57+ Best Succulent Garden Ideas with Tutorials (PICTURES)

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Succulent cultivation is a simple way to transform your patio or backyard into a vibrant haven. Succulents are highly resilient and simple to care for; in fact, killing them is exceedingly difficult. That immediately elevates them to the top of the list. They are, nevertheless, one of the hottest new garden design trends. 

They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are low-maintenance plants. Succulents have a lot of juice, they look great, and they’re commonly employed to create gardens with species we like. These plants adore moisture, which is why they retain it inside. As a result, succulent garden designs are something to think about.

What’s not to appreciate about that? We’ve compiled a list of 35 inventive ideas for you to consider.

1. Ice Wonderland in the Desert

1 succulent garden ideas designs

This succulent style relies on an amazing flower presentation that showcases various colors of blue to help complement a cool, inspirational arrangement. It’s ideal for an outdoor area in whatsoever season of the year. 

This attractive display, made up primarily of Echeveria blue-tinged peacockii plants, looks best when arranged in an upward swirling two-tier waterfall dish arrangement when cultivating plants in a succulent landscape environment.

This colorful assortment of succulent plants serves as the ideal backdrop for the many different forms, species and size of plants that may be found in one spot. Furthermore, a central focus may be exactly what your garden needs to help make a unique, yet high-impact core.

2. Succulent Gardens in Wooden Pots

2 succulent garden ideas designs

This colorful array of succulent plants serves as a fantastic backdrop for the many different types, sizes, and types of plants that may be found all in one place.

Furthermore, a focal point might be precisely what you need to create a fascinating, though high-impact focus for your garden landscape.

3. Symbols that are scrumptious

3 succulent garden ideas designs

Its shape is very supportive of us and leads us to a more peaceful state of mind. They are lovely, tiny, and pleasant to touch. Grows well in a variety of environments.

Beautiful flora. There are many different succulents that you may cultivate, and only a few of them are shown in our initial photograph.

4. The Road To Heaven

4 succulent garden ideas designs

If you have a tree stump in your yard, it would benefit you to utilize it as a display for a succulent plant of any type and color. While you are allowed to use whatever succulent species and size you choose, keeping them tiny may be the best option. 

In fact, using a variety of color schemes will create the sensation of movement, as if you’re climbing a natural wooden staircase towards heaven.

If no trees are available, resting a single element of tree stump, or wood, against a strong wall construction can be enough to get the desired peaceful impression.

5. Relaxation & Meditation

5 succulent garden ideas designs

In parks and gardens, succulents are frequently employed. Just look at how well they blend with the flora and accentuate its presence!

The plants’ high vibrations and loving nature help us tremendously here on Earth. Finding yourself enveloped by succulents is excellent for the soul and mind.

6. Succulent Gardens that Grow Vertically

6 succulent garden ideas designs

If you have a tree stump in your yard, you should put it to good use as a showcase for your succulent plant, regardless of kind or shade.

While you are of course free to use whatever succulent species and size you choose, keeping them small is perhaps the most efficient choice. Having a variety of color patterns will really provide the sense of movement.

7. Waters of Life

7 succulent garden ideas designs

This arrangement, which gives the image of cascading water coming out of the planter’s entrance, is one creative use of big or medium-sized ceramic planters.

This decorative arrangement, which is ideal for an outdoor, ranch-style desert environment, may be readily produced with only one type of succulent plant.

The impression is even more fascinating when the complete show is artfully positioned inside another flower bed, as you’d almost think the succulent installation has been brought to life in torrents of live waters.

While a multi-color design is certainly conceivable, a single color palette may be the most effective in conveying streams of water coming from the terracotta container.

8. Finnian’s Rainbow

8 succulent garden ideas designs

Together in a garden bed or perhaps a big container, a virtual three-dimensional illusion with a variety of color schemes may be readily developed and planted.

The vivid succulents are enhanced with other wide leaf plants around the succulent array, creating an intriguing idea in plant décor.

With its pleasant exterior appeal, you have almost no limitations on where you may position it in your house or yard. This display is especially suited for garden parties or Ladies Group meetings, and you’ll get a lot of compliments as you proudly exhibit the arrangement.

9. Turtle Shaped Succulent Garden

9 succulent garden ideas designs

In a flower bed or a large container, a virtual three-dimensional effect with a variety of color schemes may be easily produced and grown.

