35 Best Foods That Start With K (Fruits, Appetizers, Desserts)

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Are you a food enthusiast or someone who loves cooking and loves to explore foods that various cultures worldwide have to offer?

In that case, you might be curious to learn the dishes or food items that begin with a particular letter among the 26 alphabets of the English language. This list could serve as a menu for you, especially when you want to get fancy and indulge in exotic food items.

All for the love of food, here we are with a comprehensive list of 35 foods that start with K. These range from fruits, beverages, appetizers, main dishes to desserts from across the world. Keep scrolling and take a glance to enhance your knowledge.

best food start with k

1. Kale

1 kale foods that start with k

Kale is a crispy vegetable that resembles a leafy cabbage. One of the healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods, kale is packed with vitamin A, B-complex, K, C, calcium, potassium, antioxidants, but low in calories.

This makes it an excellent choice for those dealing with high cholesterol, obesity, and heart diseases.

It can be eaten raw and cooked (baked or stir-fried) and is excellent to add in salads, soups, and stews. The bitter taste of kale can be balanced with dressings like tahini or honey.

2. Ketchup

2 ketchup foods that start with k

A condiment that is dominantly sweet in flavor and refers mainly to tomato ketchup today. It is made using tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, and other seasonings.

The taste varies depending upon other condiments like garlic, onion, coriander, fennel, ginger, cumin, or cloves that goes into making the ketchup.

It is often served alongside hot and fried foods like hot dogs, french fries, sandwiches, omelets, pizza, hamburgers, and grilled or fried meat and fish. It also becomes a base for other sauces, dressings, and dips.

3. Kebab

3 kebab foods that start with k

The mainstay of Middle Eastern cuisine, Kebab is a delicious marinated meat dish. Small meat cubes are threaded on the skewer and grilled to perfection in a tandoor.

Immensely popular in other regions of Asia like Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, Kebabs are made from ground meat like lamb, chicken, beef, fish, mutton, or even cottage cheese and potatoes for vegetarians.

Hot and juicy Kebabs with a charred or smokey flavor are served in the main course or as appetizers. Soft and melts in the mouth, Kebabs can be the perfect party snack that can make anyone drool.

4. Kedgeree

4 kedgeree foods that start with k

Kedgeree has been said to have originated in India, where it is called Khichuri, a wholesome meal made of rice and lentils cooked in a pot with spices and condiments.

It is believed that Britishers who lived in India were inspired by the dish and brought it back to Europe.

They prepared it using additional ingredients like smoked haddock, eggs, parsley, butter or cream, or tuna or salmon in place of traditional haddock. By the 19th century, Kedgeree became a popular and sophisticated breakfast in the UK.

5. Ketembilla

5 ketembilla foods that start with k

Ketembilla or Ceylon gooseberry is native to Srilanka and South India. It can be eaten raw; its pulp is used to make jams or as a flavoring in beverages.

The plant is short and often used as a hedge in Hawaii and Honduras to keep cattle from entering sugarcane plantations.

Not a popular fruit owing to its sharp acidity and bitterness, Ketembilla is rarely known to people outside the region where it is grown. Usually pale green, it becomes dark purple when it ripens.

6. Kidney Bean

6 kidney beans foods that start with k

A variety of beans, Kidney beans, are called so as they resemble the shape of kidneys in the human body.

Kidney beans are available in various colors like brown, white, black, often considered one of the richest sources of plant proteins and a great alternative to animal protein for vegetarians or vegans.

These are also high in antioxidants and are great for fighting heart diseases, high sugar levels, and obesity. Well-prepared kidney beans are healthy and nutrition-rich.

7. Kiwi

7 kiwi foods that start with k

Originally named Chinese gooseberry, Kiwi is a berry fruit that is oval-shaped with fuzzy brown skin and soft, green flesh with tiny rows of black edible seeds.

With a high concentration of vitamin C, Kiwi is packed with health benefits. Antioxidant-rich, Kiwi is a great food to fight cancer cells or free radical damage.

Kiwi can be eaten raw, juiced into smoothies, consumed freshly cut as an individual fruit or as toppings on cakes, pies, custards, or prepared into tasty cocktails. 

8. Kirsch

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A kind of clear brandy distilled from the juice of black morello cherries, Kirsch can also taste like almonds owing to the nutty flavor of the crushed cherry stones.

However, unlike other cherry brandies, Kirsch is not sweet. It is popular in Germany, France, and Switzerland, and the production process remains a traditional one.

