35+ Beautiful Modern Entryway Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we believe it is acceptable to assess a home by its entryway in many circumstances.

Your home’s entry, whether it’s a large mansion or a modest apartment with a corner at the door, is the first thing people see when they come into your house and the vision that greets you every day.

Consider the entry hall as a chance to dazzle visitors. The doorway sets the tone for the rest of your house, whether it’s a towering room capped with a shimmering chandelier or a homey foyer with rustic wood floors and an arrangement of blossoms. 

This temporary location is ideal for displaying a modern accent table and striking mirror, a large picture or sculpture, or an intricately tiled floor with a bright color palette.

modern entryway ideas designs

1. It should be light and bright.

Hallways, whether at the front or in the middle of the house, are prone to feeling dark and cramped. Trying to maximize light flow across a whole space is a cornerstone of contemporary design, so bear that in mind, particularly for limited hallway ideas.

Sticking to lighter colors like white or soft neutrals on the walls can help the area feel brighter and bigger, whether you have a lot of natural light in the room or not.

They’ll seem more cohesive if the remainder of your house is mostly neutral. It’s crucial to consider carefully about the colour theme you choose for the hallway, making sure that whatever colors you choose are complementing the other sections.

2. Select a modern mirror

2 modern entryway ideas

A hallway mirror is necessary for a fast check-in on your attire before leaving the house. A mirror can be both functional and decorative; use them in your tiny entryway ideas to make the area feel larger, or create a design statement with your frame, size, shape, and style selection.

Choose something basic but appealing to generate a modern vibe in your entryway. Replace baroque frames with modern shapes, such as a perfect circle, which is a modern favorite.

It’s a design option that’s both sleek and sharp, but gentle and friendly at the same time, suspended above the console table with caramel colored glass.

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3. Choose a stylish console table.

3 modern entryway ideas

A console table, especially with a drawer, is perfect for storing keys, mail, and flower arrangements. Choose the slickest version you can find for a modern take on this corridor furniture mainstay.

Console tables are intrinsically built to work with modern design ideas since they must be unobtrusive and slim, and they often appear best when they are at their most basic. 

If you want to add visual appeal, consider architecturally: the curving legs, rather than any fussier detailing, add aesthetic value to this feature table. Then, using your entry table design ideas, you can give it a little more personality.

4. With artwork, you may express yourself.

4 modern entryway ideas

A hallway should reveal who you are and what your home and decor say about you to your visitors. Choose colors and contemporary hallway decor ideas that complement your favorite artwork, fabrics, pictures, or whatever else you want to display on your walls.

You can’t get more original than putting a piece of artwork you adore in your hallway if you want to add individuality into it.

Without filling up any floor space, artwork may have a tremendous effect. In tight corridors, use grids of artwork to create a sense of spaciousness.

Use a grid of bold abstract artwork with a dark grey wall – deeper tones are a wonderful backdrop for displaying off art, which you would not anticipate.

5. Chandelier lighting that is modern

5 modern entryway ideas
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Lighting ideas for hallways are critical to making these cramped spaces work. Layer your lighting to ensure that every nook and corner is adequately lighted — and, if your ceiling is high enough, think about making a dramatic entry with a chandelier.

No, contemporary-style chandeliers and statement pendants aren’t exclusively for stately houses; they may help you establish your modern design aspirations from the moment you walk in the door.

Consider sputnik-style arrangements or a creative approach, like a globe chandelier composed of hundreds of porcelain butterflies.

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6. Use color to bring traditional paneling up to date.

6 modern entryway ideas
Source: Kathy Marshall Design

A small room can be given purpose and personality by painting it a different color. Of course, corridors don’t have to be neutral to seem modern.

To update historical characteristics like classic hallway paneling, use a brilliant sunny yellow paired with pristine white woodwork. This combination also works if the color is replaced with hallway wallpaper ideas.

Paint is the background to all rooms, and it may be imprinted with your individuality. Color blocks are quite popular and bring a lot of interest to a room.

Dark colors beneath the dado rail contrast beautifully with new white timber and lighter colors above, effectively hiding scuffs and blemishes.

