining room. It will bring the modern and trendy new look. 

You should do the right combination by fixing a metallic window and door frames. Also, large glass vitrines can do. Using the wrong color will make your dining room different so pick well.

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22. Hang Green Plants on the Walls

22 dining room wall decor ideas

You can make good use of green plants that don’t require much attention. Use pots to hang them around the dining room walls. You can also do the climbing plants to bring a natural look into your dining room.

23. Include Plate Decoration Ideas

23 dining room wall decor ideas

Using plates to decorate walls has been in practice for almost a century. But now it’s making a great comeback with people incorporating them as artistic work. All you need to do is play about with similar but unique plates by arranging them well.

24. Hang a Large Artwork

24 dining room wall decor ideas

If you like artwork and have a great collection, you can bring some to your dining room walls. The artwork can include sketches or geographical paintings. Large artwork will have a perfect visual effect and be the center of attraction. It will also make your plain walls look attractive.

25.  Can A Wall Sculpture Do?

25 dining room wall decor ideas

You will never miss it when you introduce a stone or metallic sculpture on the dining room walls. But go for simple designs that will not make your wall sophisticated. Let the sculpture be formal, modern, yet attractive.

26. Have A Minimal Décor Feel?

26 dining room wall decor

Suppose you have enough décor on other elements in the room be minimal with the walls. Don’t create a contrasting point of interest by having decorations on both the walls and the furniture. Keep it as simple and minimalist as you can. Doing this will make other parts of the room visible.

27.  Use Bold Paints on the Wall

27 dining room wall decor ideas

You can create a serene environment in your dining room using one bold paint. Painting your walls green or pink is not a bad idea. Either playing around with the color to create stripes, chevrons or circles can also work. Ensure you first create an accent wall using the right tools.

28. The More the Décor, the Better

If you’ve lots of decoration ideas and your dining room space allows for it do them all. Let no one stop you from mixing colors, patterns and designs. But remember not to overdo it since there are some patterns or colors which don’t rhyme.  You can instead work with the same color but different shades.

29. Introduce Some Signage

29 dining room wall decor ideas

You can never go wrong by using signages on your dining room walls. The signage is attractive cutouts with casual writings. The writings can have words like gather or love to signify the purpose of the dining room. When you place them in the right corner, it will bring a calming and traditional look.

30.  Let the Wall Decoration Compliment the Furniture in the Dining Room

30 dining room wall decor ideas

Suppose you want to have a perfect matching dining room, compliment the furniture with the wall décor.  When your furniture has bright colors let the décor on the walls be neutral to bring harmony.

Have a consistent theme in your dining room space by combining the right furniture texture and wall design.

31. Include the Accent Mirror Décor Idea

31 dining room wall decor ideas

Accent mirrors are a common decoration that’s suitable for any room. Including them on your dining room wall décor isn’t bad since they’ll create a great focal point.

There are several types of these mirrors which you can use to accentuate your dining room wall. Remember with these mirrors you can’t see yourself as with the other types.

32. Use Calligraphy

32 dining room wall decor ideas

Calligraphy on your dining room wall is a simple but attractive way to make it stand out. All you need to do is use the right message to make the room lively—prayer before meals can do or introduce something interesting and captivating.

33. What of a Chalkboard Art?

33 dining room wall decor ideas

You can put a chalkboard with beautiful art in your dining room wall. Chalkboard art is ideal for a small dining room space. It allows you to write your favorite quote and gives room for change. The black color plus the wooden surface gives your dining room an appealing look.

34. Built-In Cabinets

34 dining room wall decor ideas

If you don’t love paintings or artwork, a built-in cabinet can be décor in your dining room. The cabinet should be built in a convenient place that can allow you to have a storage room. But still, china cabinets can work if your dining room wall is small. It will also save you from painting if you’re not into additional colors.

35.  Use Floral Drapes

35 dining room wall decor ideas

Floral drapes on your dining room walls are economical and also save time installing. You can put them on your dining windows or allow them to extend to the other parts of the wall.

The floral drapes can create a good focal point in your dining room that’s attractive. Work with what pleases you and is much comfortable.

36.  Rustic Wall Décor

36 dining room wall decor ideas

You will never go wrong with a rustic feel on your dining room walls. Having rustic wall art that compliments other decorative features in the room is a great pick. Rustic wall art is much affordable and will make your dining space beautiful.

37. Wall stickers

37 dining room wall decor ideas

 There are several wall stickers with inviting messages you can install in your dining room. The sticker can have salutations or a welcoming note. It can also have a Bon Appetit inscription which is best for a dining room. Let it be in the right place that gives your guest a warm welcome.

38.  Do You Value Family Fellowship?

38 dining room wall decor ideas

You can make your family tradition of prayers part of your dining wall décor. Have a lord’s prayer in a frame and hang it in a strategic place. Or since the dining room is for meals have a prayer decal for foods and it will act as a reminder to your family members.

39.  Funny Quotes

Having funny quotes on your dining room wall is a way to make the place lively. The quotes will also make the room comfortable and relaxing, promoting family bonding. It’s even a way of creating laughs and talks around the dining table.

40. Display the Side Buffet Table

40 dining room wall decor ideas

You can decorate your dining room walls through the use of sideboards. Usually, many people use it for many purposes, like holding the source of light. It can also keep a collection of decorations in place. A side buffet table can help you when having a dinner party as it can act as a serving point.

41. Hang Tapestry

41 dining room wall decor ideas

You can make these beautiful macrame pieces or buy them and bring the natural look indoors. It has excellent texture and comprises of raw materials. Hanging tapestry on your dining room walls will give it a Scandinavian theme which is so unique.

