What Color Kitchen Backsplash Goes With Oak Cabinets? (25 Ideas)

Last Updated on January 8, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

The kitchen is the heart of a home that is why it is given importance in terms of design and layout. Since it is where hearty meals are prepared and cooked, it is essential for it to always look neat, clean and classy.

One of the revamping techniques for kitchens would incorporate kitchen islands, and remodeling the ceiling or flooring. But really, sometimes, what it just takes would be complementing the cabinets with a backsplash wall. 

If you are working on oak cabinets and you are wondering about the best backsplash color to pair it with, you are in for a treat because we shall run them down in this post.

color backsplash goes with oak cabinets ideas

25 Color Backsplash Goes With Oak Cabinets 

A backsplash serves as protection for the walls to prevent grease and other dirt that may cause the walls to get dirty or worse, may damage them.

Given this, it is imperative to have one but the color to go for can be quite tricky especially for oak cabinets. Hence, here are some of the most notable backsplash colors that go with oak cabinets. 

1. White Backsplash

1 white kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets
Source: Rochelle Interiors

When you want it clean and neat, the color white is always the first choice. It can be combined with any color including the caramel brown tone of oak cabinets.

Using white as a backsplash can make the kitchen look more spontaneous and flawless. This glossy touch here gives it a modern flush. When looking for the best color of backsplash, white is the most preferred. 

2. Beige

2 beige kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets
Source: CDH Designs LLC, Ute Vandenberghe Interior Design

When wondering about the best backsplash color to match your oak cabinets, it best to go with beige. Beige is a warmer color and it works harmoniously with the oak.

Choosing beige will make your kitchen have a welcoming vibe that anybody entering would be comfortable to move around and work. 

3. Grey

When you have a stainless-steel material in your kitchen matching your oak cabinets, it is best to have your backsplash in grey color.

Grey is a transition color, giving emphasis and separation on the hues in this kitchen. Combined with other elements, the grey backsplash here is looking very flashy and expensive. When you want a visually attractive backsplash, grey never disappoints. 

4. Blue

4 blue kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets
Source: Linda Brettler Architect

Blue represents the color of the ocean; thus, it gives a refreshing and relaxing vibe inside the kitchen. Choosing this to match your oak cabinets is also commendable because of its modern effect.

It is both refreshing and calming to see those blues under the warm contrast of oak cabinets. It is so polished and just a phenomenal combination for the kitchen. 

5. Black

If you want a more sophisticated look to your kitchen, opting for a shiny black as a backsplash to match your oak cabinets is a better choice.

5 black kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

However, sometimes, it can make you less aware of unwanted dirt from cooking or washing in the sink that is why many prefer the lighter ones. But as to the function it serves and the color and aura it brings to the kitchen, a black backsplash is still a hit among homeowners. 

6. Nyanza

6 Nyanza kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

This one is not a very common color for homeowners but it is worth the shot when it comes with oak cabinets. It is a very bright shade of green which makes the look of the kitchen so refreshing and light.

Its combination with the oak cabinets is very subtle but is creating a feeling of comfort and organic beauty inside the kitchen. We especially love the earthy tones of this one. 

7. Mousy Indigo

7 mousy indigo kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

Going for a darker color like a mousy indigo which interestingly is the combination of the colors blue, red, and green, looks sleek and modern with oak cabinets.

Though dark, the contrast gives a feeling of warmth and coziness apt for home cooks and families who love sharing a moment in the kitchen.

This backsplash, while serving its function, helps the homeowner to maintain its beautiful look especially as it makes the kitchen moody and ambient. 

7. Off-White

8 off white kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

While the color white backsplash is best paired with the oak, an off-white to beige color can also be a beautiful alternative to white. This is much recommended if you want your kitchen to look rustic and antique.

The warmer, more rugged look of off-white offers the best match for the rustic vibe. Going for off-white can be as much recommended as using the white plus it gives a warmer and more compact yet light feeling. 

9. Orange

9 orange kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1
Source: Somrak Kitchens, Inc., FK Interior Design

Opting for the orange color in the kitchen is not common and may look so bright and bold but when paired with the brown of oak cabinets, they prove to be a match made in heaven.

They bring out the best in each other and are giving a fun vibe inside the kitchen. The uniqueness and spruced up nature of orange never disappoints and the formal, warm feel of brown oak is just spectacular. This look is so expensive and bright to see.  

10. Chinese Tea Brown

10 chinese tea brown kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1
Source: Allen’s Fine Woodworking, Inc

While there are a variety of shades in a color, the Chinese tea brown makes a statement, match-wise with the oak cabinets in this kitchen.

The reddish-brown color combination of this shade gives in a natural yet chic vibe and makes the oak cabinet pop out as a furniture. The brick texture and design also added value in the total look of the kitchen that is why this combo is very commendable. 

11. Almond

11 almond kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1
Source: Menendez Architects PC

Going for this color means wanting a lighter visual impact and a brighter kitchen. The brick design gives a strong aura and breaks the dullness of the color which makes it a recommended to match your oak cabinets.

When giving it a complimentary color, bringing in something that would change the vibe and aura of the kitchen would be great, thus, making Almond as a good option. 

