23+ Creative Pull-out Storage Ideas for Bathroom

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

In our current lifestyle, things are becoming more and more complicated. We have complex lives, with complex things and ideas. These things also give way to newer and more modern machinery and technology one can use in this era.

Creativity is all around us, and we can witness creativity even in the smallest of items around us. Creativity can also be seen in our everyday storage items and places. Pull-out storage systems are all in rage right now. Here are 20 coolest pull-out storage ideas for your bathroom.

best pull out storage ideas for bathroom

1. The drawer basket

The drawer basket

In this design, you get a long drawer with a basket fit inside. This horizontal drawer packs a lot of space, especially for clothes that you have kept to be put in the dryer. Easy to pull out, this is actually a wonderful storage option.

2. Multiple chambers

Multiple chambers

In this design, you just need to have a long, horizontal wooden drawer with a number of chambers. This too, packs in a lot of space, and the best part about this is that you can keep a lot of things here together in compartments.

3. The white cupboard

The white cupboard

This is a simple yet quite an amazing storage option. This looks just like a normal white cupboard, but it has several compartments and a sliding door.

4. Multiple drawers

Multiple drawers

This storage option is for tables. You can have multiple drawers that come out on top of another, and are perfect to keep everyday toiletries without any hassle. Additionally, they look quite chic too.

5. The blue and white cupboard

The blue and white cupboard


This cupboard is painted with two colors, blue and white. This provides a very light contrast and a peaceful appeal to the whole cupboard, and you can also pack a number of things in it like your towers and perfumes. Also, this has a sliding door.

6. The greyish-brown combination

The greyish-brown combination

This is a storage drawer, that is smaller in size than the previous ones. This has a greyish-brown tint, with a polished structure. Even though this is smaller in size, this has quite a bit of space and fits in tiny areas.

7. The bottom black-cream combo

The bottom black-cream combo

This is a drawer styled cupboard, or you can also call it a mixture of the two. The bottom part of the cupboard has a number of horizontal drawers, coloured with the combination of two colours- Black and cream.

8. The little white space

The little white space

This is a tiny cupboard, which you can preferably place under your sink. It can go well with the white coloured walls of your bathroom, and even though small, it is actually pretty cute and has a lot of storage space too.

9. The mirror cupboard

The mirror cupboard

This is a cupboard that is stuck in front of your mirror, which has a door, and you can place your daily necessities like your mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush. This is actually quite handy and useful for people who have a long morning routine.

10. The polished brown and cream

The polished brown and cream

This colour combination actually goes very well with a modern bathroom décor. These colours are slightly contrasting, and are perfect for your shower cupboards.

11. The stunning black and white

The stunning black and white

This is another colour combination you can go for. This gives a classy look to your bathroom, especially if you build it in a black and white marble setting.

 12. The door with multiple shades of brown

The door with multiple shades of brown

The most stunning feature of this design is the sliding door, which is coloured in five different shades of brown, one beside the another.

13. The tray

The tray

This cupboard is designed with two trays, positioned like drawers, that can come out with a set of toiletries. You can use this under the sink as well.

14. The light white combination

The light white combination

This combination looks great in bathrooms because it helps light to reflect and lets the bathroom shine perfectly.

15. The grey long drawers

The grey long drawers

This is a design for people who love the colour grey. This bathroom has several long and high cupboards, which are fit perfectly, and painted grey to give it a modern, polished look.

16. The mirror side cupboard

The mirror side cupboard

This is an open cupboard, placed on the two sides of your wall mirror. This is easy to build, and access as it has no doors, and looks great too.

 17. Bricks on the wall

Bricks on the wall

This bathroom has a wall texture that makes it look like there are bricks present on them. The cupboard can be white, to go with the texture, and can be placed outside the shower curtain.

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18. The door trays

The door trays

This cupboard has trays on the door, which you can use to keep your favourite products.

19. The trays

The trays

This cupboard isn’t like a traditional one, as it has trays fitted rather than shelves.

20. The dark brown cabinet

The dark brown cabinet

This is a small cabinet fitted on the wall, preferably in the dark brown colour, to go with the white walls of the bathroom.

21. Large pull-out storage

Large pull-out storage


22. Bath mirror with pullout

Bath mirror with pullout


23. Sliding column

Sliding column



No matter what, the real thing about any pull-out storage system, is the storage space. If it has your desired storage space, then you can go for it.