41+ Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas & Designs

Best farmhouse bedroom ideas & designs

Last Updated on September 13, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Your bedroom is special. It’s where you sleep at night, where your most prized possessions are kept. It’s a very personal place.

That’s why you need to be happy with how your bedroom is designed. If you’re searching for a fresh new look, try out a farmhouse bedroom design.

Farmhouse bedroom designs are great because they are bright, functional and never go out of style. They’re perfect for promoting good sleep, and helping you spend more time doing the things you love.

Redesign your nest is a big deal. You need to be informed. Check out these 40 best farmhouse bedroom decor ideas. They’ll have you inspired and designing a bedroom that’s truly you.

1. DIY Headboard Door

DIY Headboard Door

2. Master bedroom makeover: Lantern Wall Fixtures with Sign

Master bedroom makeover: Lantern Wall Fixtures with Sign


3. Bedroom stepladder side table

Bedroom stepladder side table


4. Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed


5. Master bedroom with picture frame

Master bedroom with picture frame


6. Curtain rod with chunky jute rug tie

Curtain rod with chunky jute rug tie


7. Good morning pillows

Good morning pillows


8. “be our guest” wood calligraphy words

wood calligraphy words


9. Ladder Picture Frame

Ladder Picture Frame


10. Simple Farmhouse Window Treatments

Simple Farmhouse Window Treatments


11. Easy DIY Shiplap Wall

Easy DIY Shiplap Wall


12. Add a garland to headboard

Add a garland to headboard


13. Repurposed barn door decor

Repurposed barn door decor


14. DIY Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder


15. Master Bedroom Rug Makeover

Master Bedroom Rug Makeover


16. DIY Wooden Arrows

DIY Wooden Arrows


17. DIY Curtain Rods

DIY Curtain Rods


18. Vintage Crib Frames

Vintage Crib Frames


19. Coral velvet pillow, white lampshade each side of bed

Coral velvet pillow, white lampshade each side of bed


20. Adding sliding barn door that provides privacy to the en-suite bathroom

Adding sliding barn door that provides privacy to the en-suite bathroom


21. Gray and white flannel blanket under white quilt

Gray and white flannel blanket under white quilt


Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas & Designs

22. Keep it Bright and Airy

1 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Farmhouse bedrooms are bright and airy. Make sure your design is too. It’s easy to achieve with a muted color palette.


23. Stay Toasty with a Fireplace in the Bedroom

2 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
On cold winter nights, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm fire. It’s even better when it’s in your bedroom. Install a fireplace and hibernate properly this year.


24. Create a DIY Headboard

3 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
It might seem intimidating, but creating your own headboard is easy. Personalize your bed by creating an authentic farmhouse bedroom with a bit of carpentry.


25. Four Poster Bed

4 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Sleep like a prince or princess in a vintage style bed that’s worthy of any farmhouse bedroom.

26. Hang Pictures with Rural Character

5 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Add a touch of rural character with decorations and atwork about country life. These pictures illustrate the theme of your farmhouse bedroom and are great to look at.


27. Install Sliding Barn Doors

6 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Transform your bedroom into a picturesque rural scene with a sliding barn door that guarantees privacy and helps you conserve space.


28. Mix the Old with the New

7 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. Not everything in your bedroom needs to be vintage. The style’s great because it is so versatile.


29. Use Bold Colors Carefully

8 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
The Farmhouse Bedroom’s muted color palette helps you create big contrasts when using bold colors. It’s a great way to highlight features and keep your room interesting.


30. Classic Metal Bed Frames

9 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
There’s nothing more rustic than a classic metal bed frame. When you’re looking for a new bed for your farmhouse bedroom, make sure you keep metal bed frames in mind.


31. Rustic Wooden Furniture

10 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Fill your room with rustic wooden furniture to give it a true farmhouse feel. It’s incredible what works. This unit used to be a media console.


32. Use Soft Colors

11 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
When painting your room, keep the colors you use soft. This helps add to the humble farmhouse look you’re seeking.


33. Make a Creative DIY Table

12 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Spend some time getting into the farmhouse way of life by starting a small carpentry project. Try making this bedside table.


34. Repaint and Distress Bedroom Furniture to Give it New Life

13 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Before removing your old furniture, try repainting it and purposefully distressing it. This will give it a great farmhouse look and might save you money.


35. Bedroom Wreaths

14 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Add character to your farmhouse bedroom by adding a wreath above your bed.


36. Workman’s Ladder Picture Frame Display

15 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Country life is often about making do. Upcycle existing furniture to create new features in your room, like this workman’s ladder picture frame display.

37. Look At Your Bedroom in a New Light

16 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Don’t neglect your light fittings. Edison bulbs and country fixtures help you achieve a great farmhouse bedroom look.


38. Hide Unseemly Wires

17 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Loose wires ruin good farmhouse looks. Take time to find solutions to hide your wires with wooden panel wall mounting.


39. Add a Splash of Color with Quilts and Bedspreads

18 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Bedspreads and quilts are a great way to liven up your farmhouse bedroom decor.


40. Strip back the Ceiling

19 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Investigate whether you can expose the beams on your ceiling for a great farmhouse look.


41. Expose Those Bricks

20 farmhouse bedroom decor ideas
Brick against painted walls creates a great contrast. Try it out.


Farmhouse Bedroom Brilliance

Be imaginative when designing your farmhouse bedroom. It’s your room, so it’s definitely your rules. It’s always good to have a little inspiration though.