30+ Charming DIY Vintage Decor Ideas and Designs

Everyone loves to try new décor ideas in their home, which are just vintage and so magical for a look. When the décor ideas evolve over time with even simple and cheap items used to create vintage designs, we are presenting to you 30 DIY Vintage Décor Ideas below that will be always a proud possession of yours when implemented.

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1. A Vintage Wooden Shelf with Herb Jars

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A vintage old pallet shelf decorated with some old jars of herb plants is such a simple but yet an amazing idea to create a vintage look in your indoor home space.

2. A Vintage Wall with old Plates

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Even if you do not have much of something vintage with you, just picking up a few old designed plates and covering a well-painted wall in your house is enough to create all that you call a real Vintage!

3. A Vintage Botanical bulb

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You can easily modify and repurpose a few old lightbulbs to create these vintage botanical design items, which can design your home with beauty and style.

4. A Vintage Candelabra

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An old chandelier light can be easily converted into a vintage candelabrum to hold your candles, which will always give you that vintage look.

5. A Vintage Suitcase Cabinet

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An old unused suitcase can be easily changed into a vintage looking fancy cabinet to store and give a vintage view to your precious items.

6. A Vintage Style Bench

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An old crib in your house might be the most space-wasting item in your home that can be upgraded to this vintage looking style bench.

7. Vintage Shoe Racks

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Your old wooden boxes can be used as DIY shoe racks with some minimal styling and design like shown in this brilliant vintage décor idea.

8. A Vintage Framed Earring Hanger

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This amazing vintage looking earring hanger can be built from an old frame available in your house and can be a proud possession to display your vintage love.

9. A vintage Window Art

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An old vintage frame can be hanged with some decorations and arrangement of your old pictures to create an ultimate vintage piece in your house.

10. Vintage Suitcase Shelves

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This brilliant idea to suspend all your old suitcases in your walls and use them as shelves is just magical and vintage enough to be the perfect attraction in your living room.

11. Vintage Funnel Candles

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This simple idea to convert your old funnels to hold your candles is not just vintage but also very satisfying.

12. Vintage Distressed Furniture

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You can easily distress your old and cheap furniture using vinegar to keep vintage looking old furniture creations.

13. Vintage DIY Workman’s Bedside Décor

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This easy to do bedside décor is too vintage and magical for you to miss from trying it yourself in your home.

14. Vintage Old Games Wall Décor

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You can easily convert your old board games glued together to create a wall display décor which will be really colorful and vintage.

15. Vintage DIY Suitcase Cat Home

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You can convert your old suitcases arranged by doing a DIY project to create vintage looking pet homes if you own a cat in your home.

16. Vintage Old Spring Planter

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You can use your old springs to create planter décor ideas for your potted plants, which looks simple but yet, very magical.

17. Vintage DIY Dyed Jars

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It is very easy to dye your old jars into colorful prints and designs, which can be used to store items or used to grow small herbs and plants.

18. Vintage DIY Wood Time-Table

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You can use your old table and redesign the same with your old clock’s dial to create vintage Time-Table concept tables for your bedrooms.

19. Vintage Kitchen Storage Scale

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20. Vintage Suitcase Towel Holder

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21. A Vintage Wooden Pallet Ceiling

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22. Vintage Jewelry Box

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23. Vintage Glass Bottle Lamp

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24. Vintage Storage spaces

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25. Vintage Wine Cabinet

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26. Vintage Side Table

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27. Vintage Antique Jewelry Holder

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28. Vintage Pencil Holders

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29. Vintage Frames

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30. Vintage Wine Rack

30 diy vintage decor ideas

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Creating Vintage Decor Ideas is not a very tough job in hand because of the reusability of the old available items and things around your home. It is very simple to assemble things and give it a new design of your own to create that final vintage look. All the above décor ideas can be taken as a DIY project and tried by yourself to create magical outcomes.

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