68+ Creative and Cheap Garden Edging Ideas and Designs (2024)

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Garden edging offers many functions to your garden and to the entire aesthetic of your lawn, yards and the whole of the home, truth be told.

In time, you will find that the garden and many parts of the home outdoors could serve more than just one function. It is during these times that you will find garden edging a fruitful project and a worthwhile investment.

There are countless garden edging ideas for many purposes and pinning down just one will be a toll. Choosing the perfect one must start with an idea and so here are some garden edging ideas that will come in handy in the future.

What is garden edging?

For newbies, it is essential to understand what garden edging is, both as a garden activity and a craft on its own as you master it in the long haul.

Garden edging is an artful craft which is done to accentuate various sections in one garden space. It is also done to avoid grass overgrowth from taking over your prized plants.

For example, your garden could have a backyard greenhouse, a raised vegetable bed, a cobblestone pathway, flower beds as centerpiece and a table set.

To make them look in place and complementing each other, you need to accentuate each of them as good views on their own for the whole ensemble to make sense.

You could use one or a combination of landscaping materials from stone to bricks, etc. But it is not all about the aesthetics though. You will find in the next section that garden edging is more than just beautifying. 

Why use garden edging?

Garden edging offers a lot of practical roles to the garden. The most immediate of them is its role in holding all the mulch intact and in place especially when it rains.

Garden edging also helps in preventing lawn mowers in damaging your beloved plants. Check these mower manuals in case you lost your original one.

As we have mentioned, it is also useful in separating the flowers from the fruits to the trees or in providing a scenic transition of a patio to a garden.

Overall, you need to use garden edging because it makes everything in the garden neat and organized.  

Where to place garden edging?

If we are talking about specifics, there is no one absolute answer. But if we are talking about the parts of the garden where garden edging is most commonly required, it would be in the middle of the garden accentuating and protecting raised flower beds, in the in-walls of fences for trees, ornamentals and more flowers, on the sides of the garden for pathways.

So practically, where to place your garden edging means that it could be everywhere where it seems fit. And there are many ways to come up with ideas to plan it out. 

How to install garden edging

If anything, garden edging could be a make or break too. You see, if you underdo it or overdo it, your garden will stop being harmonious and it will all boil down to disunity. To prevent this from happening, you need to know how to install garden edging and here’s how. 


The first step is to determine the exact spot in the garden that needs edging.

Most often than not, garden edging is used to separate two competing elements like gravel and mulch, for example. Or if you have problems with two types of grass, maybe that space needs edging too. Areas with loose elements like rocks, stones and pathways will also need edging. 

Edging type

After choosing the spot, you need to identify the edging type. Now, there are a lot and most variants fall into the solid edging type.

For rustic designs, of course wood edging might complement it the best. Metal and concrete edging would do fine with contemporary designs, on the other hand. Rubber or plastic edging are a trend nowadays too, and they are good for ornamentals and vegetable beds.

Individual edging type which includes pebbles and stone pavers are good options too if you want to stay away from solid edging types. 

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Now that you have everything in place, it’s time to dig a trench.

There is no standard depth but it has to be well-calculated; too shallow and it will collapse, too deep and you will create a tripping hazard.

As such, it is recommended that trenches for edging must have a top higher than your lawn and its groundcover but not tall enough to make it look like an independent element in the garden. 

Install edging

In the installation process, there is just one important rule to keep in mind. Make sure that the gaps must be as small as possible and that each must be leveled with each other.

If you have problems with the gaps, use interlocking landscape elements to make tighter fits.

Using an edging tool to make sure there are no unwanted slopes would best be there when you start the installation process. 

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Secure the edging if necessary

Brick, metal and stones can fare well on their own after the installation process but some materials may be more vulnerable than the others.

Yes, we are talking about rubber and plastic edging types. You can use wood or metal stakes to secure them and then adding a groundcover on top of it would seal the deal. 

If you need visuals for the installation process, you can watch these videos from Great Garden Ideas, Multy Home and Bunnings.

