35+ Best Closet Door Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Many homeowners pay the least attention to the closet door than they should. They just basically buy one door for the closet, and that’s it. They don’t even consider painting to give it a new look.

However, classy homeowners know how to use closet doors creatively. They give an excellent opportunity to separate spaces with them and make the room look more interesting. But what closet door ideas do such people use to make that space unique?

The following 35 ideas will show you how to take advantage of your seemingly useless closet doors and transform them into exciting parts of your interior. Let’s get started!

best closet door ideas designs

1. Mirror Closet Door

1 closet door ideas

This kind of closet door has a way of making a room look twice as large. It doubles up as a dressing mirror and a closet door at the same time.

Just make sure that the closet behind it is full of clothes and accessories. Otherwise, you’ll get a plain wall full of a mirror only. You can cover the inside part of this door with curtains to give even more privacy.

2. Picture Frame Closet Door

2 closet door ideas
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

This is another way to make a room look bigger and bring more personality. You can frame any picture of your choice, depending on the style of your house.

For example, if you have traditional furniture, choose an elegant picture to hang up. If you like modern stuff, put some modern artwork on it. Or you can use a photo of your family or children. Whatever suits your interior the best.

3. Window Closet Door

3 closet door ideas

This is an option for those who have a large window or sliding doors in their bedroom that have nothing interesting to cover them with.

A closet door that opens up to the outside will give you just what you need – privacy and another great view. Make sure the inside of the door is covered with curtains so you can enjoy this view even when you’re in there.

4. Secret Door Closet

4 closet door ideas

If you have a guest bedroom but want to keep it hidden from your guests when they are not needed, give them only one closet door to hang their clothes.

The other one should only be opened to your walk-in closet. This way, when they are there, the room will look very uninteresting and plain. But when you want to use it yourself, you’ll have a lot of space for your things.

5. Not Just a Closet Door

5 closet door ideas

If you don’t have any plans or ideas about what to do with your closet doors and just don’t want to waste them, put a flat TV on them.

Yes, this is not exactly what you thought we were going to say, but the idea is just as good. The door will hide your TV from everyone’s view and at the same time, it will serve its main purpose of closing off a space in a room.

6. Make It A Bookshelf Door

6 closet door ideas

If you like to read and have a lot of books, there’s no better place to put them than on the door of your closet. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be a ‘closet’ door.

Any regular one will do, as long as you make it into a bookshelf and create a niche in it to “hide” your books.

The best thing is that the door itself will close off the shelf, and no one will find out about your secret book collection. So you can read in secret, and no one will be wiser.

7. Use Sliding Doors For Closets

7 closet door ideas

If you don’t like hanging doors, why not try sliding ones? They are also very practical if you have a lot of clothes to store.

If your bedroom is not so spacious, it will help you save some space for other things in the room or just give you more freedom to move around when putting on clothes.

Besides, sliding doors are also good for small spaces since they open up to the room – it’s like opening a window. This way, you get natural light in your closet, making the space look bigger than it is.

8. Shoe Closet Door

8 closet door ideas

This one is not much different from the usual closet door, but it has an exciting twist. If you have a lot of shoes and nowhere else to store them, why not put them on the back of your closet door?

This closet door idea turns your closet door into multi-purpose storage. You can store your shoes and get them out quickly while keeping everything else in the closet, like clothes and accessories, safe from dust and dirt.

9. California Closets

9 closet door ideas

If you prefer closets with doors, why not try the ‘California closet’? This is a modern solution for people who want to have everything in their homes at arm’s length. These are not hanging closet doors but shelves that can be pulled out or pushed back into the wall as needed.

The only disadvantage of this stylish storage option is that it can accommodate only smaller things like clothes, accessories, books, etc. But that doesn’t have to be a problem if you don’t have a lot of things to store anyway.

10. Batting Cage Closet Door

10 closet door ideas

This is one of the most interesting and unusual solutions for closet doors, a batting cage. If you are a sports fan or just love watching baseball games on TV, you’ve probably seen baseball players practicing in their batting cages.

What could be better than having one in your own house? Installing this door will give you a lot of privacy but still let you play sports whenever you want to. Consider this closet door idea and see for yourself how well it will work in your home.

11. Custom Glass Closet Door

11 closet door ideas

These are not that unusual or unique anymore but still worth mentioning, as they will give your bedroom a modern look and let you enjoy the view outside. Just remember to choose one with solid frames to keep you safe from falling. 