7. Keep an entryway bench to a bare minimum.

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For a successful contemporary plan, it’s important to get back to fundamentals – however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relax.

Even if you’re attempting to keep your furniture to a minimum, an entrance bench is still necessary for putting on and taking off shoes. It’s important to maintain the design as minimal as possible to make it feel current.

A bench with a leather seat and slim black legs provide a touch of dark flair and depth to this white corridor, but it doesn’t overpower. If you’re going to utilize a bench for entryway shoe storage, go for lighter colors and a simple design to offset any bulkiness.

8. Tiles made of natural stone

7 modern entryway ideas

Hallways are your home’s busiest thoroughfares, with people who pass by each other at all hours of the day. Although you may want your treatments to be fashionable, you’ll also need them to be durable.

If the correct stone and finish are selected, natural stone flooring may be one of the most tolerant floor coverings. Large natural stone tiles, either polished and clean or open to a little texture, are a terrific way to get a contemporary aesthetic with extra grandeur. 

Some stones are naturally harder than others, providing greater durability; nonetheless, any natural stone will experience some wear and tear over time.

9. Adopt a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic.

9 modern entryway ideas

‘Modern,’ of course, has varied connotations for different persons and times. Mid-century contemporary architecture has had a resurgence in recent years, so feel free to experiment with trends and items from the 1930s through the 1960s.

Consider the gentler, more geometric characteristics of late Art Deco, as seen in the wall sconces and accent table of this beautiful apartment, if you wish to go back to its earlier years.

As previously said, your entryway should compliment the rooms surrounding it, so keep this in mind while considering mid-century contemporary interior ideas.

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10. Crittall Wall in an Industrial Chic Style

10 modern entryway ideas

When you only have the window in the upper section of the front door to work with, acquiring light into an entry hallway can be difficult.

One extreme solution is to remove one corridor wall entirely and replace it with acrylic or glass. That’s exactly what this house has done, with a full Crittall wall separating the hallway from the living room. 

The Crittall wall lends a highly contemporary, industrial-chic aspect to the hall by allowing it to access light from the neighboring room’s windows.

11. Floors with Patterns

11 modern entryway ideas

Any designer will tell you the same thing: entering your house should be a memorable experience.

It’s time to stir things up further if you’re not excited or motivated when you come through the door. The professionals, without a doubt, know how to make a smart entry.

Swap typical hardwood floors for an interesting pattern if your foyer is looking a touch drab.

These elegant chevron bands offer subtle interest to the area without being too intrusive because they’re still made from wood. Bonus: The layout promotes flow by leading visitors to the core of the house.

12. Make a monochrome statement.

13 modern entryway ideas

This doorway exudes a sense of understated beauty. White is the most common hue in foyers; it illuminates the room and makes it feel larger, although it can be a touch boring. Without spending a fortune, add black elements to create contrast and bring the area to life. 

You may also try a creative, textured accent wall like the one shown here to liven up the basic black and white color combination. Mirror, plants, welcome signs, and pillows complete the appearance, and you’re ready to wow your visitors.

13. Natural Accents

12 modern entryway ideas

If you don’t have space for a distinct mudroom, use lovely wicker baskets to attractively put away debris and keep the space neat and visitor ready.

Baskets for storing shoes are one of the most popular items to find for an entryway. Visitors or friends will inevitably remove their shoes, resulting in a mound of shoes for visitors to trip over as they enter your home. 

Everyone will appreciate discovering an entry table with open storage below for large baskets to keep those unwanted shoes off the floor. An entrance with storage adds to the practicality of your table while also adding to its aesthetic appeal.

14. Lighting that makes a statement

14 modern entryway ideas

We may not all have a spacious entry hall, but a fashionable statement light can make a big impression even in a tiny area.

The greatest entryway lighting ideas should not only be functional for everyday usage but will also be a simple, economical change that can transform a space into a center point.

Often, there isn’t a lot of natural light in entryways. Even if you don’t want to add an accent piece, using the correct lighting options may make a big difference.

It’s all about the lighting. You want your visitors to feel at ease when they arrive, and appropriate lighting helps to create that atmosphere.