It is usually not aged, consumed neat, in cocktails, or as flavorings in other dishes.

9. Kishke

8 kishke foods that start with k
Source: Jamie Geller

Kishke or Kishka is a kind of sausage, where beef intestines are stuffed with savory fillings of meat or grain. It is most prevalent in Eastern Europe and is a staple of the Jewish community in the region.

In a modern take to the traditional variant, beef intestines are often replaced with synthetic casings.

There are different ways of making Kishke using a variety of fats, spices, or even vegetables like potatoes. It can be baked, fried, or cooked in saltwater and served alongside the main dish.

10. Koumiss

10 Koumiss foods that start with k

Koumiss or Kumis is a fermented, unpasteurized dairy product of mare or donkey’s milk.

Quite a popular dairy product in Turkey and the Central Asian grassland region, Koumiss is sweeter than cow or goat milk and is said to have a mild alcoholic content after fermentation.

It is closer to wine than beer and flavors sweet dishes and desserts like ice cream. Koumiss is usually served cold or chilled and sipped out of small bowls called piyalas.

11. Kohlrabi

11 kohlrabi foods that start with k

Also known as German turnip, Kohlrabi is a vegetable that belongs to the family of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and Brussels sprouts.

Widely popular in Asia and Europe, Kohlrabi is a versatile vegetable that is an excellent source of fiber and vitamins. Packed with antioxidants, Kohlrabi supports good immunity, metabolism, collagen synthesis, gut health, and manages blood sugar.

It can be consumed raw, roasted, grilled, or added to salads, stews, and stir-fries. Being a cool-weather vegetable, it is available in the winter and early spring months.

12. Kuli-Kuli

12 kuli kuli foods that start with k

A protein-rich, West-African snack, Kuli-Kuli is made by processing raw peanuts into a paste. This paste is then mixed with spices, pepper, and salt and made into desired shapes.

These shaped Kuli-Kuli pieces are then fried into crispy snacks in peanut oil. Often eaten alone or in a mixture of cassava flakes, sugar, and water, Kuli-Kuli is also ground and eaten in salads.

13. Kasiri

Kasiri is an alcoholic beverage made from the roots of the cassava plant or red sweet potatoes. Immensely popular in Suriname and Guyana, cassava roots are grated and diluted in water, and the juice is extracted.

This extracted juice is then fermented to form Kasiri. This juice can be boiled until it turns into a dark syrupy liquid used as a flavoring agent.

14. Kelewele

14 Kelewele foods that start with k
Source: Travel Food Atlas

A spicy fried plantain recipe from Ghana, Kelewele is a street food that is a must-try. Served with rice or stew or eaten alone as a snack, it’s a West-African treat that’s a great side dish to accompany meats and rice or curry.

The plantains are diced or sliced and dipped in a spicy batter containing salt, pepper, and ginger. This is then fried to perfection until they are golden brown. Kelewele can also be air-fried (to minimize the oil content) and enjoyed with dips and sauces.

15. Key Lime

15 key lime foods that start with k

Key lime is a citrus, spherical-shaped fruit most commonly found in southeast Asia. It is generally picked when green and eventually turns yellow as it ripens.

Key limes are tangier, seedier, and have a thinner rind than their Persian variety. Some varieties are aromatic and contain higher levels of acidity.

Key lime juice is used to prepare cocktails, as flavorings in foods like meat, fish or curry, and as chasers with alcoholic drinks like tequila.

16. Koshari

16 koshari foods that start with k

Koshari is a popular street food and the national dish of Egypt. It is made of rice, lentils, and macaroni mixed with spices, ketchup, garlic, vinegar and garnished with fried onions and chickpeas.

Koshari is very close to Mediterranean cuisine, mainly because of the addition of macaroni, but it has slightly different flavors, making it a distinct African dish.

Generally considered a vegan food item, traditionally prepared Koshari doesn’t contain meat or fish products.

17. Kabocha

17 kabocha foods that start with k

Kabocha, a Japanese winter squash, is also called Japanese pumpkin in America and is widely eaten in Korea and Thailand. Quite a versatile vegetable, Kabocha squash has dark green skin with a sweet-flavored and bright orange flesh inside.

It is the sweetest of all pumpkins and squashes and consists of cream-colored seeds that can be dried and roasted for consumption as a snack or garnish.

It can be used to prepare all kinds of curries, soups, stews, casserole dishes, and desserts like cookies, pies, muffins, and bread.

18. Kenkey

18 kenkey foods that start with k
Source: 196Flavors

A traditional Ghanian dish, Kenkey is made from white corn or maize steeped in water for two days before it is kneaded into a dough and made into dumplings.