Vibrant succulents are enhanced with other broadleaf plants encircling the succulent area, which is a delightful idea in plant décor.

This lovely design is made even better by the beautiful succulent arrangement, which you may adjust to your liking. This is ideal if you want to have something luxurious in your yard.

10. Succulent Gardens in Wood

10 succulent garden ideas designs

This projection screen configuration, which is ideal for an outdoor, ranch-style desert atmosphere, can be rapidly made with only one type of succulent plant.

The impression is much more appealing when the entire screen is properly placed into another garden bed, as you can almost guarantee the display of a succulent screen will come alive in streams of live waters.

11. Colorful Therapy

11 succulent garden ideas designs

Succulents, like most other plants, may be used to treat a variety of ailments. Great gardeners understand that the secrets to presenting their therapeutic impact are to create the proper forms, select attractive colors, and have fun. 

Using succulents to create a garden bed is fantastic. The soothing purple color functions as a calming companion to our eyes in this circumstance.

12. My Wheelbarrow Is Rolling Along

12 succulent garden ideas designs

This is a project that you can really get your hands into. An abandoned wheelbarrow may be found in almost any garden or shed, collecting dust or gathering rust.

Why not utilize it to create a vibrant garden center filled with cactus plants and even a little touch of everything else?

One empty wheelbarrow, some medium-sized pea pebbles or stream stones, a bit of mesh or screen material that slips directly into the base of the wheelbarrow, as well as some cactus soil are all you’ll need.

You’ve got the advantage of a distinctive and lovely tiny garden if you own some small furniture and a couple of really little succulents.

13. By the Side of the Road

13 succulent garden ideas designs

This side succulent exhibit presentation is a wonderfully unique approach to make use of a side border. There is no need to water this plant, however a soil cover of polished stones or marine rock would suffice.

Your choice of different plants is determined only by your preference in size and hues, and it’s a practical method to utilize up space across a garden or home wall. This concept is extremely well-suited to either a single-color to a multi-colored approach.

14. A Florentine Favorite

14 succulent garden ideas designs

An ancient Florentine flower arrangement can be made with an antique fountain basin on a pedestal. Adding just several succulent plants, dangling plants, and brightly colored succulents will give it a unique aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else in your yard.

This item is ideal for a high tea and appears definitely from another age; additionally, it is quite welcoming. A rosebud succulent in blue, pink, and silver, carefully arranged all through the fountain dish, offers a delightful, sophisticated touch.

15. Caged

15 succulent garden ideas designs

This is an interesting display that captivates the viewer’s attention in a captivating way. In this lovely outdoor or indoor décor addition, a bird cage, and any cage-like metal work, suspended succulent plants, or even dried succulent blossoms all complement one another.

The cage can be colored in rustic or metallic hues, or it can be left unpainted. Place a little sensor-driven pigeon on the swing for an amazing finishing touch. As people pass by your caged, yet beautifully free succulent garden exhibit, it’ll be sure to attract their attention.

16. Garden of Cinder Blocks

16 succulent garden ideas designs
Source: akailochiclife

If you’re a homeowner, your backyard may include some concrete cinder blocks that are old. They may be an eyesore if left unattended.

However, if you use a little originality when it comes to succulent gardening, you’ll be able to produce something that will undoubtedly become the main topic of conversation among your female friends.

Add dirt and one succulent or cactus per cinder block hole after arranging the blocks several levels deep.

Plant little growing aloes around the blocks, and don’t forget to acquire some plants that will fit snugly for a greater aesthetic effect.

Consider spray painting individual blocks with sparkly spray paint prior to assembling your succulent plant arrangement for even greater effects.

17. The Old Water Basin

17 succulent garden ideas designs

Consider utilizing wood for creating a rustic, natural environment. You’ll like their low-maintenance advantages when combined with your pick of succulent plants and flowers in practically any design and color. They’re affordable, visually beautiful, and perfect for outdoor projects.

Furthermore, utilizing a tree trunk that’s old or timber board with cactus plants implanted in the soil within ensures that your various plants have a long and healthy life.

18. My Suspended Garden

18 succulent garden ideas designs

Vertical gardens are becoming more popular, and their adaptability is valued in balconies, walled spaces, and practically anyplace there is a wall from which to hang this idea.

