30+ Best Entryway Rug Ideas and Designs

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If there is one thing that we could understand from entryway rugs, it is that we all deserve a well-arranged spot to make an entrance in. Like area rugs, entryway rugs come in different designs, patterns, colors, and shapes but its main aesthetic function is to soften, balance, and literally make an entryway space cozier and inviting. 

If you are currently looking for entryway rug ideas to match your living room design or patio entryways, here are some of the best ones to consider. We suited this list to the most common home designs as well as rug colors and designs. So, if you are scouring for the best match rugs to your entryways, read on. 

best entryway rug ideas

Farmhouse entryway rug ideas

If you observe closely, there are recurring themes in country or farmhouse home styles. In the same way, there are also design themes for entryway rugs that are claimed to be farmhouse styles.

These themes would be rugged, fading style, natural toned rugs, braided or woven rugs, as well as vintage designs. 

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1. Distressed Persian rug

1 entryway rug ideas

This foyer entryway rug, with its weathered look, gives the entryway a rustic, farmhouse feel that everyone would love. The distressed vibe of the rug gives off a cozy, homey, intimate feel because it feels like there is a lot of history and story in the home. 

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2. Stacks and layers

2 entryway rug ideas

This is an unpopular idea but stacking up two to three different sized rugs of brown, tan or beige colors really pop out rustic in an entryway. With the contrast of wood and other farmhouse elements, you can make an entryway a really inviting scene. 

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3. Basketweave rug

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If you want a contemporary farmhouse appeal, a basketweave design entryway rug is a good choice. Take this one for an example. It has the right thickness and cushion to make a good landing space in the entryway. The fiber and color overall exude an earthy tone which resonates farmhouse style homes. 

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Coastal entryway rug ideas

If you are living in a coastal area, consider waterproof rug materials made of natural fibers and those that would collect sand without getting messy. And if you are not necessarily living by the sea but just love a coastal vibe, you can go for stripes and nautical elements for your entryway rugs. 

4. Multi-colored stripes

4 entryway rug ideas

This sea blue, gray, and white entryway rug here gives a lot of beachy vibes as it seamlessly fits with the rugged coastal vibe of this entryway. It is thin, a bit cushioned and adds to the character of the low ceiling entryway, the shiplap walls, and the blue and white tones of the home. 

5. Sea elements

5 entryway rug ideas

Is there anything more coastal than entryway rugs and runners featuring sea elements? In this entryway runner, the focal point of the design would be seahorses.

Complementing sea elements would be corals and starfish. Not resorting to just the traditional blue and white tone gives more life and light in this entryway. 

6. Trendy characters

6 entryway rug ideas

You do not need to just be fixated with everything coastal or ocean elements when it comes to coastal entryway rugs.

Sometimes, outdoor entryway rugs with your favorite cartoon characters chilling by the beach printed on them could still evoke the coast. Like this one featuring the Sassy Lassies. 

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Small entryway rug ideas

7. Decorative square rugs

7 entryway rug ideas

This whole entryway arrangement is packed with a lot of decorative elements including the small entryway rug exactly by the door. It is high piled, made of natural fibers, and creates a sophisticated landing space for people who are coming in.

Aside from that, it is perfectly fitted to the size of the narrow door and has the same color tones with it, making the look more seamless and symmetrical. 

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8. Striped mat rug

8 entryway rug ideas

French doors are already refreshing in themselves because they offer a lot of natural light but adding tones of green, blue, and white in a small mat rug just simply adds cooler tones to a narrow foyer like this one. This reversible mat is also a practical choice because it is anti-slip, waterproof and stain proof. 

If you want a warmer striped tone and narrower stripe design to make the room feel narrower but fuller, here is a rust orange striped rug to consider. 

9 entryway rug ideas

9. Unique, colorful rugs

10 entryway rug ideas

The purpose of small, colorful rugs is to put the spotlight on a certain spot and to define the identity of a particular room. In this one, the vibrant rug serves as the landing space of everyone that goes inside the room. Because the colors are attractive, the person coming in can have time to wander his eyes in the feel of the room. 

Large entryway rug ideas

As they say, when in doubt, oversize. Long entryways deserve long runners too. Sometimes, short entryways make it seem like the entryway is messy, narrow, empty, and just an unloved spot. Long entryway rugs make it cozy and full. 

10. Cushioned runner

11 entryway rug ideas

This Australian home has narrow entryways so instead of settling for standard size entryway rugs, it made use of a cushioned long runner with contemporary tones and an ombre-like color pattern. With just that, it made the space not only lively but also warm and homey.

11. Funky large rug

12 entryway rug ideas

This transition design, compact home really benefited from this funky, galaxy design rug which almost covers the entire entryway. The cushioned large rug seamlessly fits in this clean, modern style home and offers a good contrast to the dark colored hardwood floor. It made the arrangement warmer and yet playful at the same time. 