The good thing about this kind of closet door is that they are very easy to open. If you have old-fashioned closet doors, you can simply get rid of them and replace them with solid glass doors.

12. Giant Closet Doors

12 closet door ideas

This solution is definitely for people who have plenty of money to spend on their homes and for those who like unusual solutions. Giant closet doors will give your bedroom a unique look and hide all the stuff you keep inside.

This closet door idea works well in bigger rooms, with enough free space to accommodate this huge door. They are also very convenient to open and close – just pull it like a regular sliding door.

13. Murphy Bed Behind Closet Door

If you are thinking about turning your bedroom into more living space rather than just sleeping there, this is the idea for you. This is a murphy bed. It’s a bed that can be stored in a cabinet or closet when it’s not needed. It will give you more room for activities other than sleeping and let you save some space during the day as well.

13 closet door ideas

The closet door adds a unique feel to your home and helps you save money on bedclothes by hiding your duvet behind it. Besides, the door will keep your room private and give you enough space to open and close it without any problems.

14. Barn Doors

14 closet door ideas

If your bedroom is not very big, you can make it look bigger by installing barn doors. Again, they are not very practical when hanging clothes or storing anything else, but they will help you save some space.

This closet door will make the room more stylish and unique, which will make a good impression on your visitors. Besides, the door can be closed. It won’t let all of the light in and gives you privacy when needed.

15. Armoire Closet

15 closet door ideas

This is not necessarily a closet door, but we thought it would be fun to include it. An armoire is an elegant piece of furniture that will look great in your bedroom and go well with the rest of the décor.

It can also serve as a TV stand and storage for all kinds of things – just make sure you buy one with doors to cover everything inside.

16. Antique Mirror

16 closet door ideas
Source: California Closets Studio City, California

If you want to see inside your closet, you can install an antique mirror to let you watch yourself no matter which part of the closet you are in. This is not exactly a door, but it will give your closet that old-fashioned look you like so much.

An excellent example of such closet doors is the hidden mirror doors that will fit in seamlessly, no matter how big your bedroom is. They are very simple but give your closet that vintage feels you want to have at home.

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17. Wallpapered Closet Door

17 closet door ideas

You can use wallpaper to make your closet door look attractive too. Just choose a nice pattern and put it on the back of your door. The wallpaper design will help you hide the door and make it look more like a wall than a door.

This is not the best solution if you want to open and close your closet doors on a regular basis but it will give your bedroom an interesting pattern that will also blend in with the rest of the décor.

The good thing about this idea is that if you are tired of the design, you can just take it off – there won’t be any holes in the wall either.

18. Vanity Behind Closet Door

18 closet door ideas

This is another example of a unique way to use closet doors – as a vanity. If you have plenty of space in your bedroom or just want to add a separate area for grooming and dressing, this idea will let you do that.

Just cover the back of the door with mirror tiles and add lights to get everything you need at hand. Two birds with one stone, right?

19. Window Seat Behind Closet Door

19 closet door ideas

If you have a window in your bedroom, why not use it to turn this area into more living space?

Install an old-fashioned window seat with storage below and use the same idea with the pesky closet door. Cover it with wallpaper or paint it to match the rest of the room.

20. Bedroom Dress-Up Closet Door

20 closet door ideas

You can turn your bedroom into a dressing room or a walk-in closet if you install a dress-up door. Just choose one that has mirrors and rods to hold all your clothes and accessories and put it in front of an existing door.

There will be no need to use your main closet for dressing anymore. This idea offers you a perfect way to add room for more things in your bedroom.

21. Painted Closet Doors

21 closet door ideas
Source: Monica Wants It

If you don’t want to install any doors, you can still make it look like there are some using paint. Just choose a lovely pattern and start painting your existing door.

Make sure the paint covers the entire surface before adding patterns. Painted closet doors will give you the freedom to change the paint color as you wish and have something unique every time.

22. Shutters

22 closet door ideas

Another creative way to cover your closet door is by using shutters. You will need two or just one if you have a double door. This option might be the best if you want to combine your old-fashioned style with modern solutions for storage and organization.

Shutters give your closet door a unique look, but they are also practical. You can use them as storage to keep all your accessories and beauty products.

Just make sure you buy real shutters instead of getting ready-to-hang shutters so you will be able to change the configuration easily.

23. Crisscross Closet Door

23 closet door ideas

You can turn any closet door into a crisscross door by adding two curtains and some wall hooks to keep them in place.

This is probably the easiest way to cover your door without actually changing it. If you don’t like the look, the space will do as well but this option is great for those who like old-fashioned things.

