What Color Trim Goes with Gray Walls? (25 Ideas)

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Right color combinations help make your house look beautiful and neat. So, if you’ve got gray walls, you need to decorate/ side them with other colors to make them bright.

Remember, dark gray walls can make your house look dull, especially if on a dark corridor. While light gray shades will resemble white, making it reflective.

You need to be creative and ready to bring something unique that will blend well with the architectural design. Here are the perfect color trims that go with gray walls?

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color trim goes with gray walls ideas

1. Opt For Gray Walls and White Trim

1 what color trim goes with gray walls

Combining white trim on your gray walls will help make it beautiful and appealing to the eyes. In addition, the white color will bring soft contrast to your gray walls making the room look fabulous. But you’ve got to choose the right white color trim shade since not all of them blend perfectly with any gray shade.

For example, warmer white shades go well with warmer gray and vice versa. You can, in this case, have white molding lines on the gray walls to give it a calm look.

This is the right color combination for those who don’t like bright colors that creates extreme contrast while hiding various imperfections on the walls.

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2. Go For Blue Trim on Your Gray Walls

2 what color trim goes with gray walls
Source: Houzz

If you want something relaxing and calm on your walls, try doing blue and gray. The blue trim will help you bring the coastal feel to home while making your house look beautiful and charming.

But you need to be creative and do it the right way to avoid messing up. For example, you can choose a blue shade that matches well with the gray illumination.

This will give you either a punchy and intense look or a muted look. The best thing about blue trim on gray walls is that it makes your room look modern or creates an emotional feel.

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3.   Black and Gray Walls

3 black trim goes with gray walls

Do you love black colors? Then try black trim on your gray walls and see how elegant they’ll look. The two dark colors will work well in larger rooms. But it will make your smaller rooms look smaller.

After combining the two colors ensure, you bring in bright furniture and décor to make the room look lively.

You can use black trim around the base of the walls in a house with pale flooring to make it look attractive. Black trim will also do well if you’ve got decorative molding around the gray walls. Black and gray on walls are ideal for the bedrooms or dining rooms.

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4. Create a Natural Look with Green

4 green trim goes with gray walls
Source: New Beautyhttps://www.newbeauty.com/molly-sims-bathroom/

Don’t fear adding bright colors to your gray walls to bring life to them. A green color trim will not only help you bring nature close home but also make it look fresh and powerful. The two colors blend well and are an ideal pick for homes with plenty of natural light.

If you go for dark green color trim, ensure you bring in other patterns with white to help make the room bright. This is because the dark green color absorbs light in the rooms. But when gray walls are soft shade with blue undertones, go for cool green shades like turquoise or light olive.

However, you should have vibrant green and gray walls in your bedroom or kitchen to help make them look bigger. 


5.   Blend Mustard Yellow Trim on Gray Walls

5 mustard yellow trim goes with gray walls

You can also bring brightness to your home with gray walls by combining it with mustard yellow. This color choice best suits homes with smaller rooms that have little access to natural light. The two combinations will make your house look expensive while creating the right moods indoors.

Since mustard yellow is a bright color, it will help you bring liveliness to the house. Also, it’ll create the right energy indoors, making the occupants feel relaxed most of the time.

If you have dark gray and mustard yellow walls, bring contrast. Do this by introducing brown undertones and patterns to help the rooms feel spacious and beautiful.

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6. Try Red Trim and Gray on Walls

6 red trim goes with gray walls

If you’re into bright colors, don’t shy away from doing red trim and gray walls. This combination will help you make your rooms feel energetic with a hint of drama. It will also get you a passionate look.

Red and gray walls will bring perfect contrast that will make your home welcoming. This is because the red color trim will enable the gray walls to look bright and warm. But you will have to be extra careful with your furniture and décor choice to avoid taking much attention from the walls.

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7. Bold the Look with Pink

7 pink trim goes with gray walls

If you’ve charcoal gray walls, then pink trim will do your rooms justice. Pink is a playful and sophisticated color. It will make your rooms look classy and elegant when combined with gray.