12. Purple

12 purple kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

Matching your oak cabinets to a purple backsplash is another uncommon touch to a backsplash but a go-to color for homeowners who want it rare and chic.

If you think it does not work, just look at this kitchen contrast right here. Sometimes, it is best to go and try a different color to get a different vibe and aura like the purple.

13. Silver tile backsplash

13 steel kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

If you want it shiny, go for silver. Instead of having it in a stainless material, trying for a silver tile is easier to install and has a greater impact on the kitchen design given the pattern and the color.

Having it as a backsplash and a match to your oak cabinets is a very nice idea that is looking expensive and classy at the same time. 

14. Stone Mosaic

14 stone mosaic kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

Bringing in a stone mosaic design inside the kitchen is looking so good, expensive and stylish especially when matched with the oak cabinet.

It brings in a traditional vibe while playing as a great material to keep the aesthetic of the kitchen. Going for this design might be expensive but the beauty it adds is worthwhile. 

15. Nevada Sky

When you want it teal green, go for a Nevada blue shade. Other than the oak and teal green being the color of nature, it also looks modern in a way.

When looking for the best nature-like combination, this might be on top of your choice – a Nevada sky backsplash matched with your oak cabinets. 

16. Natural Maple

16 maple kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

Different shades of the same color provide different natural looks. The combo of natural maple brown and oak cabinets here in this kitchen is enough proof.

Given the patterns and texture of the natural maple backsplash tile, they give so much elegance in the kitchen.

It is looking all natural plus the set up and all elements present in the kitchen, with that granite countertop and wood details give this one a glam punch.

17. Oak Backsplash

17 oak kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1 1

When choosing a color, you might just also consider the color oak to make a monochromatic look inside the kitchen.

Here, the backsplash oak is layered with other shades of brown giving it more visual interest to an otherwise strict monochromatic look.

When you are in doubt of your color combinations, it is always good to just stick with the color, get creative and make it your own design.

18. Tiny Triangles

18 tiny triangles kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

A designed tile as your backsplash like these tiny triangles are giving character to the total look of this kitchen.

Not all patterns are looking good with just any color but this tiny triangle matches the oak cabinet so well.

When going for patterns, always look for the most appropriate that could match the colors you have inside your kitchen for a beautiful view.

19. Multicolor Geometric

19 multicolor geometric kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

Using geometrics as a backsplash design is one of the most expensively looking and gives an intricate look to the total design of the kitchen.

Having it paired to the oak cabinet is looking so beautiful too. That is why this multicolour geometric design backsplash is a very nice idea.

20. Palm Beach Style

20 beach style kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

Blue always gives a positive look in a room. In this kitchen, the blue backsplash looks very much natural and ocean themed.

It brings out a light and calm feeling plus oak cabinet that completes the look. Very natural and has a very fresh vibe so this one is also one of the best ideas you could choose from. 

21. Pink

21 pink kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1
Source: Mansfield + O’Neil, Sheila Mayden Interiors

Going for pink as a color of your backsplash is a great idea. Pink is known to be chic and feminine that is why matching it with the oak color makes a great combination.

It gives the kitchen a lighter feeling and a chic vibe given the trendy, fun color of pink. Having this color in your kitchen can be exciting. 

22. Graphic Black and White

While all the others are also looking sophisticated and beautiful, a graphic black and white backsplash to your oak cabinets also brings in an upscale, boho vibe that makes it stand out from the rest. 

22 black and white kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1
Source: Laure Joliet

It makes the kitchen fabulously looking and it gives a modern view of its total look. In here, it gives all the interesting layers, and the proper visual angles for the kitchen to look dynamic. It is very modern in appeal. We give plus points to the kitchen counter and lighting fixtures for this one. 

23. Stacked Stone

The use of stacked stones for a kitchen backsplash is not new especially for those who are going for a full-on rustic vibe. If you love this design scheme, it would go very perfectly with oak cabinets.

23 stone kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

It is also a great match to your oak cabinets because they look so old yet classy together. When you want it simple but elegant, oak and stone are one for the books. 

24. Gold Granite

Granite, at any regard, always brings in the high-end and classy vibe in any living space but most especially in the kitchen.

24 gold granite kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

In this case, the use of gold granite as a backsplash combined with an orange painted oak cabinet gives in a funky and organic vibe to this modern kitchen. The entire space is brightened by the two-color combo and the minimalist details up-end it entirely. 

25. Green Ceramics

Pairing your oak cabinets to a green ceramic is another idea that is very unique but offers an interesting statement to the overall look of this kitchen design.

25 green ceramic kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets 1

Though they are in deep colors, there is something with this combination that just makes it very traditional. 

As glossy as it is seen, it seems expensive and natural yet stylish. Going for this design is something you can take inspiration from if you want a polished, down to earth look. 


The kitchen is always the place where people sit and eat and sometimes take their time to converse, thus, the need for a very nice view that would make them feel comfortable.

Good placement of furniture and color combination makes up a home that is why putting a high level of effort when planning the design and style that would create a big impact. 

As far as oak cabinets are concerned, we have affirmed that you can never be too playful, too unorthodox or too monochromatic. It can accommodate different color schemes without losing its classic vibe.