68+ Inexpensive Garden edging ideas

best garden edging ideas

We are down to the best part and the most valuable section for that matter.

We have mentioned that there are countless garden edging ideas but it is hard to choose the right one if you do not even have a head start of what you should be looking for. As such, here is a rundown of some of the most common, easy to install garden edging ideas out there.

1. Brick garden edging ideas

Bricks are one of the best boundary edgers out there especially for flower beds. They give off a rustic touch, an England countryside and a cottage vibe.

Most of all, bricks precede a functional timeline in architecture and design with only mortar as its complementing adhesive. So basically, it is very secure as an edger and it will certainly last. Here are some designs that you could consider. 

Brick garden edging ideas
Creative brick garden edging ideas
Inexpensive brick garden edging ideas

2. Flower Bed edging ideas

When grass and weeds become intermittent problems through seasons, you will need something to keep them from invading the lawn let alone have them mixed with your plants.

One of the best solutions to keep this from happening is to install a flower bed edging and here are some ideas that will prove the point. 

If you want to learn more how to get rid of weeds naturally without killing grass, check this post

Best flower bed garden edging ideas

3. Lawn edging ideas

The lawn is the most important turf in the front yard. But grass overgrowth proves to be a problem every now and then making the driveway sloppy and the sidewalks very messy.

And since the lawn is an important space for the whole identity of your home, you might want to consider these lawn edging ideas.

Just like there are many available options for choosing the type of lawn, whether it be grass grown from seed, artificial grass or sod lawn, likewise there are a wide range of lawn edgings to choose from.

You can checkout my latest post about the driveway ideas on a budget.

Cheap lawn edging ideas

4. Stone garden edging

Stone garden edging ideas

Installing stone garden edgings always involves the combination of two stone types.

While there are some stones that could stand alone like cobblestones and flagstones, stone garden edging always provides a neat touch in accentuating ornamentals, trees and flowers and in separating them from the grass either in the lawn or backyard like these ones.

5. Metal garden edging

Metal garden edging ideas

Aside from being one of the cheapest garden edging materials out there, they could also last for twenty years if good maintenance is applied.

There are two common materials used under this category. Given the choice between aluminum and steel, always choose the latter.

Here are some metal gardening edging ideas that you can start with. 

6. Concrete garden edging

Concrete garden edging ideas

Another cheap yet beautiful choice is concrete for garden edging as it is both decorative and functional.

For the decorative part, you can etch anything in it before it gets solid making it customizable. As for being functional, you do not need to secure it and still it would last. To prove this, here are some ideas. 

7. Plastic garden edging

Plastic garden edging ideas

Plastic edging is practically the cheapest garden edging material of all. While it could be pretty malleable to outdoor mishaps and critters, plastic garden edging is practical and it could go a long way if you could maintain it well.

It is also DIY to install so it truly comes in handy like these ones. 

8. Rubber garden edging

Rubber garden edging ideas

Rubber material is also an affordable choice like metal and plastic. They come in many colors and shapes.

Most often than not, they are used as substitute for brick and concrete materials because the market already has rubber designs like that.

This material is good for small ornamentals and other minimalistic designs like these ones.

9. Wood garden edging

Wood garden edging ideas

Nothing is timeless as wood. It is organic, it can be customized and its earthy vibe just hits very close to home. Wood garden is very manageable and low maintenance. They are also long lasting, if anything. Take a look at these designs.

10. Decorative garden edging

Decorative garden edging ideas

These types of designs mean that you could overboard when it comes to ideas because basically, you can customize any material you want. These ideas will make the point. 

11. Border fencing

Garden border fencing for edging

As the term implies, setting up border fences is a form garden edging too. It could mean many things though.

It could be used in separating garden beds, landscaping elements, types of plants, etc. They could be anything from Victorian wood designs to rustic concrete like these ideas. 

12. Bamboo garden edging

Bamboo garden edging ideas

If you ever want to go oriental and zen, bamboo garden edging is truly cut out for that as it always has.

Bamboo is easy to procure, it is relatively cheap and you can completely design it DIY. Here are some ideas for bamboo garden edging from lagringasblogicito, Bamboo Grove and Master Garden which you can consider. 