12. Sophisticated hall entrance

13 entryway rug ideas

A hall-like home needs a carefully chosen sophisticated looking large rug. For instance, dark colored tired floors would benefit a lot from having a large rug because it softens the room. For this one, the Moroccan rug of red, beige and navy blue colors made the entrance more welcoming yet upscale still in feels. 

Contemporary entryway rug ideas

14. Color mosaic

14 entryway rug ideas

A flush of bold and vibrant tones is a daring choice, but it really pops off the monochrome in your home. For instance, this color mosaic, medallion rug here takes off the dullness in high traffic areas like entryways or even foyers. 

15. Deep blue tones

15 entryway rug ideas

Still in terms of bold colors, deep blue and white tones do not disappoint. This entryway rug here does not only add a contemporary look to the home but is also functional for low upkeep as its dark blue tones could conceal leaves and dirt.

16. Round chic rugs

16 entryway rug ideas

A printed, color popping rug with a circular shape gives an unexpected, contemporary flair to any entryway. Circular rugs in the entryway are not the most popular choice but they always make a stunning statement for the entire room.

Opting for printed, circular rugs also draw a lot of attention, making a beautiful landing spot for the entryway. 

17. Yellow runner rugs

17 entryway rug ideas

Regardless if you have light or dark colored floors or walls, you can never go wrong with the liveliness of yellow and how it freshens up even the narrowest entryway.

It gives all the contemporary vibes that you want to infuse into your entryway and with that, you should consider adding more bright colors into rugs. 

Modern entryway rug ideas

18. Black rug

18 entryway rug ideas

Bold monochromes like black really give an edgy take on modern and minimalist homes. Having black rugs in the entryway is another way to spruce up the minimalism of the home.

It provides a beautiful contrast to lighter walls and floors, and it just looks sleek. Take this one as an example. 

19. White rug

19 entryway rug ideas

For a clean look that adds an illusion of space, there is nothing chicer and more versatile than a white rug in your entryway.

It goes well with any home design, and it just brightens up the space. Having it in the entryway gives a full load of good impressions. This side entryway rug is made more chic by these pattern designs. 

20. Plain beige

20 entryway rug ideas

Monochromes are really associated with modern designs and this plain beige, circular rug here is one of the best choices for foyers and entryways. Even though it is plain colored, you would notice here that it still adds texture and layer to the white floor. That seamless connection is what makes up modern designs, so this is a sure fit. 

21-22. Mirroring colors

21 entryway rug ideas

Another modern flair would be the matching colors of the space and the rugs. For instance, this warm arrangement here just makes a seamless wood ensemble and the woven jute rug by the entrance add to that coziness.

The look is very cohesive, and the tall potted plant is enough to balance the earthy tones of the entrance. 

You can also mix and match the tones of the entrance hall with a well-picked low pile rug with a monochrome play and marbly design like this one. It has an upscale overall effect thanks to the right color coordination and the dim light of the pendant chandelier. 

22 entryway rug ideas

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Black and white entryway rug ideas

23. Textured black and white

23 entryway rug ideas

Think about black and white stripes, and then infuse geometric patterns. And then, give that rug a coarse base but with a cushioned and fussy look for its geometric patterns.

This is what this entryway rug looks like and it gives an interesting look to a supposedly plain black and white rug design. 

24. Low-pile, checkered outdoor rug

24 entryway rug ideas

For a simple yet inviting entryway rug, you can go for a plaid, black and white checkered outdoor rug. This one here is a medium sized rug which can also be used in layered rug designs. Instead of just patched, block colors, it also incorporates slanting lines to give it an angled and dynamic look. The mailman can easily be impressed by this rug!

25. Patterned matte black

25 entryway rug ideas

This large low pile rug features an edgy somewhat matte texture black rug base with white plant-like patterns. It is a good idea to accentuate this small entryway with this one since it widens the space and it is also functional in keeping the dirt and mud concealed with its patterned design. 

26. Hieroglyphs in black and white

26 entryway rug ideas

If you have a flashy home, full of vibrant colors on a splash of monochromes, you can go low-key yet add dynamics to it using a geometric rug like this black and white hieroglyph rug here. It looks modern, welcoming, and sleek, all at the same time. Plus, the etched lines are also interesting to look at. 

27. Grand image

27 entryway rug ideas

If you want a customized rug with a printed identity mark by the entrance hall, you can always do so, but it is always grander with black and white color combinations. Elite entry halls like the Versace house and other renowned fashion names have this and you should not limit your home with the typical rugs. 

Black and grey entryway rug ideas

28. Grey-black Turkish rug

28 entryway rug ideas

This foyer entryway rug does not provide a beautiful contrast to any monochrome interior but is also a good deal because it is reversible, water, stain, and blotch proof. This one goes well with lighter or darker floors, adding warmth to a foyer entryway and other high traffic areas, in general. 

29. Monochrome patchwork

29 entryway rug ideas

The appeal of black and grey is enhanced by cohesive designs and geometric patterns. In this patio entryway, modern monochrome patches of black, grey and white finely elevate a dull, monotonous, and small space. With just a few accent pieces, it also makes the area an illusion of fullness. 

