28+ Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas & Designs

One of the most important areas in a house is its kitchen. Inside a kitchen, the kitchen sink is a mandatory requirement. The inhabitants to wash their dishes, clean vegetables and fruits, and make sure that the rest of the work area in the kitchen is splash-free use this facility.

It is important, hence, to select the appropriate kitchen sink for your urban home or farmhouse to suit the purpose and overall design quotient of your home.

Few points to consider while selecting the right kitchen sink for your kitchen are its material, the requirement such as the no. of dishes that you will use the sink for, orifice for water passage, under the sink water filter, etc. Recent trends in interior decoration calls for a farmhouse-styled kitchen sink.

best farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

Is a farmhouse sink practical?

A farmhouse styled kitchen sink is practical in case one is planning a total kitchen area do-over and renovation. Since it requires a peculiar design overhaul, such as the wide basin element in a farmhouse-style kitchen sink as opposed to a traditional kitchen sink.

Another aspect to factor in is that in the case of a farmhouse-style sink, there is a possibility that your plates and glasses might break unless you are extra careful while handling them. This is due to the typical design style of your farmhouse-styled kitchen sink.

A signature farmhouse style sink will have only one basin. Hence, all the dishes kept in this area will get wet regardless of whether you have washed them clean or not. As compared to a traditional kitchen sink, there aren’t two basin compartments in a farmhouse styles kitchen sink.

How much does a farmhouse sink cost?

The material used to manufacture it mainly drives the cost of a farmhouse styled kitchen sink. If the material used is steel, the average cost involved in the installation of a good farmhouse styled kitchen sink is between 400 and 800 USD.

Several economical variants are starting from 200 USD. Pricier and more exotic farmhouse sinks cost more than 2000 USD. In the case of composite material, the average cost ranges between 510 and 860 USD.

Whereas in this case, the lower variant is pricier than the steel variety. Among all the different materials that are available in the market, the most expensive of them, when it comes to the low-end margin, are the ones that are made of copper.

Apart from the material used for manufacturing a farmhouse styled kitchen sink, other factors that can be decisive in the cost are its configuration, number and quality of accessories, and the design aesthetic of the apron.

What is the best material for a farmhouse kitchen sink?

Stainless steel is often considered a good option for making your farmhouse styled kitchen sink since it saves money. Also, stainless steel farmhouse styled kitchen sink is easier to maintain and are durable.

28 best Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas

#1. Rustic kitchen sink in farmhouse style

1 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

The material used is porcelain. Color gradient can be chosen according to personal preference. The overall design aesthetic gives a traditional rustic look to the kitchen sink.

#2. Two-basin farmhouse style sink

2 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

Similar to the one before, this design follows a 2-basin design style for convenience. Material used can be wood or porcelain.

#3. Basin Copper sink

3 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

This sink can be made of either copper or wood. The former is more durable than the latter. It also creates a vintage look, when combined with the right faucet.

#4. Composite Kitchen sink in farmhouse style

4 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

The color of the composite material chosen is black. This design follows a single basin style.

#5. Minimalistic leather finish Kitchen sink

5 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

This design appears to be of a leather finish. Material used is stone or porcelain. Texture can be provided. This is a single basin design.

#6. Wide basin farmhouse sink

6 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

This design captures the true essence of a farmhouse styled kitchen sink in porcelain form. The basin is wide enough to cater to the requirements of a large family.

#7. Grey stone farmhouse sink

7 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

This design is made from stone. The color is grey gradient and adds to the unconventional design aesthetic. Couple it with a stainless steel faucet and ceramic slab borders to give a rustic overhaul to the farmhouse style.

#8. Brown colored inclined stone sink

8 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

Compared to other designs mentioned here, this design is made from composite material. Supremely durable and the design follows an inclined approach for its basin section.

#9. Stainless steel polished sink

9 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

This design of a farmhouse styled kitchen sink is made from stainless steel. The design gives a polished look and is durable.

#10. Antique styled kitchen sink

10 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

In the first look, this design appears to have been made from wood. This high detail work is engraved on polished stone and adds to the overall design quotient of your kitchen area.

#11. Glossy black finish Farmhouse style sink

11 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

This design is made of black granite. It also features a 2-sink capability.

#12. Polished stone look Farmhouse styled sink

12 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

This design is made from stainless steel. The final appearance is that of a polished granite-based sink. It features a single basin. The water faucet is given hot water as well as cold water inlet taps.

#13. Multi-purpose farmhouse style sink

13 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

This design features a basin lid with small orifices for cleaning vegetables and fruits. The design is made of stainless steel and is durable.

#14. Modern take on Farmhouse kitchen sink

14 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

In this design, multiple basins are given in an off-set approach. The design, to increase its durability, is made of stainless steel.

#15. Copper based antique look

15 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

In this design, the material used is copper. This design follows a traditional farmhouse design and has a single basin.

#16. Wooden kitchen sink

16 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

#17. Stone sink and countertop

17 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource

#18. Ikea kitchen sink

18 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource

#19. Copper farmhouse sink

19 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource

#20. Rounded copper farmhouse sink

20 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource

#21. Vintage style kitchen sink

21 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource

#22. Home sweet farmhouse

22 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource

#23. Galvanized metal sink

23 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

#24. Rustic stone sink

24 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

#25. White farmhouse sink

25 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas

#26. Farmhouse sink with concrete countertops

26 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource

#27. Rustic farmhouse sink with polka dot curtains

27 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource

#28. Faux farmhouse sink

28 farmhouse kitchen sink ideasSource


One can also make a farmhouse styled kitchen sink or convert your existing sink into a farmhouse styled one, based on the skillset. In case you want a professional’s assistance, below follows a rough figure of costs that you can consider.

For eliminating your old kitchen sink, the professional might charge you about 30 to 70 USD. This figure varies with the area. For installation of a new kitchen sink, a professional can charge you as low as 40 USD or as high as 500 USD, depending on the altercation required, the design accessories that you wish to see installed.

Similarly, for conducting minimal repairs on your sink, such as polishing or fixing a dent, the professional charges range from 100 to 500 USD.


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