30+ Extremely Easy And Clever DIY Projects

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

DIY is the new cool and trendy. As creative as they are, some people still find these activities difficult. In this article, we will suggest 30 easy DIY projects you can do.

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1. Sharpie mugs

1 clever diy projects

 All you have to do is get a plain mug, write with a sharpie and place it in the microwave for 30 minutes. Voila! 


2. Turn a T-shirt into a work-out tank

2 clever diy projects

 All you need here is an old or fairly used t-shirt and scissors to turn your fairly-used t-shirt into a comfortable work out outfit. 


3. DIY Ombre nails

3 clever diy projects

This ombre nail is an easy DIY. It is very easy to achieve. Instead of your regular single-colored nails, you can try something as this catchy.


4. Use bookends as floating bookshelf

4 clever diy projects

 You can remodel your wall space and make it look organized.


5. Transfer photo onto a slab of wood

5 clever diy projects

This creative DIY is easy. All you have to do is follow this pictorial tutorial accordingly. You’ll need a slab of wood, gel medium, paper picture, sponge, and mod podge to create this DIY. You can save memories in this way and exercise your creative ability.

Tutorial: parentalperspective, agirlandagluegun 

6. Heart shaped ring made with wire

6 clever diy projects

This pretty DIY ring requires only wire, pliers and a little of your effort. Where creativity comes in is folding/bending the wire to get the perfect circle and heart shape the ring shows.


7. Nail polish key covers

7 clever diy projects

 Painting the head of your keys would go a long way in making it easier for you to identify what key you need to use at any particular time. You only need nail polish for this DIY.


8. Travel flat iron holder out of holder

8 clever diy projects

 While it is easy to make, this is also a thoughtful and essential DIY because you don’t have to wait for your flat iron to cool off before packing it up.

Source: thediydreamer, yourcreativejuices

9. DIY spray paint

9 clever diy projects

You can make your spray paint at home. You’ll need acrylic and water. Dilute two parts acrylic and one part water together to achieve this DIY spray paint.


10. Make your shelve

10 clever diy projects

You can customize your shelves by arranging two ladders and stacking planks in between the ladder rows. This DIY will beautify your room and give you a sense of organization.


11. Wooden ballet couch

11 clever diy projects

Are you on a low budget? If your answer is Yes, then this DIY couch is for you. You will need wooden pallets, foam/mattress and paint to achieve this project.

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12. Bike rack from wooden pallets

12 clever diy projects

Another way you can put wooden pallets to good use is by making a rack. This way you can organize your garage without having to stress too much.


13. Fireflies in a jar night lantern

13 clever diy projects

This DIY only requires glow sticks, diamond glitters and a jar. This will beautify your room, especially at night, when the lights go off.


14. Ramekins coffee beans and tea candle lights

14 clever diy projects

The warmth that emanates from the candles leaves the room smelling amazing.


15. Glitter anything with mod podge

15 clever diy projects

You can use mod podge and glitter to make your world glow! 

Source: kitkraft, myprojectsandfinds

16. Turn clothes hanger into shoe hanger

16 clever diy projects

 Well, until you’re ready to give your shoes out, you can use some of your clothes hangers to store them.

Source: madeinmyhome, epbot

17. Necklace holder from furniture knobs

17 clever diy projects

Many women have lots of necklaces and no way to organize them. You can try this DIY out.

Source: visiblymoved.blogspot.com, www.scoopcharlotte.com

18. Window shutter for mail holder

18 clever diy projects

This is a DIY postcard stand you can easily incorporate into your house décor. Chic!

19. Stack PVC paint cans for shoes

19 clever diy projects

Instead of throwing away those paint cans, you can make storage space to store your shoes.


20. Cut up old T-shirt into DIY tie shirt

20 clever diy projects

You can turn that old t-shirt into a cute tie shirt. How cool is that!


21. Lamp made of water jug and headlamp

21 clever diy projects

You can use this idea for emergency lighting at home or when you go camping. 


22. Wrap a scarf to make a draped skirt

22 clever diy projects

This cute draped skirt is pretty easy even though it looks complicated. That’s the beauty of DIY!


23. Turn cheap frames into chalkboard stand

23 clever diy projects

To achieve this framed chalkboard stand, you’ll need just frames and chalkboard paint. Incredibly easy!


24. Color your shoes with nail polish

24 clever diy projects

Want to stand out at an event? This nail polish colored soles will do the job!


25. DIY stool from old magazines

25 clever diy projects

 Get a pillow, two belts, and some old magazines to create your stool. 


26. Letter bottles with hot glue guns

26 clever diy projects

You can use hot glue guns to letter your bottles with words that you enjoy seeing. 


27. Body pillow

27 clever diy projects

This easy body pillow can be achieved by sewing five pillowcases together.


28. DIY hexagonal nuts bracelet

28 clever diy projects

For this hex nut bracelet, all you need to do is follow this pictorial instruction. You can even present this as a gift to loved ones!

Source: honestlywtf, www.cutoutandkeep.net

29. Corks frames bulletin board

29 clever diy projects

Glue corks into frames to create an artsy bulletin board.

Source: simplyem.blogspot.com, www.girljustdiy.com

30. Fill mason jars with Christmas light

30 clever diy projects

 You can revamp your Christmas décor by stuffing the light into a mason jar to create that homey feel.

As attractive as these projects are, they are very easy to make. Even a lazy person can achieve all of these with little effort. Enjoy!

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