15. Office in the Entrance

15 modern entryway ideas

If you believe you don’t have enough room for a home office, reconsider. You don’t have to set up a whole space for your workplace. Because a doorway is sometimes underutilized, why not transform it into a welcoming workspace? 

There are flip desks with stow-away away chairs that may be hidden when not in use, as well as workstations incorporated into shelving units and dual-purpose closets for hanging coats and attending meetings.

You may even just add a tiny desk to a nook, as seen in the clever entrance office.

16. Drop zones should be outfitted.

16 modern entryway ideas
Source: lizmarieblog

A doorway is all too frequently used as a dumping area for shoes, jackets, and clutter. In a bustling home, beautiful baskets or hooks might be a fantastic way to avoid becoming lost in the chaos of life’s necessities.

If you need to make a tiny drop zone, choose a good piece of furniture, such as a cabinet or even an alcove, that allows you to hide stuff like keys and outerwear.

17. Practical seating may be dressed up.

17 modern entryway ideas

If you have the room, install an entrance bench. It’s so lovely to have a comfortable place to put your footwear on or wait for the entire family to arrive before going out. 

Keep your entrance ideas warm and comfortable when the weather cools down by adding soft blankets and cushions in warm natural tones – think fleecy winter cardigan for your foyer. The basic simplicity of this entryway is one of people’s favorites.

18. Seasonal flourishes

18 modern entryway ideas
Source: StoneGable

Fall decors for every room in the house include little seasonal elements like warm baskets, fallen leaves, adorable lettering, and pumpkins.

It doesn’t have to end there; a seasonal refresh may provide a welcome entrance for family and friends anytime they visit.

19. Use neutral tones that are bright and breezy.

19 modern entryway ideas

With its white wood floor, walls, and neutral sofas and blankets, this foyer seems light and airy.

We really like how this ancient wooden church pew has been cleverly dressed up with soft fabrics to make it more comfortable and inviting. With a wreath, watering can, and jug you’ve got yourself a winner.

20. Make yourself at home 

20 modern entryway ideas

These basic, numbered boxes make fantastic mudroom storage solutions and neatly store junk out of the way.

The rustic warm ambiance is enhanced with the couches, light, and adorable sign. Hanging a floral basket from the hooks is also a great idea.

Keep an entryway tidy as a suggestion for keeping it appearing great. Don’t use the entrance as a trash can. It may rapidly get packed and disorganized.

For homes with space constraints, it is recommended that the foyer be designed as a mud room, with a specific area for everything.

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21. Colors and forms that are unusual are included.

21 modern entryway ideas

An entryway is frequently a neglected and uninteresting location. With amusing themed entryway wallpaper ideas, mismatched decorations, sleek side tables, and fascinating objet d’art, have some fun and go a bit unorthodox.

It’s fine to combine textures and patterns when choosing objects for your entry. Allow enough contrast between the components so that they don’t compete with one another.

22. Sideboard Made of Warm Wood

22 modern entryway ideas
Source: Castlery

The sideboard is the single item of furniture that is inextricably linked to the mid-century modern aesthetic.

A rustic wooden sideboard is a terrific choice for your foyer, which shouldn’t come as much of a revelation. It offers secret storage for shoes, umbrellas, and other items. 

Above the upper surface, you may hang paintings or a mirror. Altogether, it looks fantastic in this location! One of people’s favorite mid-century modern entryways is this one.

23. Entrance to a Modern Farmhouse

23 modern entryway ideas

Speaking of trending trends, the contemporary farmhouse is sweeping the art world, and it’s a look people are swooning over for springtime and beyond!

It’s a mix of mid-century contemporary design features with warm farmhouse accents, resulting in a look that’s on-trend but grounded in vintage materials with appealing, rural overtones.

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24. Entryway in a modern bohemian style

24 modern entryway ideas
Source: Heather Bullard

The eclectic approach to blending diverse styles, textures, designs, and hues is at the heart of this aesthetic. However, we selected a simple but aesthetically fascinating bench as the space’s base and major piece, which provides ample sitting.

The contrast of materials between the real-time wood top and the galvanized steel base is a delightful one.

It incorporates mid-century modern design aspects as well, but it does it in a bohemian style. This space’s laid-back tone stresses ease of living.

