How to Design and Decorate a French-style Bedroom

best French Style Bedroom Decor Ideas

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A romantic French bedroom or boudoir conjures up feelings of “ooh-la-la!” Romantic French, sensual French, even antique French style are popular.

French bedroom style offers sexiness personified. Imagine flirty can-can dancers, or Josephine Baker’s barely-there costume melding with the beauty of her lovely brown skin. Even the French Revue, Crazy Horse, in Vegas stirs up fantasies of French bedrooms bathing in the same sex appeal that oozes from the stage. When decorating à la French style, there are many themes to choose from.

Sensual French Bedroom Interior Design

Sensual French boudoirs with stylish beds draped in silky satin sheets add to the romantic ambiance of any bedroom. Add a delicate, white Bordeaux chest to showcase large powder brushes and sweet-smelling perfumes.

Pair with contemporary black lace-draped lampshades on coffee-brown streamlined end tables. The tables are dressed with satin nickel drawer pulls that look more like jewelry than functional hardware. Top the sensual French look off with pillows in faux fur, zebra, leopard print with bold black, ivory, or stark white fluffiness mixed in.

Romantic French Bedroom Interior Design

Romantic French bedrooms often come decorated with stylish French bedroom sets in French colonial style. Even a romantic crystal chandelier evokes the romance of a late night in France bathing in soft light and romantic candles.

A mademoiselle Cezanne’s French slipper chair seated near a romantic French boudoir heightens the romantic look. Romantic French style calls for soft pastel colors and delicate French furniture, according to The House of Leleu, author Francoise Sirle.

Antique French Style Bedroom Interior Design

Nothing evokes old-world sensuality and romance like antique French design. French antiques create stylish elegance in an upscale bedroom. Louis XV, French rococo, French empire antiques and bergeres are just a few styles, according to author John Gloag, in his book, Guide to Furniture Styles, English and French, 1450 to 1850.

Interior designers either create this look with original antiques or reproductions of antique French furniture. A reproduction antique white king-size bed with a time-worn finish paired with old-style boudoir furniture sporting curved lines topped off with a powder blue antique chaise create the perfect antique French boudoir.

French Country Bedroom Interior Design

French country remains one of the most popular styles in the bedroom presenting a rustic, yet sophisticated look. A mahogany French bookcase complimented with a country French wicker bench topped off with a wicker headboard add to the country charm of any bedroom.

Simple sensuality is what French country design is all about. It’s not fussy, or over-dressed. Like a picnic in the country – the simple, rustic pleasure of it makes it irresistible.

French Provencal Style Bedroom Interior Design

The charming villas in Provence evoke images of French Provencal bedroom design. A mahogany French table lamp with brass accents sitting atop a French Provencal sitting table with a ladderback chair romantically warms the room with rustic French Provencal design.

The French Provencal bed provides the sensual drama. Charmingly comfortable, the rustic bed sports thick, round bed posts with a walnut colored headboard. Add linens in warm tones of chocolate, rust and caramel for a romantic vibe.

Parisian Style Bedroom Interior Design

Parisian style brings to mind an apartment in the middle of Paris. Shabby chic designs, a Parisian art deco leather loveseat or moustache-back leather chair along with an antique reproduction headboard leave any bedroom dripping with Parisian design.

Sex and Paris go together like hamburgers and fries Couples living in small, cozy apartments in French districts often take walks at night in the most romantic city in the world before retiring to their love-nest in the heart of Paris.

French Royal Style Bedroom Interior Design

French royal style is in the vein of the overstated, ornamental elegance of the French royals. Audaciously carved headboards with nymphs and floral motifs, over-the-top chaise-lounges almost big enough to rival the bed itself. These type of signature pieces drip with sensual fantasies of kings or handsome knights romancing secret loves. Making their way to the courtesan’s boudoir through secret passageways in the middle of a moonlit night with lovemaking in mind.

Decorative French urns, set near an antique French style headboard, layered by a gold accented red French pillow chair and a blonde French-style television cabinet adds atmosphere of French royal design in the bedroom.

The French are known for their sensuality. In the spirit of taking on that sexiness for your own private boudoir, when filling the bedroom with the sensual French style of choice do it with every intention of regularly putting up a door hanger that reads, “Do not disturb.”

29+ French style bedroom ideas

#1. Antique fireplace with flowers

Antique fireplace with flowers


#2. White bed and wooden love letters

White bed and wooden love letters


#3. Upholstered Headboard with Wooden Welcome Board

Upholstered Headboard with Wooden Welcome Board


#4. Luxurius Linens

Luxurius Linens

#5. A mirror with shabby frames and small bouquets of flowers

A mirror with shabby frames and small bouquets of flowers


#6. Lovely pillows for pillow hoarder

Lovely pillows for pillow hoarder


#7 Chandelier and exposed beams

Chandelier and exposed beams


#8. Reclaimed Headboard

Reclaimed Headboard


#9. Cottage style curtains

Cottage style curtains

#10. A vase of white flowers with old framed prints

A vase of white flowers with old framed prints


#11. Sweet Scents in the Bedroom

Sweet Scents in the Bedroom


#12. Reclaimed Wood Dresser with Flowers

Reclaimed Wood Dresser with Flowers


#13. Headboard from three reclaimed doors

Headboard from three reclaimed doors


#14. Exposed Beams

Exposed Beams

#15. Hastings Lime Washed Floor Lamp

Hastings Lime Washed Floor Lamp


#16. Rustic bucket with roses

Rustic bucket with roses


#17. French cane chairs and beautiful chandelier

French cane chairs and beautiful chandelier


#18. Blue and White Bedroom

Blue and White Bedroom


#19. Rustic wood ceiling

Rustic wood ceiling


#20. Brick walls with barn doors

Brick walls with barn doors


best french bedroom ideas