30. Patterned black and grey

30 entryway rug ideas

There is no limit to what can be incorporated in a black and grey entryway rug. For a sophisticated look on a contrast of all white walls and wood floors, this floral patterned black and grey back patio rug is a good catch. It brings out a playful side in an otherwise plain, monochrome. 


Well, aside from the entryway rug ideas we have listed here, there is also some vital information that could help you in designing your home with them. As such, here are FAQs about entryway rugs for you to know. 

What is the best rug for an entryway?

This one depends on the space and design of that space that you are going to fill. The most common ones are of course the square and rectangular rugs, high-piled ones, and those that are thinly cushioned. But then again, you should take into consideration important factors such as floor dimensions and design. 

For instance, you can use long runner rugs to emphasize continuity. On the other hand, you can use large entryway rugs to emphasize the big space, and small ones to make a minimalist tone. The best rug for an entryway depends entirely on your judgment or upon the recommendation of your interior designer. 

What is the best color for an entryway rug?

Again, this depends on the foot traffic that the entryway receives at the usual. High traffic entryways would benefit best from darker colors, multi-colors, or patchwork and mosaic designs. This way, the dirt and mud are eroded by the colors or concealed because they are also dark in color. 

Nonetheless, this should not stop you from opting for brighter, more lively rug colors. Popping colors are beneficial in making a statement out of an entryway or foyer and helps in brightening the space especially if you have French doors and lots of passages for natural light. 

What are the best entryway rugs for hardwood floors?

Note that not all rug materials are okay to use for hardwood floors. The chemicals in the fabric can affect the color of the hardwood floor. This is the reason why after quite some time, when you pull off the rug from the floor, you would notice a level of discoloration on the wooden floor. Rugs with rough backs are also not the best choices for hardwood floors. 

The best entryway rugs then for hardwood floors are as follows: 

  • Jute
  • Saisal
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Nylon and polyester only for synthetic fiber

What is the best rug material for entryway?

The answer to this one depends on the amount of foot traffic in your entryways and of course, the location of your home. As such, the following materials are the most commendable when it comes to entryway rugs: 

  • Jute and sisal: They are the most common materials used for entryway rugs because of their durability. They have a high capacity in catching dirt and mud, and they are also easy to clean. Their only downside is that they are moisture absorbent. 
  • Wool: For a posh, upscale look, and comfortability, wool is an excellent choice. Natural wool can be pricey, but it is naturally moisture and stain resistant so, it is always worth the price. Most importantly, it does not wear, fade, and is easy to clean. All you need is a rug pad to go underneath a wool rug. 
  • Synthetic fiber: Another low-maintenance entryway rug choice would be those made from synthetic fiber such as nylon and polyester. They are very easy to clean, they are stain resistant and they are the ones usually dyed with a variety of colors. Most of all, they are the most inexpensive, making them a common entryway rug choice for various home designs. 

What size rug is best for an entryway?

By rule of thumb, your entryway rug should cover 18-24-inches of floor space between the wall and the rug’s edges. But of course, the area can be the prime factor that could affect this. More compact entryway spaces would benefit from narrow, long runners while those with free space could go for a circular shape or bigger rugs. 

If you want to have customized entryway rugs, here are the steps to follow in making the best choice for one. 

  • Measure the sides of the entryway and from there decide how much floor space you are going to cover with the rug. 
  • Choose your preferred rug shape. Make sure that it matches the size of your entryway. If it is narrow, long runners would suffice. But if you are not sure, you can always opt for the rectangular ones. 
  • Now, choose the colors, tones, and prints of the rug. Always remember to make a cohesive design for the whole entryway to look cozy and inviting. 

Should entryway rugs match the living room rugs? 

They do not necessarily need to have the same design or color, but the rule of thumb is that they should complement each other, color, and design wise. Hence, check your color scheme and check complementing designs. If possible, the entryway rug and the next rooms adjacent to it should have a cohesive look. 

How do you keep your entryway rug clean? 

This is a valid question since entryways accommodate the largest foot traffic at home. Maintenance and upkeep of the rug is essential for it to serve the entryway a long time. Here are some tips to keep your entryway rugs clean: 

  • Have an outdoor rug as the main landing space and have another rug inside the entryway. 
  • Get a spot remover for unavoidable stains and blotches in the rug. 
  • Make removing slippers and shoes outside the door or leaving it in the shoe rack by the entryway a habit for family, friends, and visitors. 
  • Choose the right color and material for your entryway rug for the dirt, mud, and small leaves to be concealed. 


To be a smart entryway rug shopper, you must already narrow down beforehand the type of vibe that you want to evoke out of the hallway or entrance. At the end of the day, entryway rugs still depend on the preference of the homeowner. However, this does not say that factors such as color tones, material of the rug, and relative design of the room should not be considered. 

The point is, you do not need a professional interior designer to choose the best entryway rug for you because there are a lot of designs and colors to choose from. Cliché as it may seem, when it comes to rugs, all you must do is look.