Go for lively pink shades when the gray walls are of darker shades. But you can also do light pink colors with gray and have an excellent look that’s relaxing and inviting. If you have pink and gray walls, avoid having too much bright décor. Instead, go for neutral colors.

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8. Taupe Trim and Gray Walls

8 taupe trim goes with gray walls
Source: Gulf Coast Cottages

Another color trim for those who like keeping everything simple is taupe and gray walls. It will make your space have a romantic feel which is relaxing and welcoming. It also helps make your rooms have a royal feel.

Gray walls bring out the maturity part of the house, while the taupe trim will create a playful look that’s cool to the eyes.

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9. Orange

9 orange trim goes with gray walls
Source: BHG

Another bright trim color that will add life to your gray walls is orange. However, you will have to tone down the furniture and décor choice to make the room cool while maintaining its vibrance.

Orange will work wonders on charcoal gray walls and will help you create an adventurous look. But you need to be creative with the color combination to have a calming effect.

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10. Go For Tan on Gray Walls

10 tan trim goes with gray walls
Source: Carla Aston

You will not go wrong by having a tan-colored trim on gray walls, especially for a light shade of gray. The bright and calm trim will create a perfect contrast on your walls making the rooms look elegant.

However, it’s advisable to use this color combination in a room or house with access to a lot of natural light.

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11. Hide Dirt with Beige Trim

11 beige trim goes with gray walls

You will not have dirty-looking walls when you’ve beige trims on gray walls as they will tend to hide dust. This makes the color trim the best choice for those in dusty areas that require regular cleaning.

The two combinations will make your room look cozy while maintaining a soft effect. You can brighten the look by adding more color through décor or curtains.

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12. Settle For Off White Trim

12 off white trim goes with gray walls

If you want a relaxed look indoors, an off-white trim on gray walls is the best choice. It will, however, blend well with a light shade of gray.

Moreover, off-white trim will draw attention from the gray walls, especially if they’ve flaws. Use off-white colors like light cream or warm white shades to get the calming effect from this combination.

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13. Go, Gray

13 gray trim goes with gray walls

Having gray trim on gray walls is also another hack that will make your rooms stand out. This combination will make your rooms appear bigger than they’re.

To make your house beautiful, have dark gray on the walls and dark gray on the trims. This will also create the perfect contrast.

14. Do Dark Brown Trim

713obSdMKpL. AC SL1500

If you want to have something bold on your gray walls, dark brown will not disappoint you. The earthy tone will enrich your rooms, making them look refreshing alongside the gray walls.

In addition, you can further add life to the space by adding brown elements like a brown table or artwork on the wall.

15. Silver Trim

Silver on dark gray walls is also a good choice. It will give you a versatile look and provide you with the chance to add depth to the space by combining brighter colors. So, you can have bright décor. But if you like it, relaxed and simple maintaining earthly colors will do.

For example, you can have silver trim, gray walls and a light blue ceiling. You will love the calming effect the color combination brings to your home.

16. Bring A Golden Touch with Gold Trim

16 gold trim goes with gray walls

You can use a golden trim on your gray walls and have a modern contemporary look. Gold will help you hide imperfections on the walls since it attracts people’s attention.

The best thing about a golden trim is that it blends well with almost all gray shades, so it won’t limit you. In addition, you can add some white color to the floors or furniture to make your rooms look elegant.

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17. Choose a Purple Trim

17 purple trim goes with gray walls
Source: Sotheby’s

Purple may brighten the gray walls depending on the shade you’ve settled for. For example, a brighter purple trim will help make your darker gray walls lively and vice versa. When you have purple and gray on the walls, look for other colors that match the two well.

Then incorporate them on the décor or furniture. But if you like keeping everything bold, don’t limit yourself. Instead, try out your favorite colors and bring life indoors.

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18. Work With Blue and White Trim

18 blue and white trim goes with gray walls

Mixing color trim is an in-thing currently and helps create a vibrant look in various settings. You can try it out by combining white and blue trim on your gray walls and see how classy it will look.

Remember, blue is a relaxing color that pairs well with both white and gray, so you won’t have worries blending them. You will have to be careful with your furniture choice to avoid bringing a dramatic look. Instead, be creative and opt for cooler coolers that will bring out your personality.