42.  Fix a Wall Shadow Box

42 dining room wall decor ideas

Having this elegant built-in shadow box in your dining room walls will make it attractive. It allows you to put in small objects like aluminum lacework spheres.

A wall shadowbox gives you room to change the décor pieces at will. You can add anything that makes the room aesthetic and calming.

43. Fix Wall Sconces in Your Dining Space

43 dining room wall decor ideas

You can add ambience to your dining room by making the walls attractive by fixing sconces. By matching the chandelier to a pair of wall sconces you’ll give your dining space a striking look. The combination will make your dining room walls attractive and very relaxing.

44.  Use Mural Elements on Your Wall

44 dining room wall decor ideas

Your dining room walls can include moldings and color, which makes a grid pattern. However, the design should complement other décor elements in the room. If you don’t want permanent murals there are the ready-made type which you’ll remove anytime.

45.  Do You Mind Trying Room Partitions and Dividers?

45 dining room wall decor ideas

With an ample dining space, you can separate it using various dividers or partial wall. Dividers and partitions act as both a decorative element and definers. You can have dividers between the kitchen and dining room. Ensure the dividers are of classy materials like wood or stone to make the dining room attractive.

46. Create a Unique Gallery Wall

46 dining room wall decor ideas

Suppose you have framed family photos that you don’t know where to hang use space in your dining room wall. Make your gallery wall stand using similar frames and color and uniformly arrange them. The collection will not only act as a history corner but also a special conversation starter.

47.  Go Gray on Your Dining Wall

47 dining room wall decor ideas

Suppose you don’t love décor elements in your dining walls and also dislike white painting go gray. The color will give the room a warmer comforting feel. Gray paint is also capable of hiding stains and tears, so your dining room wall will look neat always. It’s too easy pairing it with any designs so you won’t have limitations when doing dining room furniture.

48. Do Wall Paneling on Your Dining Walls

48 dining room wall decor ideas

Give your dining walls a different look by installing panels. Don’t think this is an old fashion style since you can include modernity to make the wall attractive. Wall paneling with a dark color will make your dining room have a calming and welcoming effect on your guests.

49.  Try the Two-Tone Paint Split

49 dining room wall decor ideas

Two-tone paint splits are an excellent way to decorate your dining room wall. Using this technique doesn’t mean that you’ll only do the walls, but your furniture can also match the colors. The result from a two-tone paint split will leave your guest admiring the creativity in the room. To have a perfect look combine two different shades of the same paint color.

50.  Can Your Ceiling Create Beauty Impact in Your Dining Room?

50 dining room wall decor ideas

If you decide to look at the ceiling as your fifth wall, it can act as a decorative site. You can include different colors and patterns on your dining room ceiling to make it stand out. Go for a wild and bold design if you’re brave. Suppose your ceiling is high up using an excellent method that will make the room more intimate.

51. Do Elegant Stripes

51 dining room wall decor ideas

It’s obvious you always want to make your dining room elegant. You can achieve this by including elegant stripes on your dining wall. You can either use wallpaper with the lines or paint them.

52.  Give the Wall the Industrial Covering

You need not add much color in your dining room wall, but texture and ambience can do. You can have a wall with a tan brick accent and candle holders. The candles arrangement can be random to give a unique look. The industrial wall covering will make your dining room have the old-world feel that’s attractive.

53.  Use Antique Board on the Dining Room Wall

You can have a classy dining room wall with an antique board. To make the room more attractive include a stylish chandelier. The antique board will not only give your dining room an aesthetic feel but also make it look expensive.

54.  Decorate with Stencils

54 dining room wall decor ideas

Stencils can make your dining room walls look attractive when you arrange them well. To make the stencils standout ensure they’re in harmony with the furniture in the room. Decorating your dining room walls with stencils will save you a lot since it isn’t expensive.

55.  Fix a Classy Wine Rack

55 dining room wall decor ideas

A flashy wine rack on your dining room wall can make it look attractive. It will make the dining space have a modern and innovative look. If you want the wine rack to blend well with other elements in the room, don’t overdo the décor.

56.  Add Fireplace on Your Dining Room Wall

56 dining room wall decor ideas

You will never go wrong if you have a fireplace in the dining room, which can encourage family gatherings during winter. If you combine it with a marble wall, your dining room will be a good relaxing zone. To make it more luxurious include chandeliers and wooden flooring.

57.  Include A Comfortable Bench Art around The Wall Corner

57 dining room wall decor ideas

If you always have visitors introduce a comfy bench next to the dining room wall. Use soft and comfortable pillows and cushions to make the bar attractive. And to make the room appealing add art pieces on the wall above the bench.

58.  Blend Navy Blue with White Wall Paint

58 dining room wall decor ideas

Navy blue and white color combination in your dining room will make it look magnificent. Ensure the accent wall is navy blue while the contrasting color is white. The two colors pairing will create a relaxing mood in your dining room good for catching up after meals.

59.  Use a Large Mirror plus Photographs

59 dining room wall decor ideas

Suppose you want to get the vintage look pair a large mirror and photographs. Use a rectangular mirror hanging over a rustic table to have a traditional look. You can also put three framed photos on either side of the mirror to make it the focal point.

60.  Make Good Use of the Trellises

60 dining room wall decor ideas

You can make your dining room aesthetic by making good use of the trellises. Let their unique patterns make the walls look different. You can even hang a flower pot or bouquet on the trellises to make it more attractive.


Creating an attractive décor in your dining room is always hard. But with the above décor ideas, you’re good to go. Pick on the best décor idea that suits your needs and gives you economic value. Hope you got enough information from this article that are beneficial. Don’t forget to share or leave your comment after reading.