20+ Best Entryway Bench Decor Ideas

Last Updated on July 7, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

What appeals to the eye first, needs to be given utmost importance. Entryways, are the real superheroes. They make or break the tone of an occasion. Entryway benches can be creatively presented to amplify the look and feel of a home.

entryway bench decor ideas

How to build an entryway bench?

Depending on taste and area available entryway benches are customised but a typical bench is 35 inches in length, 11 inches in width and 17 inches in height. You could add your flavour to it to make it look appealing. Some like it bling, some rustic and some sober.

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Here are 20 creative entryway bench ideas that will leave you drooling:

1. The simple bench

1 entryway bench ideas

This one is easy to make at home. No-fuss, hassle-free and beautiful to look at.

2. The rustic bench

2 entryway bench ideas

This is for the ones who like it unfinished and raw. Looks good; serves the purpose.

3. The complex bench

3 entryway bench ideas

This entryway bench sure looks lovely, but one needs to have real deep pockets to own it. This one also has an attached foyer mirror and some storage space.


4. The multi-purpose bench

4 entryway bench ideas

This bench looks like it has taken the burden of the world on itself to accommodate practically everything. It looks compact but highly efficient.

5. The storage bench

5 entryway bench ideas

This bench looks compact and has ample storage space. What’s more? It also saves space in the entryway.

6. The bling bench

6 entryway bench ideas

Bright and vibrant, this bench sets the tone for anybody entering the house.

7. The aesthetic one

7 entryway bench ideas

This is for the one who puts aesthetics above all else.

8. The posh bench

8 entryway bench ideas

This one looks dapper and adds value by saving space. This can be used in offices or homes.

9. The cosy bench

9 entryway bench ideas

Makes you want to cuddle up at the entryway with a hot cup of coffee.


10. The fashionista

10 entryway bench ideas

For the one who has refined taste. This bench can make eyeballs roll.

11. The comfy bench

11 entryway bench ideas

This bench can give the couch a run for its money.

12. The bright one

12 entryway bench ideas

This one brings an instant smile on one’s face. Looks stylish and pleasing to the eye.


13. The one with a backrest

13 entryway bench ideas

This entryway bench apart from looking great also makes one feel comfortable.


14. The girly one

14 entryway bench ideas

Every woman would desire to have this in her house. Looks drop-dead gorgeous.


15. The cupboard bench

15 entryway bench ideas

If storage and good looks are key ingredients that you are looking for, then this one is perfect for you.

16. The treasure chest

16 entryway bench ideas

This comes with special storage space underneath, looks compact and could fit in any household.

17. The ‘L’ shaped bench

17 entryway bench ideas

This is ideal for families that have many members or who often have guests visiting. This long ‘L’ shaped bench provides enough storage for a city.

18. The rustic bench

18 entryway bench ideas

This is perfect for a country fan. Looks raw and rugged.

19. The DIY bench

19 entryway bench ideas

This can be made by anybody at home. You could also add your favourite colours to the walls that blend with your brand new piece of art.

20. Another DIY bench

20 entryway bench ideas

This one is with a bit more finesse but still remotely rustic. This one can also be made at home with minimal effort and maximum creativity.


Entryway benches are always appreciated by the ones visiting you. This can be a great way to engage your visitors, family, friends etc. al. Entryway benches also make for a good ice breaker. So what are you waiting for? Go pick up that favourite bench of yours or just get those wooden planks out and DIY!