14. River rock edging

The good thing about river rocks is that they can come free if you know what sizes to pick and what colors you want to combine together. It does give a neat touch to the landscape but you will need a good adhesive to make it stand still like these ones.

River rock garden edging ideas

15. No dig garden edging

No-dig garden edging ideas

If you are not confident enough to dig a trench, you could always resort to rubber and plastic materials for no dig garden edging. Here are some ideas from Gardeners, Main Street Lawn  that you can build on. 

16. Curved garden edging

Curve garden edging ideas

Curved edging is a goo design if you want to emphasize the shape and wideness of the yard. It is usually done for garden and yard corners for ornamentals and trees like these ones from BHG, Gardeners

17. Vegetable garden edging

Vegetable garden edging ideas

Of course, vegetable garden edging means creating raised garden beds. The material could be made of concrete or metal but it is always more classic to look at with wood material. Nonetheless, here are some ideas to consider from Gardenista

18. Wire garden edging

Wire garden edging ideas

You can use hard metal wires or more malleable wires. Nonetheless, they are as customizable and effective as all other materials featured here. These are some ideas from Gum Tree

19. Gravel edging

Back to basics designs always start with very accessible materials like gravel. Other than being cheap, gravel only needs to be arranged in a neat pattern and good adhesive to make raised edger. Here are some ideas:

Gravel garden edging ideas

20. Path edging

Path garden edging ideas

The main reason for this is to technically make a pathway that will lead somewhere while accentuating plants and other scenes while being on the way. They could be simple or over the top like these ones.

21. Slate garden edging

Either stamped or stained, slate garden edging is a true classic. They could be cobblestone or flagstone but big, shiny slabs are really a run for the money like these ones.

Slate garden edging ideas

22. Japanese garden edging

Japanese garden edging ideas

Unlike bamboo edging, this design is really the oriental thing by combining more than two landscaping elements like concrete and stones, slates and wood, etc. Here are some ideas for you to count on. 

23. Recycled garden edging

If you have colored bottles out there, painted stones, PET bottles that you could arrange, then you can make a mosaic for your recycled garden edging like these ones.

Recycled garden edging ideas

24. Scalloped garden edging

Scalloped garden edging

In themselves, scalloped borders are already decorative. These wavy top concretes are good for minimalistic designs or in making low raised beds like these ones from Reddit, Fantastic Viewpoint and Crocus

25. PVC garden edging

This type of design falls in both recycled garden edging because you could use of old PVC pipes and in the category of plastic garden edging because well, PVCs are plastic materials. Here are some ideas.

26 pvc garden edging ideas

26. Victorian garden edging

You know its Victorian design if the concrete and metal have intricate designs and embellishments, hard knots and even fleur de lis, etc. Just take a look at these designs from Stone Market, Pinterest and Albania Desert Cart

Victorian garden edging ideas

27. Cheap garden edging

We have pretty much covered that most materials featured here are relatively cheap. So if you are thinking of recyclable bottles, plastic materials, old pipes, bamboo, pebbles, stones and gravel, cheap garden edging is very possible and you can do it on your own, anytime. Here are some other ideas of cheap garden edging. 

28 cheap garden edging ideas

28. Garden Edging With Slate Chippings

Lawn Edging Ideas: How to shape a lawn with slate chippings

29. Wood log garden-edging

1 garden bed edging ideas

Wood log garden edging is one of the best ideas to emulate in your garden designs. It is about getting many pieces of logs, arranging them in a manner that best suits you, and making a cute garden in a space left in the middle.

30. China plate dish Garden edging

2 garden bed edging ideas

Your old plates can still do something for you. If you can refer to the source here, you will realize how it can make a beautiful garden edge. Follow the steps from the link to inspire you. It will be one of your holiday assignments.

 Source: https://33barefootlane.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/china-plate-garden-border/

31. Straw bale garden edging

3 garden bed edging ideas

This one is the best for the people who can access many straw bales. You can see how you can arrange it to form a garden edge for planting flowers and other garden plants. The link here will guide you on every step that you should follow when dealing with the idea.

