20+ Best Christmas Party Games For Kids

Last Updated on November 6, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout, I´m telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town! One of the best times of the year is the arrival of winter and the snow flaked look on the green of every backyard.

Christmas is the season of joy, giving and a lot of frolics. Carol rounds, Christmas parties and the lead-up to New-years may cost you on the calorie font but the fun is inexplicable. Kids form the essence of Christmas and planning games for them during parties can be a task at times.

best christmas party games for kids

1. Stack up

1 christmas party games for kids

This is simple and very engaging, getting all kids to play the game. Jumble up boxes and ask kids to stack it up either forming a stack with the largest gift at the bottom and the smallest on top or vice-versa.

2. Stocking guess

2 christmas party games for kids

Kids are asked to run from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ and grab stockings, guess the contents in it. Place candies, marshmallow, lollipops et. al. The kids that guess correctly, walk away with the contents and other goodies.


3. Pin the Nose on the Snowman

3 christmas party games for kids

Create a 2D image of a snowman, stick it to a wall or a door as the case may be. Kids are blindfolded and asked to pin an object (nose of the snowman) in the right place. This attracts several laughs amongst the audience.

4. Snowman smash

4 christmas party games for kids

You will have to buy a few supplies such as paper cups, colour paper, colour pencils and some adhesives. Create snowmen out of these glasses and stack them up in the form of a pyramid. Hand over cotton balls or rolled up stockings to kids and encourage them to break the stack.

5. Candy Cane Hunt

5 christmas party games for kids

Hide candy canes at discreet locations in the party zone and ask kids to figure out their canes. Before the party, we could also have kids design treat bags to take home their treats.


6. Slow blower

6 christmas party games for kids

Simple and easy to execute. You would need basic supplies such as cotton balls and straws. Create a zone through which kids are supposed to blow the snowballs. The kid that reaches the finish line first wins.


7. Ringing Bells Memory Game

7 christmas party games for kids

A Christmas variant to the classic memory game. Use candies, label them with markers and kids are supposed to remember their original location. This game is simple to plan and execute ensuring learning and fun at the same time for kids.

8. Pass the Christmas gift

8 christmas party games for kids

A classic game that is easy to explain and makes sure that kids have fun. Play music while kids pass the gift around the circle formed by them until the music stops. The kid who is found with the parcel will have to perform for the rest and is eliminated from the game. The gift is then passed around again until we have one winner.


9. Jingle bell toss

9 christmas party games for kids

Create a triangle along the floor with multiple cups placed. Make sure to stick them to the floor with adhesives so they are sturdy. Kids are asked to toss jingle bells or balls into the cups in a period pre-decided. The kid tossing the maximum bells into the cups wins.


10. Snowball relay

10 christmas party games for kids

Kids are divided into teams and line up on one side of a zone with a bucket of snowballs and a spoon. They are now supposed to carry snowballs from the bucket on one side, with the help of a spoon and drop it into an empty bucket on the other side. If the snowball falls midway, they will have to leave it and continue. The team that finishes first, wins.


11. Santa says

11 christmas party games for kids

This is another variant of the classic ‘Queen of Sheeba’ game. Santa says, bring me a red handkerchief and so on.


12. Decorate cookies

12 christmas party games for kids

Kids are provided with a few cookies, asked to use edible decorative to sprinkle on the cookies and make them look delicious.

13. Christmas balloon toss

13 christmas party games for kids

Provide paper plates and theme-coloured balloons to kids and ask them to toss the balloons across a line that is made using duct-tape.


14. Santa’s reindeer hunt

14 christmas party games for kids

A fun treasure hunt game for kids during Christmas to find Santa’s reindeer.

15. Giftwrap relay

15 christmas party games for kids

Kids are provided with wrapped gifts and are asked to wrap them, jumble them up and re-wrap gifts. This is a fun and engaging activity.

16. Christmas tree bowling game

16 christmas party games for kids

Use old soda bottles to decorate them like Christmas trees and ask kids to bowl and make sure they ‘Strike’.

17. Christmas tic-tac-toe

17 christmas party games for kids

Create a tic-tac-toe portable game and let your kids stay engaged throughout the party.


18. Hook candy canes

18 christmas party games for kids

Place candy canes on the table or in a bowl and ask kids to hook as many candy canes to form a long chain.

19. Christmas charade

19 christmas party games for kids

A Christmas variant of the classic dumb-charades. Kids enact what they find written on cards.


20. Jingle bells obstacle game

20 christmas party games for kids

Take a large hole hoop, hang jingle bells and balls to them and ask kids to pass through without touching the bells.


Christmas has always been fun and the world waits for the season of joy. Kids form the crux of this season and the joy of spreading smiles on those innocent faces is unparalleled. We hope you had a good read and will implement some of these fun and engaging games in this season’s Christmas parties.