42+ Creative DIY Pegboard Ideas and Projects

Last Updated on January 1, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Ever heard about pegboards? Pegboards offer a beautiful and inexpensive way to get organized. Many DIY pegboard ideas do exist, and you need to consider them for organizing some parts of your house.

best pegboard ideas

What can you do with pegboard?

You need an order in your room. Pegboards are an inexpensive way to organize almost everything in your house.

How do you make a pegboard hook?

Below are the simple procedures that can help you make a pegboard hook.

  • Get a metal wire for the purpose
  • You then measure the wire lengths and cut them for the hooks
  • It’s now time to hook the cables
  • Complete them and attach them to the pegboard.

How much weight can a pegboard hold?

Pegboards are very surprising and will support the weights of different items. The maximum weight that it can help can be 100lbs. Every hole will support 5lbs. You need to mount the hooks on the pegboards accurately.

How far off the wall does pegboard need to be?

A half-inch away from the wall will do. It’s is the right standoff space for every pegboard.

How do you keep pegboard hooks from falling off?

To keep them firm, you will need to place the hooks at the designated place, after which you lift the bottom of each peg as you add a dab of hot glue to the back. You will then press the pin against the pegboard to allow the glue to dry up. You will later move the pegs by softening the hair dryer.

42+ DIY Pegboard Ideas

Let’s consider the 42 DIY pegboard ideas that you can employ!

1. The kitchen tool pegboard

1 diy pegboard ideas

This idea excels in the kitchen. It’s an excellent way to organize all the kitchen utensils inexpensively!


2. The painted pegboard

2 diy pegboard ideas

We love the painted pegboard due to its beautiful designs. It’s a unique way to reserve a place to organize anything!


3. The desk décor

3 diy pegboard ideas

The desk décor pegboard organizer is just one of the best DIY pegboard ideas that warm the hearts! It’s so lovely, and it’s worth using this idea.


4. The sports gear organizer

4 diy pegboard ideas

Keeps your sports gear in the most organized manner using the DIY pegboard idea?


5. Do you love to craft?

5 diy pegboard ideas

Set apart the craft room and install the pegboard for the organization of the craft tools!


6. The pegboard nursery storage

6 diy pegboard ideas

We don’t have to tell you this. You can see how cute the pegboard idea can sort the disorder in the room.


7. The closet organizer

7 diy pegboard ideas

DIY pegboard can be so high in organizing your closet. It’s just a simple way to put things in order.


8. The cross stitch art

8 diy pegboard ideas

The cross stitch art is charming. It’s what we get. We employ a fantastic pegboard idea.


9. The kid headboard

9 diy pegboard ideas

Pegboard ideas can be great for your kid’s toys.


10. The homework station

10 diy pegboard ideas

The pegboard can create a fantastic homework station for you and your kids. Look at this smart homework station!


11. Let it be your side table

11 diy pegboard ideas

Not everything needs a schedule. You can employ the pegboard ideas as your side table.


12. DIY wall storage pegboard

12 diy pegboard ideas

Yes, it’s storage side. We love the pegboard wall storage. It’s the simplicity that makes it outstanding.


13. The drawer dish storage

13 diy pegboard ideas

Did you even think that the pegboard can be an excellent drawer dish storage?

14. The cross stitch coat rack

14 diy pegboard ideas

Coatrack is very lovely. It is also part of the wall décor that you may consider.


15. Laundry organization

15 diy pegboard ideas

Organizing a laundry room can be so disturbing, but not when you consider the practical application of the pegboards! It simplifies everything.


16. The pegboard craft storage

16 diy pegboard ideas

Many craft items may require a specific storage area. You need this DIY pegboard storage idea to save you the hassles of a disorderly art room!


17. The pegboard work station

17 diy pegboard ideas

One of the fantastic pegboard ideas is the work station idea! We love how it gives that simple way to hang the items such as the hammer and the rest! It’s, of course, the milestone idea.


18. The pegboard headboard art

18 diy pegboard ideas

At the end of your bed, you can have a pegboard idea, to make things simpler for you! Hang your watch and small accessories on that pegboard!


19. The jewelry storage

19 diy pegboard ideas

Design a specific room that will serve as your jewelry station! Make it simple by using the fantastic pegboard idea.


20. The tiny kitchen storage

20 diy pegboard ideas

This is one of the best ideas that you can consider for the kitchen room. Use pegboard idea to bring order in your kitchen.


21. Office pegboard wall

21 diy pegboard ideas


22. Craft room

22 diy pegboard ideas

23. Home office

23 diy pegboard ideas


24. For home office desk doesn’t have drawer

24 diy pegboard ideas


25. Closet makeover

25 diy pegboard ideas


26. Colorful pegboard

26 diy pegboard ideas


27. Craft room pegboard

27 diy pegboard ideas


28. Craft space

28 diy pegboard ideas

29. Pegboard wall

29 diy pegboard ideas


30. Craft room organizers

30 diy pegboard ideas


31. DIY Painted Cross Stitch Art

31 diy pegboard ideas


32. Pegboard Jewelry Organizer

32 diy pegboard ideas


33. Summer station pegboard

33 diy pegboard ideas


34. DIY pegboard for dorm rooms

34 diy pegboard ideas


35. Office makeover

35 diy pegboard ideas


36. Pegboard Christmas tree card holder

36 diy pegboard ideas


37. Pegboard Christmas tree

37 diy pegboard ideas


38. Pegboard Luminary

38 diy pegboard ideas


39. Pink pegboard

39 diy pegboard ideas


40. Spinning jewery display rack

40 diy pegboard ideas


41. Pegboard spice rack for kitchen

41 diy pegboard ideas


42. Pegboard words

42 diy pegboard ideas



The DIY pegboard ideas are just so appealing! It’s simple and the most inexpensive way to organize your tools, jewelry, clothing, and even the study items! Consider these smart pegboard application options and find reasons to have peace at your niche.