32. Steel garden edging

4 garden bed edging ideas

Steel garden edging is another idea that you will want to try if you like creative garden ideas. Check the steps here and make something that will inspire all your visitors. It will be a way to bring change to your garden.

Source: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/12206679/list/your-mini-guide-to-great-garden-edges

33. Living tree plant garden edging

5 garden bed edging ideas

It is another beautiful idea for people who like vegetation. If you can plant many trees for garden edging, it will show your care about the environment and your love for the environment.

 Source: http://townmouse.typepad.com/townmouse/2010/05/the-best-and-the-worst-1.html

34. Old metal wheels’ idea

6 garden bed edging ideas

The old metal wheels’ idea is another impressive garden edging idea that will work best for the people who can access the metal wheels. If you don’t have the wheels, you can always try to buy some from the craft store.

Source: http://unconsumption.tumblr.com/post/23169133903/another-idea-for-the-garden-related

35. Bike wheel garden edging

7 garden bed edging ideas

The bike wheel garden edging is another impressive idea that will be best for people who own many old bikes. Check the source to inspire you on everything you need to know when doing this creative garden edging idea.

36. Paint pallet garden edging

8 garden bed edging ideas

The paint pallet garden edging is among the best ideas to try when you want to do a garden edging. It is always beautiful when you use the pallets, but it is even better when you can do it with paint.

37. Rock stone edging

9 garden bed edging ideas

You will never realize the beauty of stones until you come across this creative gardening idea. It is even better when you have paint on the stones. All these are the things you should do with the stones around your home.

38. Pipe tuber border garden

10 garden bed edging ideas

Pipe tuber border garden is another idea for creative gardeners who enjoys doing new things with the garden. Check out the instructions on how to make a beautiful pipe tuber garden border.

 Source: http://floradoragardens.blogspot.com/2011/11/meadow-creek-house-seattle.html

39. Stone bricks garden edging

11 garden bed edging ideas

The stone bricks garden edging is undoubtedly the best idea for people who have the brick-remains after a building exercise. A garden edge out of bricks is beautiful and will make your house look even more appealing when you have this kind of garden.

Source: http://www.thedesertecho.com/blog/community-rehabilitation-garden/

40. Scrap wood garden bed edging

12 garden bed edging ideas

Try the scrap wood garden bed edging and be ahead of the rest as far as garden edging is concerned. Don’t worry about how you will do it because we have an instruction manual to guide you through all the steps. It is a fantastic idea that favors everyone who enjoys creative edging ideas.

 Source: http://upcycledstuff.blogspot.ca/2014/03/how-to-make-garden-edging-from-pallet.html

41. White Gabion raised garden bed border

13 garden bed edging ideas

It is easy making gabions. That is why the garden bed edging idea will be a walkover for you. You can get inspiration on everything you need to know by considering what the creatives had for you here in store.

42. Terracotta pipes garden edging

14 garden bed edging ideas

The source link will inspire you to start over a terracotta pipe garden edging project. Don’t worry if you don’t have the terracotta pipes because they are cheap at the craft stores. Make this cute garden edge and find reasons to make your garden a better source of happiness.

43. Cinder block edging

15 garden bed edging ideas

Cinder block edging is another cute creative garden edging idea that will demand less from you. Every step is well covered from the source here. Check it for inspiration on how you will get started with it.

 Source: http://www.abbisiler.com/crafts/my-happy-little-garden


We have pretty much covered everything about what you can use as materials for garden edging and some garden edging ideas under each category.

Practically, garden edging is a good way to sort out the complementing elements in the yard or garden, put all those that mix well in one section or give a raised bed for those that you want to be emphasized.

More than just garden divisions and fences, garden edging basically makes the entire garden and surrounding spaces neater, more organized and personal as one invests time, effort and creativity in putting up the right pieces to make the idea for the garden come to life.

With all things considered, we hope that you got the design inspiration you need to get on with that garden edging idea.

garden edging ideas