You’ll be the buzz of the community when you hang it on a painted wall background and fill it with clashing colored cacti blooms.

In other words, you’ve produced a pallet frame, which is becoming a hot style in practical interior decoration.

Load up on succulent plants which will fit nicely inside the vertical greenery frame, as well as other types of dangling plants that will offer your frame a lovely cascading look.

19. In The Desert, Rosebuds

19 succulent garden ideas designs

Combining desert palms, and any other upright plants, with a huge succulent gives your garden layout an incredible impression. The tall, vertically rising Zanzibar Gem and San Pedro Cactus offer an exquisite backdrop for the whirling Rosetta succulents that encircle their erect vertical plant mates.

You may choose any of numerous blue-silver shadings for a spectacular appearance, or go for a multi-color method with your cactus plants placed in their raised bed.

20. By the enchanting sea

20 succulent garden ideas designs

A journey to the beach will almost certainly provide a plethora of riches, such as stunning, organically shaped seashells.

Attach these smooth, uniform-size seashells to a clay pot using a hot glue, allowing no area undone. If necessary, paint the pots with the complementing seashell color to conceal any visible terracotta pot sections.

Fill the containers using potting soil, and you’re done! A one-of-a-kind and lovely container, or vases, for the succulents. Insert only one little succulent in smaller planter pots. You may use a variety of plant sizes in bigger containers.

21. A Friendly Oasis in the Desert

21 succulent garden ideas designs

Your backyard living doesn’t have to compromise when it comes to plant décor if you live in a typically dry location or a place that is experiencing drought.

The side borders of an exterior patio area are generally large enough to grow your ideal desert-friendly sanctuary. It’s tough to save water when you don’t know how much to save.

However, for those informal outdoor occasions, a beautiful and green garden space is still conceivable. Naturally, selecting native plants is the greatest option because they are better adapted to the temperature and possibly changing weather circumstances.

22. Your Garden Chair in Victorian Style

22 succulent garden ideas designs

Even if you have antique furniture in your patio, you may still use it as a lovely focus point. An antique wired chair, a flat ceramic dish, and a plethora of plants may simply transform your outdoor setting into a joy.

The combination of suspended succulents, rooted rosebud succulents, and just much everything else from that furniture produces a very unusual and lovely garden décor.

You can also choose to color the chair before beginning to construct your garden seat, or you can keep it natural. In either case, it’ll be the ideal object to congregate around as the main point of discussion in your yard.

23. Pathways of Royalty

23 succulent garden ideas designs

This is one presentation for all those who have certain design and color preferences. Four to five paths composed of single color flows will provide the impression of a meandering river or walkway appropriate for royalty.

A silver-blue mixture is employed in this design to create a charming walkway that somehow a fairy would like strolling along in the afternoon. Rosebud cactus are surrounded on all sides by violet, purple, white small flowers, and foliage. Enjoy!

24. Wonderland of Wood

24 succulent garden ideas designs

With a hint of Bonsai, the succulent presentation will elicit a lot of positive feedback from your garden guests. This attractive succulent display in your front or back yard space is set off by dried up wooden logs, enormous rock formations, as well as a portion of wooden deck.

There are no restrictions on the size and color of succulents you can use for this presentation, and you won’t need a plant box. Simply place your cactus in planting soil and water lightly.

25. Love Is The Greatest

25 succulent garden ideas designs

Monograms have never gone genuinely out of style. Your cactus arrangement, with its broad variety of multi-colored hues, will enhance your succulent blossoms display all the more attractive when you spell out a certain phrase.

Simply place your preferred cuttings in lichen moss planting media and allow them to take root utilizing oak or timber alphabet letters writing whatever emotion you like.

Consider constructing a wonderful vertical succulent garden out of wooden blocks and converting it into appealing décor for that backyard wedding or christening event.

26. Molasses

26 succulent garden ideas designs

Whether you choose to showcase a young turtle plant and perhaps a fully developed adult plant in the succulent garden, both will surprise your guests as you demonstrate how succulent gardening has matured into a full-scale creative endeavor. 

You may buy ready-made turtle-shape wire designs from your local outdoor supply or specialty craft store, or you can make them alone with some inspiration and work.