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19. Black And White Trim

19 black and white trim goes with gray walls

Don’t be afraid to mix these trim colors to have a striking combination. However, when mixing them, ensure you bring them to life by adding other bright elements, brown or taupe. This combination also works well with steel gray and makes you look clean and orderly.

20. Orange And Green Trim

Your space needs not stay dull because of dark gray paints on them. Instead, bring some taste to them by adding orange and green trim. For example, you can opt for a rich dark green trim with burnt orange.

This is a perfect idea for those who want to draw attention to once boring gray walls that made your house quiet.

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21.  Burnt Orange and Beige Trim

You can comfortably mix the two colors of trim and make your walls look unique. The charming soft, and calming effect these two will bring to your space will make your stay indoors worthy.

Go for color shades you’re comfortable with to avoid having a shouting or boring combination.

22. Keep It Simple with White and Beige Trim

You can also use two trim colors on your gray walls but keep it simple and elegant. Beige and white will, in this case, help you achieve this. You can decide to use them once in every room. Or have each in all the rooms but still maintain the fantastic look you’ve been yearning for.

You will not have problems finding décor that matches this combination since they’re both neutral colors. However, to bring life to the house, you need to add brighter cushions or art pieces on the walls.

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23. Bring Coziness with Yellow and Orange Trim

If you want to make your house warm and cozy, try the yellow and orange trim combination. The two colors blend well with gray walls and help bring life into the room. But be careful not to overdo them and have a boring look. If you have gray walls with yellow and orange trim, tone the look down by including nude furniture.

24. Combine Yellow and White

Yellow trim on one side of the gray wall and white on the other will make your house look beautiful. The bright yellow will help illuminate the dark gray walls making your home relaxing. On the other hand, the white trim will tone down the yellow color and show how clean you are. This combination can go well with white furniture or black ones.

25. Bring Posh and Style with Pink and Brown Trim

If you want to have a rustic feel with some color, this is the right combo. You can go for baby pink or bright pink, depending on your preference. However, the result will be posh and calming. If you don’t want to mix, more colors go for white furniture. But this doesn’t limit you if you’re into bright colors. Be creative and get a relaxing indoor feel.

Tips on how to settle for color trim

Having gray walls, which is a neutral color, makes some people think that they’ll blend it with any color trim. However, this may shock you since gray has some shades, which can be limiting. For this reason, you need to be creative and careful not to end up with the wrong combination. Here are tips to help you do this.

Go for a trim color that will compliment your gray walls

If you want to have an easy time settling for the right trim color, go for the one that compliments your gray walls. With this, you’ll create a warm space that’s inviting to stay in. you can consider orange or red if you’ve warm light gray shade walls. But ensure you test the trim paint on a surface to see how it looks before buying it.

Go for glossy trim

Trim color shouldn’t make your rooms attractive but also give you easy time cleaning. So, go for a glossy trim color that you’ll clean with ease and reflect light into the rooms all through. A glossy trim will also help you create unique contrast on your gray walls making your home look beautiful all the time.

Work with contrasting trim color on bold dark gray walls

Another hack that will enable you to blend gray walls without a struggle is contrasting trim colors. This is for those with bold dark gray walls and also want to bring out their personalities. Such a combination will help your space look beautiful while portraying your confidence.  Contrasting trim colors are green, blue, off-white and red.

Be creative and consistent

After deciding on the trim color for your gray walls, creativity will help bring out something extraordinary. You can also decide to be consistent with the colors you’ve chosen. For example, maintain the same trim colors in common rooms like the kitchen and living room. But then you can be creative with other colors in your bedroom to make it unique.

Bottom Line

We hope that this guide on color trim on gray walls has been helpful to you. Note that color trims help create a beautiful indoor space that’s relaxing and calming. With gray walls, your choice of color trim will revolve around your personality and creativity.

So, if you want to brighten the room, go for bright trim colors. But you can also keep it simple and elegant by adding neutral colors on gray walls. Do you have any ideas you can add? Feel free to do so in the comments section.