25. Big is better.

25 modern entryway ideas

An enormous modern picture will become the main point of your entryway almost instantly. Choose a colorful abstract work of art. Alternatively, if you can afford it, commission a one-of-a-kind sculpture or family picture from a modern artist.

If modern art isn’t your thing, a gorgeous landscape shot of a favorite nature reserve or vacation destination can suffice.

This fresh entryway concept is based on the idea of the foyer as a transitional zone, where nature-inspired artwork will blend in perfectly.

26. Make a collage of photos

26 modern entryway ideas

Put on your interior decorator hat and create a wall gallery with your favorite family images. You may be as relaxed and casual — or as sleek and sophisticated — as you wish with this flexible doorway wall décor concept.

Choose a sequence of black-and-white photographs presented in white frames if you want to go for a minimalist modern look.

27. Bring the Outside in with You

27 modern entryway ideas

Plants are the most durable home décor items. Plants may not only give any place an organic feel, but they can also filter the air by removing some dangerous chemical components.

Choose plants that thrive in the shadow if your doorway lacks natural light. If you’re going to have numerous plants in your foyer, choose ones that are varied heights and textures to provide visual variety.

28. Choose a Classic Color Scheme

28 modern entryway ideas

Because of their universal appeal, white and gray are common color selections for entryways. These hues may be used as a backdrop for a variety of décor styles, which is the reason why they’re so popular.

Beige and pale hues are also lovely, timeless colors. These earthy tones emit their own charm and are a relaxing way to greet visitors.

29. Use Vibrant Colors

29 modern entryway ideas

Are you looking for simple and inexpensive entryway décor ideas that will wow your guests? The goal is to create an elegant feel in your foyer.

A solitary wall or the rear of your front door can be utilized. For a splash of color, choose a bright pink, yellow, blue, or orange.

You may even enlist the full rainbow if you don’t want to restrict yourself to just one color.

30. For Narrow Halls, Use Lighter Shades.

30 modern entryway ideas

For tiny entryways, spacious colors like green, blue, taupe, and light grey are ideal. They’ll quickly brighten up your entryway by reflecting additional light.

Paint the crown molding and decorative window frames in your foyer the same shade as the walls. This approach is used by professional designers to give the illusion of larger space.

Beach houses benefit from watery blues, while beige and cool gray work well in both modern and historic residences.

31. Entrance Hall in Rustic Style

31 modern entryway ideas

Using a lot of salvaged wood accents is the key to a rustic and warm décor style. Unfinished wood gives warmth and comfort to any space, whether it’s a simple picture collage made from bleached frames or a reclaimed barn door used as wall art. 

32. Traditional Front Door

32 modern entryway ideas

Hang a festive wreath on the entrance for a more traditional look (both inside and outside).

Classic colors such as beige, light grey, or white should be used on the walls. Investing in a high-quality handcrafted wood console table or cupboard is another classic foyer concept.

33. Small Entryway

33 modern entryway ideas

Just because your flat’s foyer is tiny doesn’t mean you can’t make it into a fashionable room that impresses your visitors.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to design a tiny entryway, consider using graphic wallpaper in a bright color like yellow or royal blue.

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34. Feature a Pet Portrait

34 modern entryway ideas

Contract an artist to create a highly detailed portrait of your pet to display in the foyer to welcome you and your visitors every time you enter.

35. Fill in the Blanks

35 modern entryway ideas

That uncomfortable location beneath the stairwell doesn’t have to be so awful. Enhance the empty space with an attractive sofa and a pair of miniature frames that complement the niche’s scale while also referencing the room’s other design elements, such as the monochrome stone tiles and intricate chandelier. 


Give your hallway some love and show it off because it is the first impression of your home. It might be difficult to strike the right balance when designing a modern entryway that expresses your style.

You won’t want to load a console table with family photographs or an eclectic mix of vintage antiques if you want a clean look.

In a tiny area, less is definitely more. Concentrate on a small number of well-designed furniture and décor pieces that reflect your own style.

Look for tables with clean lines rather than intricate carvings, and light fixtures with plain silhouettes rather than decorative curves. Allow your personality to come through with a small selection of your most cherished possessions.