Kenkey is also quite popular in Jamaica, Togo, and Cote d’Ivoire. It is accompanied by deep-fried, smoked, or dried fish, soup, or stew.

A complete dish, people add a special sauce called Shito (made from smoked fish and raw veggies) to Kenkey. The taste of Kenkey is slightly acidic because of its fermentation process.

19. Kimchi

19 kimchi foods that start with k

A staple food of the South Koreans, Kimchi has recently garnered much popularity in the West because of its health benefits. It is considered a superfood since it is rich in vitamin A and B-complex vitamins, lactic acid, calcium, and iron.

It is made of vegetables like napa cabbage, radish, scallions, mixed with garlic, ginger, fish sauce, shrimp, chili peppers which are left to ferment together in a brine.

Easy to make, Kimchi makes a great pickled side dish to most rice dishes and sandwiches.

20. Kachumbari

20 kachumbari foods that start with k

A fresh, uncooked salad dish popular in the African Great Lakes region, Kachumbari is made with diced tomato, cucumber, and onion.

Condiments used for seasoning include chilies and salt, lime or lemon juice, parsley, coriander, a hint of gin or vodka.

With wider variations available in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and other African countries, it goes without saying that this salad has become quite a staple in the traditional cuisine.

21. Knishes

21 knishes foods that start with k

A kind of side dish or finger food, a knish is a Jewish snack consisting of a filling covered in the oven-baked or deep-fried dough.

This delicious filling can be made of kasha (buckwheat groats), mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, ground meat, black beans, or cheese and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Knishes have been popularized in North America, especially in New York, by Jewish migrants from Eastern Europe.

22. Kedjenou

22 kedjenou foods that start with k
Source: 196Flavors

Kedjenou or Kedjenou poulet is an authentic African spicy stew. This tasty stew consists of chicken or guinea fowl and fresh vegetables.

It is slow-cooked in a sealed terracotta pot over fire and coal or made on a stovetop or a pressure cooker. It is among the most popular dishes in Cote d’Ivoire.

Since this dish is prepared in a well-sealed pot, it does not allow steam to escape, thus preserving the taste of all its ingredients.

23. Kitfo

23 Kitfo foods that start with k

Kitfo or Ketfo is a traditional food of Ethiopia. It is made using ground beef and flavored with a local chili-based spice blend called mitmita and niter kibbeh, a mixture of clarified butter, spices, and herbs.

Kitfo is sometimes mixed with cheese or greens and served with flatbread for better taste. It is also an important dish which is generally served during special events such as weddings or holidays.

24. Konkonte

24 konkote foods that start with k

A humble food with roots in Ghana, Konkonte is made by kneading cassava flour with water. Traditionally, it is served as a side dish with okra soup, groundnuts, or palm nuts.

Depending on how cassava is obtained, Konkonte can be light to dark brown once prepared. It is famous in Ghana, Nigeria, and the Caribbean islands.

It’s slightly sweet and has plenty of health benefits, along with the fact that it is easy to prepare and affordable. When resources were limited owing to droughts and famines, Konkonte saved many lives, and hence it is often called the food for the poor.

25. Kuchela

25 kuchela foods that start with k

A fantastic side dish served hot with rice, curry, and other accompaniments, Kuchela is a specialty of Trinidad and Tobago, made of unripe green mango, dried in the sun.

It resembles a traditional shredded and dried mango pickle, a typical Indian cuisine called Achaar.

Versatile and mouth-watering, this relish contains hot chili peppers, brown sugar, mustard oil, salt, and spices (masala) like cumin, fennel, and Fenugreek seeds along with the dried, unripe mango to enhance its taste.

26. Koki

26 koki foods that start with k
Source: Whisk Affair

A typical Indian food more popular among the Sindhis, Koki is an excellent option for breakfast.

It’s a flatbread made of whole wheat dough, but unlike the regular chapattis, its flavors are enhanced using onion and condiments like pomegranate seeds, chilies, coriander, or cumin seeds.

Generally fried on a pan using clarified butter, it is crispy and golden brown once cooked. Great for people with diabetes or those trying to manage their weight, Koki can help keep blood sugar levels in check owing to its low glycemic index and high levels of good fat.

27. Knockwurst

A pre-cooked sausage, Knockwurst is a popular North American food with German roots. One can cook it in boiling water, a pan, grill, or oven. Knockwurst resembles a giant hot dog with less fat content and uses high-quality meat, usually beef or pork.

