20+ Great Things to Do with your nail Polish

NAIL POLISH CRAFT IDEASNail Polish is a common beauty item, found in most women’s beauty stores. Nail polish is used to color your nails and give your hands and feet a brand new appearance. But there are several other ways in which one can use nail polish. It can be used to create a number of different objects and can be used in the making of several crafts. They are made from synthetic colors, therefore, they last longer than other colors. Here are 20 amazing things you can do with your nail polish. 

20 Great Things to Do with your nail Polish

1. Necklace:

You can get yourself a plain necklace and color it using your nail polish. This can give it a whole new shine and shimmer, and you can also turn a boring metal necklace into a stunning, colorful one. Information Source:

2. Neon Shoes:

You can also use your nail polish to paint your boring old shoes and give them a new shine. You can paint them the way you want, and the paints last longer than other generic colors. Information Source:

3. Phone Covers:

You can also use your nail polish to color your phone back covers. Nowadays everyone has smartphones, and you can make your smartphone look even smarter with a colorful back cover. Information Source: 

4. Bangles:

You can use your old nail polish to color your bangles and give them a whole new look. This would save you from the hassle of actually buying new bangles as you can reuse your old ones. Information Source: 

5. Sunglasses:

You can also paint the borders of your sunglasses using your nail polish. This will give a cool new look to your boring sunglasses and will save you a lot of money as well. Information Source:

6. Bottle Cap Magnets:

You can also make yourself some very colorful bottle cap magnets using your nail polish. You just need a bottle cap and stick a magnet under it. You can color the surface in whichever way you want to get your desired effect.Information Source: 

7. Earphones:

You can also paint the strings of your earphones using your nail polish. In this way, you can make your earphones look a lot more colorful and vibrant than their original color.Information Source: 

8. Shoe soles:

You can paint the soles of your shoes using your nail polish. This can give a posh and a brand new effect to your old shoes. Information Source: 

9. Makeup Brushes:

You can also paint your makeup brushes to give them a brand new look. You can use your nail polish to color them, as these colors last longer than generic paints.Information Source: 


You can make some amazing bookmarks using your nail polish, some buttons and page holders. These bookmarks don’t require a lot of time to be made and can be made without wasting too much money. additionally, they look really pretty. Information Source: 

11. Seashell accessories:

You can get some fake seashells for yourself, and you can paint them using nail polish to give them a brand new look. You can use these seashells in several ways but looks best as beauty accessories.Information Source

12. Pins:

Talking about beauty accessories, you can also use the nail polish colors to paint your regular hairpins, to give them a whole new look. You can color them in whichever way you want, and add some glitter to make them shine a bit more. Information Source: 

13. Earrings:

You can also color some of your earrings using your old nail polishes. You can choose your own idea and design, and turn them into prettier earrings. Information Source: 

14. Painted marbles:

You can also use your nail polish to paint some marbles that you can use as wall hangings or table art. Information Source: 

15. Mugs:

If you have some plain mugs at home, then you can use your nail polish to color them. In this way, you can give those old mugs a whole new look, and you can also add in some stickers or glitter to make them even more vibrant. Information Source: 

16. Spoons:

You can paint the edges of your spoons to give them a color-coordinated look. This will not only add a bit of fun in your boring kitchen, but also make it easier for you to keep your spoons from being lost.Information Source: 

17. Keys:

You can also color-coordinate your keys using a little bit of nail polish. It will be easier for you to remember the function of these keys if they are well coordinated using a color scheme. Information Source: 

18. Paper Art:

You can also use your nailpolish to create amazing paper art, that you can hang in your bedroom. You can choose your own design and color scheme, and reinvent your bedroom wall using some amazing paper art. Information Source:

19. Crystals:

If you like to collect crystals, then there is some good news for you. You can use your nail polish to give those crystals a whole new look. The glitter in the nail polish helps to add some shine to the crystals, which can give it your desired sheen.Information Source: 

20. Glass hangings:

You can also use your nail polish to paint on glass, in case you don’t have fabric colors. They will provide a beautiful look to your living room walls.Information source:


No matter what, it is your ideas and imagination that decide how beautiful a particular work of art will be. You can use a number of materials to make them, but it’s your perspective that counts. 


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