32+ Best Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

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Interior design is science that is governed by a set of principles and its specifics and involves the basic design of a complete living area from the grass-root level.

It is also an art of improving a room’s inner living space so that the general viewing aesthetic of that space. One can also add several accessories, such as furniture, lighting, and window treatment.

Some of the basic elements, which are the deciding factors of interior design, are the space constraints, line of visibility, shaping, and availability of natural and artificial light source, color palette, texture, and pattern.

32+ best Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

diy farmhouse interior design ideas

1. Traditional farmhouse styled room

1 farmhouse interior design ideas

This design involves a hay styled black colored wreath in the top middle portion of the living room fireplace. The fireplace can be designed of stones, bricks or concrete. A carpet or rug matching the overall design aesthetic can be included.


2. Rustic farmhouse design including white flowers

2 farmhouse interior design ideas

This overall design style follows a grey and black color palette. Photo frames of medium size can also be included. A balancing scale, made of black wrought iron adds to the overall rustic look of this design. A farmhouse styled wreath made of straws will also look good.

3. Wooden piece is the key

3 farmhouse interior design ideas

In this design, wooden centerpiece is the key attraction. The wood can be reclaimed one, or timber from your farm. Polish the wood with varnishing paint. Couple it with a grey colored floor carpet. A hanging candle stand can also be included.

4. A fruity design

4 farmhouse interior design ideas

In this design, a wreath is celebrated as the key design factor. The wreath can be made of bright red apples. The apples can be natural ones, which are edible or artificial apples.


5. Farmhouse-style kitchen design, Chic style!

5 farmhouse interior design ideas

This design involves wooden flooring, white cupboards, light green or beige green gas burner design. The whole color palette gives a chic design to the kitchen.

6. A design with sink!

6 farmhouse interior design ideas

Including a farmhouse-styled kitchen sink in your kitchen will level up your design game. Porcelain can be chosen as the appropriate material for the kitchen sink.

7. Modern farmhouse design

7 farmhouse interior design ideas

This style of design involves a white and grey color palette. A nucleus style hanging light can be included. A wooden style door can be added to improve the design quotient.

A center table with a round ceramic slab can be added. Overall, the grey color gradient can be followed to match the contemporary design.

8. Wooden mastery!

8 farmhouse interior design ideas

In this design style, wooden flooring is coupled with a wooden center table and wooden chairs. A white basket of red and orange flowers compliments the overall design element. Couple them with white-colored walls and window-laden door, that may be added with blinds.

9. Wood themed landing area

9 farmhouse interior design ideas

This design style suits well with the landing area. Few chandelier fittings are added to complement this design. Black fishbone design DNA is apt for the chandeliers. Wooden flooring suits well in this design aesthetic.


10. Farmhouse styled bedroom

10 farmhouse interior design ideas

In this farmhouse styled bedroom, a black or twig based farmhouse styled wreath is placed over the window space. A cloth basket cum leg rest can be placed at the bottom end of the bed. The carpet and bed sheets can follow a 2 pattern faded color palette to complement the look.


11. Vintage bedroom design

11 farmhouse interior design ideas

In this design, 1 or 2 hanging lights can be used to hang over the bedroom wall. Military-styled bunker writings can be included on the sides of bed pedestal. Overall design color palette followed is creamy white, faded in nature.

12. Farmhouse styled Design element

12 farmhouse interior design ideas

This design element is a multi-tier plant flower stand, made of reclaimed or faux wood, that can be used to hold plants as well. The pots used to hold the flora can be white, brown, or dark blue. This stand can be placed in the staircase landing area of our home.

13. Green wood stairs

13 farmhouse interior design ideas

This design aesthetic pertains to the staircase leading to your landing area. The stairs and steps can follow a dark green color tone, which compliments the overall farmhouse theme. The sidewalls can be filled with photo frames or paintings.


14. Rustic styled wedding hall

14 farmhouse interior design ideas

This is a different take on the traditional wedding hall. Rustic farmhouse style design elements can be used here. The color palette followed is the cream color. Individual dining tables can be wooden or ceramic-based. Farmhouse styled wreaths can be included to accentuate the design as well.

15. Farmhouse wreath and hanging candles

15 farmhouse interior design ideas

In this design, a farmhouse styled white-flowered wreath is used. Candle stand based hanging lights can also be used over the dining table.


16. Farmhouse style living room

16 farmhouse interior design ideas

In this design, a centerpiece in the form of a deer horn made of wood, can be added. 2 or 3 lanterns can also be included to complement the design.


17. Minimal farmhouse style landing

17 farmhouse interior design ideas

In this design, hanging lights made of bare strings can add to the design aesthetic. Chairs and dining table can also follow a minimal approach.

18. Stone themed rustic look

18 farmhouse interior design ideas

All design elements and accessories in this style follows the color of stone to bring forth a rustic look.

19. On the clock!

19 farmhouse interior design ideas

This farmhouse design style involves the inclusion of a traditional typewriter as well as a round the clock. The duo can be coupled with a wooden basket and kept on a show stand.


20. Fill up the wall with reminiscence!

20 farmhouse interior design ideas

This design is an accumulation of different design elements. The elements include a portion of farmhouse styled wreath, wooden or ceramic clock, photo frame, and pendant lights.


21. Cottage farmhouse kitchen and laundry

21 farmhouse interior design ideas


22. “It’s so good to be home” sign

22 farmhouse interior design ideas

23. Two galvanized wall planters and coffee table

23 farmhouse interior design ideas


24. Shiplap bedroom

24 farmhouse interior design ideas


25. Rustic bathroom

25 farmhouse interior design ideas

26. Vintage bar with dollar store stuffs

26 farmhouse interior design ideas


27. Neutral living room with sliding barn door and comfort sofa

27 farmhouse interior design ideas

28. Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

28 farmhouse interior design ideas


29. Farmhouse console table

29 farmhouse interior design ideas


30. Industrial styles with a reclaimed wood mirror

30 farmhouse interior design ideas


31. Farmhouse bathroom with a rustic mirror

31 farmhouse interior design ideas

32. Vintage entryway

32 farmhouse interior design ideas



The art of interior design has been a time taking process, which may or may not be pocket-friendly. Modern technological advancements have taken this art to the next level by digitizing most of the elements involved in the interior design.

Technologies such as adaptive displays, holograms, and IoT are revolutionizing this area and much is left to be seen in the future of interior décor.