27. Succulent Gardens in Three Layers

27 succulent garden ideas designs

This side succulent arrangement discussion is a great creative approach to employ a side border. There’s no need to water this right now, but a soil cover of coral reef rock or smooth rocks would suffice. 

Your choice of diverse plants is only limited by your preference in size and color. They are both pleasing to the eye and a practical method to occupy space across a garden or home wall.

28. Succulent Gardens on the Terrace

28 succulent garden ideas designs

An ancient Florentine flower arrangement may be made with the materials of an old fountain method on a stand. Simply adding a few succulent plants, dangling plants, and some brightly colored cactus will give it a unique aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else in your yard.

29. Gardens of Sweet Succulents

29 succulent garden ideas designs

This is a unique screen that captures one’s imagination in a delightful way. In this unique outdoor or interior design device, a pigeon cage, or any sort of cage-like string work, suspended succulent plants, and dried succulent blooms all offer to complement one another.

30. Take a Stand, and Deliver!

30 succulent garden ideas designs

In keeping with the current trend of vertical gardens, consider the numerous objectives for growing succulents in today’s interior design concepts.

When you utilize vertical containers against a wall to conserve space, it’s much simpler to employ a broad variety of cactus-like plants.

31. Cinder Wall

31 succulent garden ideas designs

You may create a magnificent concrete barrier, or a concrete block wall, providing privacy from uninvited prying eyes, once again employing a creative version for those unattractive cinder concrete slabs you may own in your prospective succulent garden idea.

Simply position your blocks in a straight line and construct a one, two, or three-layer wall, leaving the top tier free.

32. One Peg At A Time

32 succulent garden ideas designs

This unique eclectic design may be made with very little. Simply select a tiny succulent plant that you like, have multiple rectangular or other formed plastic containers of comparable size available, and load with tinted sand or gravel of your choice.

Your plants can be organized in a simple color palette or in a multi-color design.

33. Dreams that have been broken

33 succulent garden ideas designs

A backyard space is usually full with valuable stuff that you may employ to restore your living arrangement.

When growing succulents, shattered ceramic pieces or a cracked terracotta pot provide for an extremely interesting backdrop.

34. Dreaming of California

If you live in an area that is susceptible to dryness, or perhaps repeated droughts, this self-contained water garden pleasure might be beneficial both cosmetically and practically.

You’ll just have to offer this setup a drink every now and again, even if it’s not a water gobbler.

35. Wishing I Could Be A Wishing Well

35 succulent garden ideas designs

A short search of an online mini furnishings or hobby store may turn up a fascinating array of items that you can utilize in this one-of-a-kind garden display.

A little wishing fountain, three tiny fountain dishes on podium stands, an almost concealed little Bambi, and a typical white picket fence contribute to the appeal of this lovely collection in a rural environment.

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52. Succulents in a DIY hanging pot

Succulent Garden Ideas: Succulents in a DIY hanging pot

53. Succulent Green Wall with an Old Frame

Succulent Garden Ideas: Succulent Green Wall with an Old Frame

Source: youngs-garden

54. Small garden embellished by some succulents

Succulent Garden Ideas: Small garden embellished by some succulents

55. Pot with decorative gravel and succulents

Succulent Garden Ideas: Pot with decorative gravel and succulents

56. Birdcage Succulent Planter

Succulent Garden Ideas: Birdcage Succulent Planter

57. DIY Succulent Terrarium

Succulent Garden Ideas: DIY Succulent Terrarium


How do you layout a succulent garden?

You’ll need to understand how to layout an outdoor succulent garden once you’ve selected your species and are ready to plant them. Pick a sunny spot and draw out the area you wish to fill. Read more information here.

Do succulents do well in rock gardens?

Succulents are lovely on their own, but they’re much more so when surrounding or coupled with natural stone. Stone can aesthetically compliment plants or offer a sturdy ground cover surrounding them, particularly in outdoor gardening. Succulents with rocks are a combination made in heaven.


Succulents are very attractive due to their waxy leaf look, which makes them ideal for use in artistic pots. If you’re not sure what flower to put in a hand-made planter or container, a succulent is always a good choice because it looks more refined than several of the other common seasonal flowers.

We hope you loved some of these succulent garden ideas enough to spark an interest to build one of your own. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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