Usually served in a bun with condiments like mustard, spaetzle, fried onions, and fermented food like sauerkraut, Knockwurst makes for a wholesome, filling meal.

Once cooked, it becomes juicy, plump, and crispy, best when flavored smokey.

28. Kabosu

28 kabosu foods that start with k

Kabosu is a citrus fruit that grows in a broad-leaf tree. It’s a popular fruit in Japan where it is used in several food items to enhance their tastes like hot pot dishes, fish, and sashimi.

It is also widely used in other products such as frozen desserts, pastries, alcoholic beverages, juices, and condiments.

Kabosu can be a great alternative to synthetic vinegar since it has an astringent taste like lemon. When used with fish and meat, it retains the colors and keeps them from spoiling for a long time.

29. Kaki Fruit

29 kaki fruit foods that start with k

The Kaki Japanese Persimmon is a delicious fruit consumed throughout the year. One can eat it raw and fresh during the ripening season and dry for the other months. You can taste both the skin and the inner flesh of this juicy fruit.

It is rich in vitamin C, iron, B-complex vitamins like folic and thiamine which contribute to good hemoglobin levels and strong immunity.

Kaki fruit is also found in China, Korea, and Europe, like France and Italy. In several Chinese communities, Kaki fruit is believed to have mystical powers and has been traditionally used to treat headaches, foot and back pains.

30. Kiwano

30 kiwano fruit foods that start with k

Kiwano, or the “horned melon,” is an exotic fruit available in several regions of Africa. Resembling a horned cucumber, the Kiwano melon is orange-colored, covered in tiny spines with a thick outer skin.

The flesh inside is gelatinous and contains plenty of seeds. It is packed with minerals like Vitamin C, A, B6, Iron, zinc, phosphorus, fat, proteins, and more.

Antioxidants present in this fruit help ward off free radical damage, inflammation, diabetes, heart diseases and several kinds of cancer. So, if you wish to have a fruit that packs a punch, this one is worth a try.

31. Kumquat

31 kumquats fruit foods that start with k

A small-sized, orange-colored citrus fruit, Kumquat has an outer peel that tastes sweet while the inner pulp has a tart-like taste. Also called the golden Mandarin orange, this fruit is native to China and also cultivated in other East Asian countries like Taiwan, India, the Philippines, and Japan.

Producing thousands of fruits each year, Kumquat fruit is available in different shapes and sizes with subtle variations in their tastes across regions.

32. Kenponashi

A raisin tree native to the mountainous regions of China, Japan, Korea, and India is Kenponashi. This tree has more than just culinary use and is often used to treat liver diseases, fever, etc.

The raisins ripen during the autumn months, and it is the stalk instead of the actual fruit that is edible. You can easily plant them into shade-giving trees and enjoy the stem when it ripens. The taste is quite similar to dry raisins with subtle flavors of cinnamon.

33. Knack

33 christmas sweet butterscotch foods that start with k

Also called the “Christmas Butterscotch”, Knack is a famous Swedish toffee made mainly during the holiday season. While some like their Knack chewy, others prefer a harder, tooth-shattering consistency just like its literal meaning “break”.

Made of heavy cream, butter, vanilla, syrup, and finely chopped almonds, Knack is a delicious treat and one of the sweetest desserts you’ll ever taste.

Consider a dentist’s appointment before you decide to indulge in one, for we don’t guarantee if your tooth would remain intact. Haha!

34. Kouign Amann

34 kouign amann foods that start with k

A Breton cake, Kouign Amann, is a lip-smacking dessert that is worth a try. Made from bread dough, it contains layers of butter and sugar; it is pretty similar to a puff pastry.

Baked slowly until the sugar caramelizes, the butter helps the dough expand, resulting in a similar structure to a caramelized croissant. This pastry has garnered much fame since it is popularly as “the fattiest pastry” in the whole of Europe.

35. Koeksisters

35 koeksisters foods that start with k

A pastry dish made of fried dough in sugar syrup or honey and rolled in desiccated coconut, koeksister is a South African treat that resembles the shape of

‘ braided hair. The Koeksisters dough is prepared using cornmeal, flour, milk, egg, butter, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and lemon juice. This sweet, crunchy, and sticky delicacy can be enjoyed for breakfast or as an evening snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

We are sure that this list will have helped you learn more about some unique and rare food items that begin with the letter K. If you haven’t already tasted them, this article can inspire you to go ahead, satisfy your cravings and make smart choices about what goes into your plate.