24. Faux French Door

24 closet door ideas
Source: Bright Green Door

This idea is very similar to the previous one, but it’s more sophisticated. You can make your closet door look like a French door. Add two curtains on either side of the door and some inexpensive wall shelves above them to complete the overall look.

Your bedroom will benefit from this because there will be more space for you to store or display your things.

25. Bifold Closet Door

25 closet door ideas

If you do not want to use any of the ideas above, perhaps a real closet door would suit your bedroom. However, don’t just buy any door; install bi-fold doors instead.

They come in all kinds of patterns and styles so it should be easy to find something that looks good in your room. Bifold doors are the most practical ones because you can use them as a room divider or wardrobe.

26. Shaker Closet Doors

26 closet door ideas

If you have enough space in your bedroom to install a door, why not turn it into an old-fashioned closet? The best way to do that would be by installing shaker-style doors.

They are very easy to find in stores and even easier to install. Just put them on hinges and screw the top cap.

27. Bypass Closet Door

27 closet door ideas

If your bedroom is very small, you can use a bypass door instead. These doors take up much less space and give you more options to use the rest of your room – for example, as an office or play area.

Just make sure to allow enough budget and storage space before starting these projects.

28. Silhouette Door

28 closet door ideas
Source: CWDoors

This idea combines originality and sophistication so it would look great in a dream bedroom. Just paint the wood to look like a silhouette, and you got yourself a unique closet door.

If you think this is not easy enough, try using wallpaper with patterns. You can also add shelves or mirrors to make your design even better.

29. Accordion Door

29 closet door ideas

This door is great if you live in an apartment or a small house. It takes up much less space than traditional doors and gives you more freedom to move around – not to mention the fact that it looks good too.

Can’t find this type of door? You can also make one yourself by using simple hinges.

30. Berber Carpet Door

30 closet door ideas

If you want to keep the door in place but still want it to look good, this idea might be perfect for you. All you need is a piece of Berber carpet and some adhesive.

Cut the carpet to fit on your door and apply adhesive strips around its edges. Fill in any spaces with leftover pieces of carpet.

31. Peg Board

31 closet door ideas

You might not think that this type of door would look good but it actually looks very nice. Just attach some pegs on your closet’s existing door, and voila – you have a fancy-looking pegboard.

It is even better if you paint the frame, so it matches the board’s color. This can be used to store baskets, hats, jewelry, scarves, and so on.

32. Kid’s Closet Door

32 closet door ideas

Don’t forget to include the kids in this project. They can make their very own closet door using cardboard, markers, glue, and crayons.

You can either turn them into a unique piece of artwork or just let them have fun while being creative.

Involving kids in such projects is not only fun, but it’s also a great educational opportunity that can teach them about recycling and slowing down their use of plastic. Also, if they are of an age where you can’t trust them to handle power tools safely, this is the ideal compromise.

33. Beaded Closet Door

33 closet door ideas

If you are an avid bead worker, why not create your closet door? It will be perfect for keeping out prying eyes while still looking pretty. Just string some beads together and attach them to the door using adhesive strips.

This kind of closet door turns out unique and colorful. It’s a unique way to portray your personality and give your space personality and flair. It’s also a lot cheaper than many of the other door ideas on this list, making it accessible to most people who are looking to spruce up their bedroom.

34. Wooden Slats

34 closet door ideas

This is another very easy idea that’s great if you are on a budget. You can either buy a pre-made door in a color that matches your bedroom or paint a plain old door with chalkboard paint.

Either way, add some wooden slats on the outside of the door to make it look unique. Another way this closet door idea saves you money is because you can do it yourself.

35. Ceiling-Mounted Door

35 closet door ideas

If you have space above your closet, consider installing a ceiling-mounted door instead. It will take up much less space and give you more freedom since it does not get in the way – plus, you can always open it when needed.

Just be careful not to disturb the ceiling and walls too much. Also, make sure the ceiling is high enough to avoid any accidents.


Don’t make your room dull with those boring closet doors when you can actually bring life to it with these amazing closet door ideas. There are many ways to transform your closet door into something unique – you just have to be creative enough.

Also, remember to choose a closet door that matched your personality so it looks very stylish. For example, if you are an outgoing person, you might want to try something with vibrant colors – the opposite is also true. All that matters is that your door brings out your personality and reflects who you are.

For more ideas about interior design, don’t forget to check out more articles on this site. You can also share with us some closet door ideas that work for you.