12+ Best Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor Ideas

dollar store farmhouse decor ideas

Do you love the idea of entering a house where rustic and modern styles blend perfectly? If you do, you must love the farmhouse style.

This décor style may look expensive, but we will give some tips so that you can easily décor your home. The best of all is that you can find several items at your local dollar store.

You can start by choosing neutral colors and clean whites, so that you can achieve the warm and cozy sensation of this type of décor style. Do you want to know more décor ideas to use in your cozy farmhouse? Keep reading!

1. Thrifted Pedestals Makeover

Thrifted Pedestals Makeover


2. Farmhouse Candle Holder

Farmhouse Candle Holder


3. DIY Plug-in Sconces, from pendant lights

DIY Plug-in Sconces, from pendant lights


4. DIY Topiary Trees

DIY Topiary Trees


5. Chalk Painted Herb Planters

Chalk Painted Herb Planters


6. DIY Wall Sconce Makeover with Mason Jars

DIY Wall Sconce Makeover with Mason Jars


7. Deer Head Home Decor With A Copper Patina

Deer Head Home Decor With A Copper Patina


Visit your dollar store and buy a paper mâché deer head. You can style it with a copper and add some greenery around. If you like colors, use some golden rose faux flowers.

8. Thrift store books

Thrift store books


9. DIY wooden bead garlands

DIY wooden bead garlands


10-11. Whitewashed and faux concrete DIY Pots

Whitewashed and faux concrete DIY Pots

Whitewashed and faux concrete DIY Pots


12. DIY Dollar Store Plates Decor

DIY Dollar Store Plates Decor


13. Galvanized Planters

Galvanized planters are the quintessential farmhouse décor. Add an antique and romantic touch to your home or garden with galvanized planters.

14. Rustic Succulent Pots

If you love succulents, build your own creative succulent pots, reusing watering cans or terracotta planter.

15. Vintage Milk Glass

Vintage milk glass can turn into the ideal vase for a bouquet of flowers. You can paint the milk glass and use a white bouquet of flowers, to get that distinctive style.

16. Spring Decor


If you love pastel colors, create a sunny cozy corner where you can read or/and taste your hot tea. Use faux florals and add a flower-patterned pillow.

17. Farmhouse Kitchen Decorative Plates

Give your home a new rustic touch, using decorative plates for classy country styling. You can combine antique multicolored porcelain and white plates.

18. Topiary Trees


Bring a little greenery into any living space, using some charming farmhouse topiary trees. Remember: white vases and green topiary trees look good everywhere.

19. Alphabet blocks


Remember the alphabet blocks your kids don’t use anymore? Alphabet blocks are a great idea for this farmhouse décor style. Add a few layers of paint and write your favorite family word.

20. Hanging Wire Mail Baskets

A great affordable substitute for a traditional mailbox. Buy some wire baskets, paint them white, black, silver or gold and then add a little chalkboard to the front.

21. Hula Hoops Sphere

If you have hula hoops, gold or silver paint and glue, you can do this piece of art. It will be a beautiful centerpiece for your table.

22. Hurricane Lanterns

You can do this fantastic hurricane lanterns using dollar store picture frames. Embellish them with flowers, candles and/or miniature Christmas lights. They can look great as centerpieces or on your porch.

23. Cotton stems

Cotton stems add a touch of tenderness to your place, but they are expensive. But you can grab a bag of cotton balls and real branches and create your beautiful and lasting cotton stems.

24. Clutter bliss

Oh, clutter -we spend our lives trying to make them fit into our home decor, right? Reuse your jars, print some labels and seat. It’s time to appreciate your remarkable work.

25. Halloween Farmhouse Pumpkins

Halloween is almost there! Turn cheap pumpkins into spooky boxes. Instead of the typical orange color, paint them in black, silver or white. Use them later in your farmhouse décor.


The farmhouse style has become one of the most admired home decor styles.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on costly farmhouse inspired items.

Your local dollar store can offer you all the pieces you need. With your dedication, will have personalized unique pieces, that will bring that cozy chic and rustic style to your home.

The best part is that farmhouse décor can be used in any room of your house. Have fun while doing it and don’t forget to use our suggestions.

Best dollar store farmhouse decor ideas


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