32+ Beautiful DIY Pet Bed Ideas

Last Updated on November 4, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

It’s vital that our pets get the rest they deserve on the perfect pet bed.

Like you, we care about our pets. That’s why we do everything we can to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is important for pets. Did you know the average dog spends around 14 hours a day snoozing? That’s why they need beds that help them wake up refreshed for the day ahead.

best diy pet bed ideas

How Do You Make A Small Dog Bed?

Small dog beds don’t need to be expensive. Make your own out of old towels, pillows and fleece fabrics.

When designing and making your small dog’s bed, make sure all the seams are securely fastened and all materials used are clean.

Follow this great Dog Bed Making Tutorial on WikiHow.

What Material Is Best For Dog Beds?

Almost all fabrics are suitable for Dog Beds.

However, dogs do like to play. So we recommend that you use a durable fabric that doesn’t tear easily and is washable.

Great fabrics include canvas, duck cloth and high-performance Crypton fabric.

20 Best Pet Bed Ideas

Whether you’re designing the perfect pooch pillow or looking to make a purchase, get creative with our 20 Best Pet Bed Ideas.

1. Design A Luxury Pet Crate

1 pet bed ideas

Pet crates are cosy, safe places for your pets to snuggle up. Consider adding bars to let light in.


2. Make Your Own Four Poster Pet Bed

2 pet bed ideas

Treat your pet like royalty by creating this four poster bed pet bed. This one’s fashioned from an old dining room chair.


3. Make Catnaps A Barrel Of Fun

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This pet bed is made out of a wine barrel. Its walls give your dog and cat the peace and quiet they need.


4. Help Them Drop Off With A Designer Dog Bed

4 pet bed ideas

Check out this Saturday Sofa Lavender Dog Bed. It’s a stylish solution for any pet that’s about to enter dreamland.


5. Keep Them Toasty With A Self-Warming Pet Bed

5 pet bed ideas

No one wants their favorite companion getting frosty. Keep your pet warm with this self warming pet bed.


6. Inspire Relaxation With This Calming Pet Bed

6 pet bed ideas

Pets need to feel cosy, and this deep, fluffy pet bed is a great way to keep them calm.


7. Raise Your Pets With An Elevated Wicker Bed

7 pet bed ideas

Wicker goes well with almost any decor decision. An elevated bed also helps your moggy avoid draughts and stay uplifted during siestas.


8. Spoil Them With A Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed

8 pet bed ideas

Our pets deserve the best. Luxury Egyptian Cotton shows that you care. Be inspired by this sharp buffalo check design.


9. Use Bold Patterns For Dog Cushions

9 pet bed ideas

Why not use a bold patterned material when making your dog cushion? This St Tropez Tufted Dog Cushion shows that designs can be as bold as your imagination.


10. Restyle Your Suitcase Into A Pet Bed

10 pet bed ideas

Suitcases are perfect for holding cushions. Have an old suitcase? Transform it into a pet paradise.


11. Give Them Some Space With A Hooded Pet Cave Bed

11 pet bed ideas

Sometimes pets need a little space. A hooded cave is the perfect pet chillout zone.


12. Let Them Cuddle Up On A Shaggy Fleece

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Shaggy fleece beds are so comfortable. They’re the best places for pooches to get a little shut eye. Use a soft, shaggy fabric to make your own.


13. Keep Your Pet Off The Ground With An Elevated Pet Bed

13 pet bed ideas

The floor can be cold. Keep your pet warm with an elevated pet bed design.


14. Let Them Climb The Cat Tree

14 pet bed ideas

Cat trees aren’t just great places to play, they’re also a brilliant resting spots.


15. Support Your Dog’s Back With A Tough Orthopedic Bed

15 pet bed ideas

Your dog’s health matters. Keep them young, supple and happy about walks with an orthopedic dog bed.

16. Give Them A Good Night’s Rest With A Memory Foam Dog Bed

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Memory foam mattresses aren’t just for humans. They’re great for your pets too!


17. Snuggle Up In Sheep Wool

17 pet bed ideas

Fill your dog’s bed with sheep wool to make it extra cosy. This sheep wool bed has a great bold design.


18. Keep It Clean With A Machine Washable Pet Bed

18 pet bed ideas

Even the cleanest pets can be dirty. Make sure your pet bed is machine washable.


19. Create An Authentic Farmhouse Pet Bed

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Pets are the fabric of any farmhouse. Get an authentic wooden farmhouse pet bed to be proud of.


20. DIY Shabby Chic Dog Bed

20 pet bed ideas

Dogs can do shabby chic too. Try out this great farmhouse dog bed design.


21. DIY Sweatshirt Pet Bed

21 pet bed ideas


22. Upcycled DIY Pet Bed from Old Chair

22 pet bed ideas


23. Side table makeover

23 pet bed ideas


24. DIY Dog Bed from Recycled Tire

24 pet bed ideas


25. DIY Cat Tent

25 pet bed ideas


26. Mini Pet Bed

26 pet bed ideas

27. Modern Pet Bed

27 pet bed ideas


28. DIY Wooden Crate Pet Bed

28 pet bed ideas


29. Bolster Pet Bed

29 pet bed ideas

30. Pallet Dog Bed

30 pet bed ideas


31. Scandinavian Framed Dog House

31 pet bed ideas

32. Cat Bed Sewing

32 pet bed ideas


A Comfortable Catnap

Pets deserve to get a good night’s sleep.

Find and create the perfect pet bed for your companion today, using these 20 Best Pet Bed Ideas.

It’ll help you too. Knowing that your pet is comfortable is the best way for you to rest easy.